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  1. I have been following the 'Bladerunners' over the past week or so - it pretty much looks like warfare in London and suburbs.
  2. Just to make you feel better - it's lovely here in Devon 😁.
  3. I don't know if I am missing the point but risk registers are nothing new and I would be extremely surprised if the government didn't have one. The government has released an updated one not introduced a new one. Yep - you are becoming a conspiracy theorist 🤪.
  4. Old Farming tip - Feed the body to some pigs before burying any remains. And the bonus is lots of Bacon.
  5. Anyone know if this is actually true?
  6. Your lucky - here they have just completed a repair on our lane, they don't even bother to fill in the potholes, they just put the tarmac around the edge so there are no sharp edges as your car falls into the hole! Words fail me.
  7. Kind of topical 🤪
  8. Thanks for the comments - have just been lent a LG TV and it's awful (A real budget TV I suspect so probably an unfair comparison). Have plumped for a Samsung that is on sale (2021 model) that gets good reviews so will see how that goes - hope it's better than the LG. Comes with a 5 year warranty from John Lewis. As an aside - just met a power company repair chap at the farm entrance and apparently our neighbours transformer was hit by lightening - literally just the other side of the lane from us. Also we are now the only house / farm on the lane that has broadband 😎.
  9. Big thunderstorm, Big thunderclap, Big lightening, Big Bang from TV followed by small mushroom cloud above said TV, no more TV and knackered broadband router. Tonight is going to be hell - No TV! 😱 Upside is I am feeling a bit smug as I made sure we had a spare router for just such occurrences and we are now googling for new TV. Any suggestions for a good budget TV?
  10. Well it's been a new low for our GP practice (who before Covid they were brilliant). Carina had very dangerously high blood pressure (from home readings and reference to NHS website) and tried to book an appointment with the GP - the result was a text to a phone we don't have (the practice was told not to use the phone number as it was no longer valid) telling her to amend a dosage - No contact, No looking into underlying reasons, no nothing. F/*£k doctors pay rises if they are going to behave like this - we don't live at the doctors, they are generally lucky to see us one year to the next so we are hardly a burden on their services. Currently looking at private options.
  11. The Detectorists TR7 has just been sold at Mathewson's auctions and went for £30,200.00 plus auction costs (owned by Mackenzie Crook). Unfortunately I suspect there will be no more Detectorists as BBC4 cancelled the series (God knows why as it's the best thing they have produced in years). One of the very few series I have been able to watch over and over again.
  12. Our bore hole has a few filters: 5 micron rope filter - £10.00 (annually changed) UV light filter - £35.00 (annually changed) and we have a gravel filter which contains a pH balancer (limestone chunks added) (about £60.00 every 5 years or so) We pay someone annually to service the system (approx £200.00) which I could do myself if I wanted as most most of the kit is fit and forget until it fails (which it has done once in 18 years) - repair was about £400.00 and is still going strong. Pumping water is of minimal cost (even free most of the time due to solar panels) And the water tastes lovely! Pure Devonian spring water. I do not know what the costs for water are nowadays but I suspect it is considerably more than this. The big bonuses are - 1. we are not beholding to South West Water as from what I can tell - from previous experience - they seem to be a total bunch of crooks 2. I can spray my hose wherever and whenever I like 😁.
  13. I believe you only need one if you are taking more than 20,000 litres a day. That's quite a lot of water!
  14. Just been speaking to some guys drilling a bore hole for our neighbours and they said South West Water are trying to get as many people as possible to install bore holes as SWW are worried about running out if water . If anyone is interested drilling the bore hole is £4500.00 and not payable should they not find water, you then need the pump and stuff which I guess is another £2000.00 fitted - then it's free water from then on.
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