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  1. I'd persevere with the 2Bular Pete. The stock system on the pre-400 cars is very quiet and the 2Bular will make an immense difference. When I fitted the 2Bular to my LF1 the difference was incredible.
  2. Yes Valved road system. Taken from my LF1 at sale. Sounds fantastic. Valve closed, probably a bit louder than stock, but in a nice way. Valve open its a screamer! Probably not louder than stock, but a much sweeter more "tuned" sound. The stock is loud, but quite a deep sound, this has a higher pitch and sounds so much better. The biggest thing for me was to get rid of the "Pigs Snout" I wish Lotus would steer away from that design. Would I have spent £1,500 over the stock pipe if I didn't already have the system.......... possibly not if I'm completely honest, but if you do, you will not be dissapointed.
  3. Thanks for that Paul, I'll take a look, I may be in touch for advice 🙂
  4. That will be the plan Paul, just trying to get it set up on a temroary basis for now. Could you describe which fuse you used and where you mounted the cam and the cable route
  5. Cracked it. If you stick a bit of cellotape over the centre 2 contacts in the USB plug, it disables data and becomes charge only. You can also buy short plug adaptors that do the same thing from Amazon.
  6. Tried powering my dshcam (Trancend 200) from the AUX USB in the glovebox on my new 400, but the Dash Cam thinks it is connected to a computer. Its the Premium upgrade head unit, the Alpine INE=W710D. Anyone know if you can configure the Aux socket to be "Power Only"? Or am I faced with running a USB extension lead from the rear fag lighter socket? Thanks
  7. Nuber 19, Jim Clark, January 1965 (month before I was born) South Africa.
  8. I'm sure they will offer a deal on my LF1, but its a good one. I'm really OCD about my cars. It has been treasured. Detailed, ceramic coated from new. Can't say i've not been caught in the rain, but genearally its in the garage all its life and never taken out in the wet. A few nice extra's. 2Bular, Softop (still in its wrapping) spare set of unused team Dynamics wheels in LF1 gold ans unused Pirelli corsa's. Tailored cover etc. It really has been my pride and joy and I'd rather it go to someone who really wants one. Not covered 6K miles yet. All of that will be out of the window come PX time. I may have just talked myself into keeping it!
  9. Found out it is a press car. AU66 BPX. I'm told it was used for photo's whereas its sister car AU66 BPZ the manual version was the one that got used for drives by the press. That it for sale at B&C at £1K more than this with higher milage, so I guess this is a reasonable buy. Of course I'm cynical about the " Photo's only" but at least being an Auto, there is no clutch to worry about. Guess I need to go take a look and use the press car angle to haggle a bit. Anyone want an LF1?
  10. I've got an itch for an Evora. Keep coming back to this one. Does anyone know the car or have any thoughts on the asking price? It doesn't seem over the top for a nice 410. I've not seen the car in the flesh, but it does look tidy. Any experience of this dealer? Thanks Simon
  11. Any pics of the new one Richard?
  12. The 2Bular experience is extremely frustrating but worth in in the end, mine too 8 months! since the application of the Krypton 9, all I have done is washed the car and dries with a microfibre as advised by Tony. The car come back up looking like glass!
  13. I had the lotus glasscoat applied from new but whilst it looked nice it was no more than a polish. The Krypton 9 is a self healing heat resistant ceramic layer. No swirling whatsoever after 5 washes. The exhaust is a 2Bular valved system, sounds awsome!
  14. Give Tony Spears at Autoshine a call about his Krypton 9 ceramic coating. He's done my LF1 and it is quite incredible stuff. Best on the market apparently.
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