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  1. raffi


  2. hi all here are some pics of body progress, although body had quite a lot of cracks, i decided to repair it and fortunately found british specialists with many years experience in fiber glass bodies. i love this car even more every time i see the progress
  3. raffi

    elite S1 chassis

    i need a chassic for an elite s1 in good condition,
  4. I have never driven an elite before hope all my effort is worth it
  5. thanks rick will know in a few days if i will replace the body and will let you know raffi
  6. Hi rex I am based in nicosia, and there are quite a lot of classics in cyprus, the problem was that cypriots were for dacades in love with modern cars and classics were let to rot. I remember in early 80's i had the chance to buy two e-types for 700 pounds but my father refused to lend me the money. I saw this specific lotus at a dealer when i was 18 (1984) and the salesmas asked for 10000 pounds and thats when i couldnt afford 700 for two e types. The car was immaculate and colour was black. A year ago saw the same car at an auction in the condition you see for 500 euro and was being sold
  7. hi simon yes i have most of the parts. my only big concern with this car is the body. i was left under the sun for more than 10 years, and here the heat is not a joke. the car fortunately has a/c, i intend to add power steering and use it as often as possible if of course turns out to be as i have it in my head. its not my first basket case my last project was an mbg (attaching pic) and i intend to turn this lotus even more gorgeous
  8. Stupid of brave nevertheless i will do it!!
  9. raffi

    elite bodyshell

    hi all i am in search of an elite type 75 bodyshell in good condition, the elite i am restoring now is full of cracks specially on the roof thanks
  10. hi i am interested in buying the riviera if still available thanks
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