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  1. Finally had our wood burner fitted in our new living room to be after over a year wait. Amazing bit of kit. It's T shirts and shorts all the way now! Internet piccy - not our living room as it is still a work in progress (all be it a very toasty work in progress)
  2. Credit where credit’s due - turns out the government can organise a piss-up.
  3. I hope you used the correct period newspapers (Page 3 Sun to be truly accurate) behind all that Isopon. Authenticity is everything
  4. Our little village doesn't have much, not even a phone box any more (it's now a mini library). But we do have one of the finest Rood screens in the country: Lightly vandalised by those pesky Cromwellians (faces knocked off the carvings) Oh - we do have pub as well.
  5. Just broken the 1,000,000 mark - 🤣
  6. Farmers will do it - we can stick needles in anything (other services available), the bed side manner may be a bit basic at times but we get the job done 👨‍🌾🐮 (sorry - couldn't find the emoji for a farmer with his arm up the back side of a cow for some reason)
  7. Well they have just past the 1/2 million signatories 🤣
  8. Hi, I have not contacted anyone, I will give them a call later this week. Thanks for the info.
  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 - HIM - Do the honourable thing! That would be a first.
  10. This is a concern I have, I will probably end up by buying a universal top hat bush from someone like Powerflex and modifying, unfortunately I need to make 4 sets of 2 which won't be cheap. As Brian's message also stated durability may be an issue but as this is for the track / Rally scene ultimately the bushes although working hard only have to last one event (although hopefully a lot more). If all goes well these will be tested later this year. Thanks again for the comments - all useful stuff.
  11. Thanks for your response Thomas. I don't think that I will be going down the casting route but have bought a small length of polyurethane bar to try turning on the lathe. I have also found a possible solution with universal bushes from reputable suppliers (which will need modifying) so may go down that route.
  12. Has anyone made their own poly bushes? I need to make some for a project (GRP4 TR7 V8 Rally car) as I cannot buy the size I need. The plan is to turn the bush on a lathe using 90A shore polyurethane purely because it is readily available, possibly freeze the material? Any advice on this topic from someone who has done this before would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year to everyone.
  14. That's expensive - I am sure Unleaded was £1.42 and Diesel £1.45 at Alphington Sainsburys yesterday and they are never that cheap.
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