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  1. Hey guys, I broke the LH and RH lip spoilers at a car show recently when some goon of a steward directed my over some bumpy ground. I've tried Bell and Colville for replacements but the website says parts are not available anymore. Any ideas where I may be able to source a pair please? Cheers, Steve.
  2. Thanks Mike, this may be the reason for my misfire at higher revs then 🤔 Will order a replacement pipe. Cheers guys. Steve.
  3. Thanks Y and G! I need to buy a new hose as I think it split at the regulator end before. That's why it's lost its shape. What are the effects of not having this pipe connected, any ideas? Steve.
  4. What is the purpose of this little fiddly horrible pipe which I'm going to have to take the plenum off to refit!
  5. Does anyone out there have a wiring diagram for this please? Going to have a look at why the window won't work and is drawing lots of current even when button not being operated?
  6. I could use a LH cylinder head if you are thinking of stripping it! Anyone know of a spare cylinder head going while we're on the subject? Steve.
  7. Had the same issue with mine too. Bit of Gorilla glue will hopefully do the trick! Steve.
  8. Was a poor turn out at Duxford today (apart from all the lovely Loti!) Maybe it was because of the fiasco last year getting in, that a lot of clubs decided against it? Was much smoother this year and not a single car at the gate when I got there about half 10. Weather was brilliant and a great turn out. Cheers for organising Martyn. Steve.
  9. Hi Martyn, I've been in touch with her and she is still coming but not displaying her Lotus. You can remove her two places from your list. Cheers, Steve.
  10. Daft question from me, are the headlamps sealed ie you can't just put a new bulb in? My LH headlamp has failed due to voltage regulator in alternator not regulating voltage very well, along with cooking the battery! Steve.
  11. I'm sure when you all get directed down to the allocated area they will squeeze everyone in. They won't be counting at the gate and if they do say you've got too many, then use the overflow car park. Normally lots of lovely cars in the individual area so not so bad.
  12. Hi Alan, The guy who had the car before me had the upgrades done. GTO racing ltd were the company that supplied and fitted the upgrade components, but not sure if they are still in business? I'm sure Quaife will still do the kit though. Hope this helps, Steve.
  13. I got lucky guys and managed to attract it to my magnetic pick up tool. Poked it about a bit and hooked it! All back together now but had a moment of dread for a while! Cheers, Steve.
  14. When you hear the tinkle tinkle sound of the clutch actuation pin falling to the bottom of the bellhousing when refitting the clutch slave cylinder!
  15. Federal refers to spec of cars which were shipped to the US. federal cars have horrible little orange/red reflectors on the side of the bumpers, or fenders as our friends across the pond like to call them! And they have the steering wheel on the wrong side too! :-) Steve.
  16. Kevin, Did the garage replace only the plates, or the whole clutch assembly including the cage? I had exactly the same issues as you describe. I had to turn the car off to get any gear in the end! Gets a bit embarrassing trying to crunch your way into gear at traffic lights. I found myself having to change down in plenty of time before I came to a stop, then sit there on the clutch until the lights changed! I'd had this problem for a while before I skimmed the flywheel and fitted new clutch plates. This didn't make much difference so went for a whole clutch assembly from Helix. Never had a problem since. I think the whole thing got too hot at some point and then deformed the cage slightly so that the plates wouldn't run true. Looking at old receipts, the previous owner had the gearbox out several times whilst his garage tried to solve it. Speak to your garage first to see what they replaced, then bite the bullet and buy the whole assembly if they didn't change it. Steve.
  17. Cheers for organising this Paul! Me and my lad had a great time thanks! Some great pictures there too! Looking forward to next year already ;-) Steve & Jamie.
  18. I'm sure we'll still be able to hear them outside if we can't all fit in!
  19. Can you make that 2 please Paul! I'm bringing my eldest son with me lol ;-) Steve.
  20. Spotted heading Hales way about 21:00 last night.
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