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  1. Hi Steve T I remember how much your valuation was on 004, and if I had the money I would pay it! Yours has to be the best Essex, and therefore best G Turbo in existence. :-) Must pop up and see it again sometime. Regards Richard C (Northampton) 93 S4 82 Turbo
  2. Hi Fishy...Hi All.....I am back The Pansonic Roof Mount stereo wasn't a 973, its was an RM610 and was fitted to all Essex Turbo's and one or two of the later plain coloured examples. Fishy is quite right in that the rear two or three inches need cutting off in order for it to fit. I have seen them pop up on ebay only 3 or 4 times in the past 3 or so years so they are very rare. Apart from the one I bought, all of the others were from German sellers who would not accept Paypal!!!! I need to take some decent photos and post them up. Sorry I have been away chaps....but new houses and
  3. I quite agree. Thats why I'm paying less for more :-) (a lot less!)
  4. The main reason for my proposed updates the Esprit are due to the fact that both my Lotus 'dump valve' and wastegate are RUBBISH and are not worth trying to fix. Maybe I dont use my car enough but the wastegate regularly seizes, despite being professionally re-bushed & the diaphragm & valve for the wastegate are almost impossible to obtain. Unlike the S4 which has electronicly monitored overboost protection, the G cars have to rely on the Lotus dump valve (purge valve really) to get you out of trouble when the wastegate seizes. As this sticks too you end up with a holed piston mid
  5. I like that one! Mine dont have nicknames but the better half does ask which 'lettuce' I will be using. The 'Red lettuce' or the 'White Lettuce'!!! Grrrrr!
  6. Yes Fishy, there is a cabin ventilation hole behind there somwhere, but I was sure water was making its way in somehow, so I blocked it up (from the inside) and I havent suffocated yet Richard
  7. Just ordered the GReddy BOV & Relief Valve with adaptor from the US from They have a sale on at the moment...which is nice! Should arrive within a week, and then I can get on to making the piece that will hold it all together on the plenum. Will keep you all updated on developments. Richard
  8. Greddy sell an adaptor for the Relief Valve....which might come in useful. Trawled the net everywhere looking for a picture of it (the adaptor) but havent had any luck. Spent last hour sketching a Fuel Pressure regulator bracket & a BOV/Relief Valve kinda adaptor thingy.
  9. Yes...makes perfect sense. Are these pop-off valves adjustable? I have gone from wanting 1 thing to 3 now. Just need to find a way of plumbing it all together now, and of course making it easily retrofittable and reversable. Just noticed Greddy do 'Relief Valves' too. They seem to do all we need.
  10. Glyn Would you envisage fitting the new pop-off valve between the plenum dump valve exit and the new BOV? (Hope that makes sense)
  11. are getting your own back and making me to spend my money now. This might well be an option as any warning is better than none....though if committed during an my car was with the previous owner...then it will still go bang! Whats the low boost thingy you mentioned on your wastegate in the Boost controller topic?
  12. Oh...I dont know what to do now. I do like the Greddy install on the site but just realised by fitting this I would have no overboost protection (not that I did anyway with the Lotus contraption), and replacement wastegates that are more reliable are mucho money Too much to think me a headache
  13. I was led to believe that if it ever worked properly then it should also do just this. Definitive answer required from Lotus I think. Its a very crude design, and I know my one sticks shut/sticks open. Was looking at mine a few weeks back and I pressed the piston open a bit. Took a week and some easing oil for it to pop back!!!!! Its just gotta go! I dont really like systems where pressurized air has to 'force' its own way out through a 'dump valve'. The audible flutter between gearchanges indicates just how much the turbine has slowed down. I used to like that sound un
  14. And here is Greddy type S installation on Giugiaro: <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
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