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  2. Wife found engine parts in the dish washer! May be pushing my luck with the headlights in the oven. The main problem is the reflectors are discoloured.
  3. Exige S Have a small problem with the headlights on our Exige S . The front wheel has worn the inner wing liner and part of the head lamp inner shell. – This has allowed water into the headlamps. I now have gold fish swimming in the front head lamps! – Having priced new replacement £495 + vat each. Has anyone removed the cover from the headlamps? It appears to be bonded together Neil
  4. We has space for three cars in secure storage in Perth. They can be stored with wheels removed. Power points for Cocoon’s etc. Drop me a mail Neil
  5. Please add our names to the list Neil and Euphan. We are fortunate its only 5mins from the home. Euphan would love I fight in a microlight – I just want a video for her faceial expressions! PLEASE NOTE THE SPEED CAMERA VAN HAVE BEEN USING THE STRAIGHT BETWEEN BURRLETON AND BALBEGGIE ON A94 ( Mains of Kethick Farm)
  6. Have put our names on the list. The road from Blairgowrie not in the best condition : Lots of pot holes care is needed!!! Will be drving up from Perth - Regards Neil from LEGS 1: bingoking + 1 2: delands 3: Andrew C 4: Archie + 1 5: Al + 1 (not 100% on either of us tho') 6: Paul G 7: Justin 8. Marc B 9. Sandy +1 10 SBFdave + 0 11. Neil and Euphan from Scottish Elises 1: hendeg 2: Scotty C 3: Ali C 4: Robin [if I'm back from Tiree in time and if my car is fixed, so probably not then ...] 5: Mikie711 & Ruth 6: Alan and Jen 7: Jim and Wendy 8: Stu 9: Gareth 10: Neil & Elaine (provided I am in the country) 11: tut 12: Mr Momo 13. Hogman (not definate) 14. Brian
  7. You will need to excuses my stupidity; I could not find any links to forms. But I will post some photos of the car tomorrow. - (Well I will take some photos of the car tomorrow) . Neil
  8. New member !! We would like be bring the Exige S .Only owned it two weeks! its utterly fantastic. The drive up from Perth via Braemar should be fun. What time is it starting? Neil
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