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    1999 111s elise
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    s2 suspention,pipercross air cleaner.dab sterio
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  2. hi my number is o7731336660 i live near north duffield im not sure my pm worked that i sent you
  3. hello im in the york selby area,how much would you want to have a look?
  4. thanks for the replys.,so now youv got me thinking if i were to get the engine from elise parts which comes without anccilerys i could inadvertantly be putting a defective part onto it and end up at square one .i just dont want to be talked into work being supposidly done that i could fix myself cheaper and more thurerly,when you factor everything in i thought £850 engine swap sounded the best plan considering im skint.even ifit is a simple internal part means a cambelt,gasgets,pluss any other hidden costs that would no doubt appear. im i on the right lines with the simple diy swap ??
  5. hi, not really and also i simply cant afford it,so will be doing the work my self and since i feel it would be less stressfull,easyer to do a engine swap than to split the head ect,, allso im not confident to do seriouse engine work, is elise parts a good shop and will there re ferbed motors be spot on? .im scared ,
  6. ok i think il call it quits trying to get it to "free its self off",im going to take just the top cover off and see if any thing stands out as mashed.i just want to know what it is before i order a recon engine.what special tools will i need to swap the engine,engine hoist and torque wrench i know,any thing else?,with the rear clam off is it a easy enough job?.also engine comes with kno anccillerys,is it easy to swap these,i take it thats the gbox.manifolds ect..
  7. hello my 1999 111s has started making a loud tappet noise a steady 3000rpm it fades back quiet,howether reving past 5000rpm or under 2000rpm noise comes back,been told its the lifters/followers by people,iv flushed it easyer just to swap recond motor in,heard vvc are very complicated,elise parts do them for £850 with new belt,pump,gasget ready fitted,what do u think? im genuinly stuck .its realy bad,despite my hidiouse grammer im a nice lad.please help me
  8. quick before i try doing a engine swap in my garden,can any one help?
  9. hello all.8 months ago ibaught a 1999 lotus elise s1 111s, as part of the purchase deal the cambelt,pump,tentioner was repaced prior to collection, the car is a repared insurance write off which enabled me to aford was aparent the shokers were shot so another 700 for the bilsteins! pluss te 6800 ipaid for the car, any way the car was running fine but iv always fort the engine was a bit worn out as past 5500rpm it sounded thrashy and presumed the vvc head had seen some real hammerage, untill i noticed it seem to get worse .i need advice from some onewho realy nows this engine,as idiot me
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