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  1. I am not sure what market they are aiming at, the traditional agricultural, contractor, defence, etc.. markets will not want one of these (too expensive - starting at £40,000, not utilitarian enough, not configurable enough). For example I can get a Hilux for just over £20,000 once the VAT has been reclaimed new. Where is the pick up option? if they are aiming at the Chelsea tractor, towny, weekend warriors then they are competing against themselves with the Discovery, Freelander, Discovery Sport as well as other manufacturers. So sorry just don't get it which is a shame as I would love to go back to a Land Rover. Oh and I bet it's not as easy to fix, replace panels etc.. as the old ones are / were. I think the agricultural market has already moved on from the Land Rover in every farm yard with Toyota, Nissan, Ford, etc. having filled the gap as soon as the old Defender stopped production. I hope I am wrong but I don't think so.
  2. Easy - I think this has been covered somewhere else. Pretty sure it's YUE100350. Don't be conned by the 2nd hand units on Ebay as new ones are usually cheaper. If you only need the switch I have one you can have for the price of postage (no rubber boot). Can someone confirm the part number please.
  3. Why didn't they lead the Brexit campaign with this
  4. Couldn't agree more, mine was dealer serviced and maintained but regularly came back with more problems than it went in with. In the end a Lotus specialist maintained it!. As Escape states there are plenty good specialists out there.
  5. Sorry just quoting the figures stated by Sky or BBC News (Can't remember which) - anyway still more Leave than Remain so the point stands. OK Lib Dems not SDP, I think most people got what I was stating.
  6. I'm with Barry, they do actually look like Badger, ring the police sooner rather than later whilst the evidence is still there. @Kimbers will let you know how seriously the police will take it.
  7. march


    Anyone got any Tonic?
  8. Hi, I had my Range Rover for nearly 10 years and put over 100,000 miles on it, I loved it to bits and when it was right it was the best car I have ever owned, it was just ended up being unreliable which I could not live with, but I loved it and fortunately could afford the repair bills when I couldn't fix it myself. I stand by my statement that they are unreliable and this will only exacerbated as they get older. The biggest problem is that as they get older they go wrong more often and the repairs for them are not cheap. The age range mentioned means that the newest one would be 9 to 10 years old, problems are going to arise. The reason I stated that you do not want to buy one with a tow bar is that you don not know what it has been towing for the past X amount of years, it may not have towed anything but it may have towed little Porsche's 3 1/2 ton horse box around a muddy field every weekend which will not do being doing the gearboxes any favours. What I meant was be careful, if you want to tow fit your own tow bar and know the car has not been used and abused. I have had old and not so old Range Rovers, the old ones never let me down. I have also owned old, not so old and nearly new Landcruiser's, they have never let me down, even the clocked import one I bought. @Steve V8 - If you are ever in the Devon area let me know I will let you try the Landcruiser, it makes Range Rovers look very small . They are not as refined as the Range Rover but peace of mind won me over in the end but as a diesel tank they are incredibly fast if you don't mind the fuel economy. I did not want to come over as anti Range Rovers - I love them and they are UK made, but running a farm I have to move livestock with it and I just cannot afford for a towing vehicle to be unreliable.
  10. Surprisingly these are also not very reliable, apparently expect a lot of red fault lights. Our contractors who have them like them for being a Land Rover rather than for their reliability, although they seem happy to just ignore the fault lights. Another problem with Defenders is that they have become vastly over priced since they stopped production, expect to pay a lot of money for a good one. They are also slow and very uncomfortable, I test drove several before ruling them out and getting a Landcruiser. Also the Landcruiser is the 1st 4x4 that people come over to say what a lovely car it is - you wont get that with a Range Rover (unless it's an old one of course). BUY A LANDCRUISER Trust the Hypnotoad!
  11. Starting to get a bit annoyed now. Sat watching the news today (never a good idea) to watch a Labour MP state the public is ill informed about Brexit - REALLY! Do they realise however little they think of the British public we think even less of them - A LOT LESS.
  12. Be vary wary about Range Rovers. My last one was an L322 2002 V8 Petrol which I sold recently. If you are going to go for anything go for the newest you can afford. My 2002 one the main gearbox failed twice (gave up and sold it 2nd time), they are a known weakness and expensive to fix, the torque converter is also a known weakness (expensive fix). Air suspension will almost definitely fail (use the right parts to fix, not Chinese knock offs that won't last 6 months), The radio is also a known problem but their are plenty of people out there willing to fox reasonably cheaply as long as it is not water damage. Expect rust in the earlier models especially around rear doors (rusts from inside out so you nay not notice it until t's really bad). The BMW M62 petrol engine is brilliant but parts are extortionate (£700.00 I think for a timing chain -if you hear any ticking from the front/top of the engine run for the hills - it's better to replace the engine than try and fix!). The L322 Range Rover when it's working as it should it is the best car in the world, you just need to expect regular and expensive failures and it to let you down when you need it the most. I would also steer well clear of the newer ones, they may seem to be cheap these days (post 2012) but they apparently are horrendously unreliable. Out of choice I would go for the later 4 door Classic Range Rovers, parts are easily available, there are less parts to go wrong and there is some real street cred in owning one, they are also a lot easier to maintain, although I am sure they will still have problems - talk to @GTK and watch his videos, he restored one you know . As a life long Range Rover fan I have now switched to Landcruisers, they give me the confidence that not only will I get somewhere but I will also get back! - Look out for a good low mileage Amazon (hard to find as everyone keeps them till they die or have been around the clock a few times). One other thing, if you still want a Range Rover as a daily driver get a petrol with a good gas conversion (or gas convert it yourself) - then you can sit at the pump with a smug smile knowing that your big lumbering thing costs about the same to run in fuel as the little family car sitting in the petrol pump queue. One more thing - don't buy one that has a tow bar bar fitted. Basically - get a Landcruiser!
  13. So Philip Lee MP defects to SDP and votes against the government: The country in an exercise of Direct Democracy decided they wanted to Leave. He fought and won his seat on a commitment of leaving the EU. His constituency (Bracknell) who voted him under Parliamentary Democracy reportedly voted to Leave 70% to 30% He grandstands the situation by taking a seat during the PM's G7 speech for maximum embarrassment. In what world can this man be seen to be enacting any form of democratic process and be following the wishes of the majority constituents. There are some seriously unhappy people in Bracknell today! Would it not have been more honest to stand down stating he was no longer able to fulfil his commitments rather than betray his national electorate, his party and his local constituency.
  14. A question for Esprit owners with cars that have ECU's. Is it best to leave the battery connected with a trickle charger or disconnect the battery when laid up for any length of time? My main concern is the ECU's life especially considering how rare they are. Battery' are easy to replace. Thanks
  15. I think someone looked into this recently and I am sure the outcome was to take the engine out, then the fuel tanks, after that it's a piece of cake.
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