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  2. Have owned the car for 11 years. 1980 Espirt 2.2 Turbo. Got it as a project. Had fire damage. 11years later and the motor in in the car, but not running yet. Next year, maybe next year. It has non standard rims on. Bought the car without rims, engine and gearbox. It had the usual fire damage over the engine bay, near the carbs. It has a dry sump motor. Want to add fuel injection as I dont have a set of carbs. Might even find the Panasonic radio. If I can find one. A member on the forum has the frame to hold a radio, but no radio.
  3. Rudi

    2014 12 12 Lotus Esprit

    Recent photos of the Lotus. 11 years and still fixing it
  4. Found and engine, was also in an Essex that had a fire. Did a lot of work on the car. This is the photo of the colour. This car was the first 2.2 turbo car to be built after the Essex. It is also the first one to have the Copper fire Read colour. This roof radio is still missing.
  5. What the car looks like after lots of work. The car didn't have the orriginal rims one. This car is the fist 2.2 Turbo to be built after the Essex cars and the first to have the Copper Fire Red colour. It came with the Roof radio RM 610. It is missing now, so if anyone knows where one is, it would help. Doesn't matter if it is broken. It left the factory on the 24th of Decemeber 1980. Got a dry sump engine too.
  6. Have got the original dry sumop motor for the car and am getting hte correct gearbox. Got the car painted too. Should have it running some time this year.
  7. Bought the car from a used car parking lot, it had been standing there for about six years. Didn't have an engine, gearbox or rims. Also missing the Panasonic RM610radio. Other than the above missing items, the car was complete.
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