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  1. march

    emmisions too high

    If you are going to buy new have a word with SWLC as they get ones that are direct copies from the originals not some of the cheapo ones you see on Ebay (I got caught out and one I was supplied with was not one the direct copies - although it was meant to be - and it failed within 2000 miles).
  2. Yep - I agree with @Chillidoggy £30K seems a little steep and I am speaking from experience of having had done all that you are having done and more by specialists (granted my engine rebuild was to standard spec) - message me if you want to talk further. Lovely colour by the way.
  3. march

    Dessicant dehumidifiers

    Just read about the desiccant dehumidifiers - A quick for those in the know - Do they run continuously or do they cut out the a set humidity level is reached? Asking as I like the idea of heating the garage as well but I notice they do take rather a lot of juice to run them. My compressor one cuts out at specified humidity levels which makes it quite cheap to run.
  4. march

    Dessicant dehumidifiers

    I have the EBAC version of the one Bibs has in my garage and it works very well, had a few years now and when used over a winter I can wheel out the car in the spring and there won't even be any rust on the brake discs. We live on a hill in the Dartmoor National park so things can get pretty damp up here. Would highly recommend one of these.
  5. march

    Random Pictures & Videos

    Is he one of the idiots that started the California wildfires?
  6. march

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Well that's me sorted. Anyone interested in shares in my new Springwater Farm Springwater venture, it tastes like water should (once the frogs have been fished out) - fresh from the Dartmoor hills. It's Organic to!
  7. march

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Finding our neighbour stealing our firewood! Our lovely neighbour who I have bent over backwards to help out over the past years, who's father in law is a multi-millionaire, who's father in law bought them the 1 million pound farm, who have had their kids put through some of the most expensive private schools in the land, who bugger off on very nice holidays have deemed it OK to redirect our contractor to place a significant part of next years firewood supply onto their land instead of cutting it up and placing it where we had specifically directed him. We caught him out whilst it was being done so I suspect a reasonable amount had already been squirrelled away. I cannot believe how someone would consider this acceptable behaviour. Even the sodding contractor was unapologetic about his involvement. When queried about this our neighbour had the cheek to say he was doing the contractor and us a favour as the weather was not very nice and he was going to put it onto our land at a later date. F'in Liar. I am sorry but to me it just beggars belief.
  8. march

    Lotus Esprit on bbc2

    Some nice pieces to keep the attention.
  9. march

    Lotus Esprit on bbc2

    ha ha! Deloreans' broken down already
  10. march

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Well it made me chuckle 😃
  11. march

    Random Pictures & Videos

    The new Star Wars Trailer is out:
  12. march

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Sky News: 1. Police stating No deal Brexit will (and I quote) 'lead to disruption, danger, delays and rationing' 2. People are now stockpiling food for next April I think it's time to run for the hills - hang on a mo, I'm already on my hill with my cows, just need to set the man traps and prepare for the starving hoards. As a note my mate thinks this is all a big stage act so the politicians can say next April it's all too complicated let's not bother. He may have a point but I'm not that cynical, I just think our politicians are the biggest bunch of (can't think of the right word but when I do it's not going to be a nice word).
  13. march

    is vegan now a race or gender

    Back in the day when we as a family kept bees we took what we could leaving enough for the winter (a strong hive will produce 2 to 3 times the amount of honey it requires), However should they need more (hard winter etc..) they were given a supply of sugar syrup in the Autumn to keep them going so they would never starve. So the above Vegan argument is not true, we never lost hives through starvation. That is not to say we did not lose hives sometimes, if I remember correctly the damp and cold was more of a killer. Yes - They can get pretty pissed when you take it. We also had to seal the house when extracting the honey - if a bee discovered where the honey was he could go back to the hive, tell her mates and then come back mob handed. Never under estimate a Bee!🐝
  14. If anyone is interested there is a group on facebook who spend time reporting these.
  15. The ones I have seen that have been up for £3000.00 are apparently put up by a repeat offender who hacks into genuine accounts and hi-jacks them. Just checked Ebay - he / she is back with a different account, same vehicles 😕. Account has been reported.