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  1. Nope - I saw this in the flesh when it was at SWLC, I think the title is quite apt - it was awful!
  2. I wasn't going to post this but I think it is quite apt.
  3. That's the correct jack for a V8 Esprit - same as mine. My V8 has 4 tags riveted on that mimics a sill.
  4. Well Devon and Cornwall seems to be overrun. Now they are moaning they have nothing to do as many places are still shut .
  5. Don't start me on the builders - we are supposedly remodelling our house driveway and barn (read very big garage ). We started the process last August and we still haven't had written quotes / estimates from most of the people involved - it supposedly starting in September. What gets me is that they are all happy to come up for a morning (in some cases two or three times - as they have forgotten what they are supposed to be doing). What little has been done (garage and barn doors) have been completely mis-spec'd by the fitters, the barn door has destroyed itself twice over the winter and I now need to brace it for high winds as we have only just discovered it is only rated to 59mph winds when we were told it was rated to 80mph - we live on Dartmoor ffs - it gets windy and we told them so. Rapidly looking for other builders / roofers - the roof won't survive another winter like last. So if anyone on here is only a half-arsed or better builder - move to Devon, you could make a fortune - it's a licence to print money, there must be so much work as if a customer has the temerity to ask 'How much is all this going cost' the local builders totally ignore you. Before COVID we were actually thinking of moving just because we just don't trust the trades people round here any more - our neighbours also had a hell of a time with there builders.
  6. I know - I just didn't want the facts to get in the way of a bit of humour. This was instead of a rant that would probably have upset some people. And now this I am so glad I live in the middle of nowhere where I don't have to meet people who protest (with violence) without regards to all the facts. We were thinking of packing in the farm and moving - well not now! An example from BBC local news - a girl organised the BLM protest in Plymouth and quoted her primary gripe that there were still Morris Men who blacked their faces - well with a small bit of investigation (and it is so easy with google these days) she would have realised the black faces represent the coal miners returning from the mines - stuff all to do with black people (if I am allowed to say that).
  7. Nelson was pro slavery - now their is a challenge for the mob! And then their is always the ultimate challenge:
  8. march

    The Donald.

    A little something to put you off your supper
  9. Then why don't they get behind the banner 'All Lives Matter' - a bit more inclusive don't you think.
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