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  1. Fortunately our farm is not our main income, we are just being pragmatic and scaling right back in these uncertain times, we can always grow back if and when we feel like it at a later date.
  2. We abandoned it as the quality was going to be so low and have bought in enough to get us through the winter. Cows are on it at the moment and looking rather fat! We are scaling right back on the cows this winter anyway as the cost of farm inputs have far exceeded any chance of any farm activities having any viability. Also have learnt this year, to our cost that farmers will screw over other farmers as soon as look at them. I am afraid I am a bit old school - if you agree to something then you stick to it!
  3. I have been watching heating oil prices and they may have bottomed out (just been talking to the local garage owner and he has said petrol is dropping but heating oil is going up). May be a good time to order the winter heating oil if people have not already done so.
  4. Surely profit is after you have serviced any debt - I always thought profit was what was left in the pot after all outgoings have been paid. Genuine query as I am just a poor dim-witted farmer. Also are they claiming pre or post tax profits? profit noun 1. a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.
  5. A neighbour went through pretty much the same as you appear to be going through. The eldest, a daughter, had the same attitude. Fortunately a little time has past and she now comes up at weekends with her horse and spends the weekend riding and everything is very amicable. It was a bit rough for him to start with but it all worked out in the end - I am sure (and hope) it will be the same for you.
  6. Staying on the airplane theme. Spot Ukrainian airspace!
  7. Just been watching the fires on Sky News and then went outside and could smell smoke πŸ™. Hopefully its nothing but have just been told people in the village are commenting on Facebook that they can smell smoke as well.
  8. I agree with all of the above but what I don't get is all the moaning etc.. about the cost of living when house prices in Devon have been shooting up at ridiculous rates due to the demand (many still not even making to the market before they are sold) and people continue with their expensive holidays. Last evenings flights over the North Atlantic (and don't get me started on who is responsible for all the greenhouse gases 😑):
  9. Chaps coming Tuesday evening to fix. Came in from boiling in the tractor to find the fridge had had a hissy fit and decided to cool everything down to freezing point - unknowingly I had a chilled drink quickly followed by a total brain freeze πŸ₯ΆπŸ€ͺπŸ₯Ά
  10. Air conditioning packed in on the tractor! πŸ₯΅
  11. Just found out that Rail drivers average salary is Β£54,000.00 a year, which is over double the average salary in the UK. We are coming out of a pandemic and are now basically at war (at least with sanctions) with Russia so they think it is a good idea to hold national strikes!
  12. The AC had never worked and was at the end of a very long list so was expected to be a bit problematic . The A/C Rads were changed at the start of the rebuild along with all others (the A/C worked for about 45 minutes when everything was put back together due to leaks, progress on this was then abandoned), the pump was changed last year but due to various issues took 4 visits to get it to work for about 15 minutes (more leaks and faulty equipment). Last week the receiver dryer was changed (my fault for delay on this) and still no A/C although there had been no loss of gas. Finally it was tracked down to the valve which was changed and now is all good - well had A/C all the way home which was a first. The joys of buying a project car!
  13. Yesterday was the first day in (I think) at least 10 years that I have considered the restoration of my Esprit V8 complete - Everything works as it should and it runs like a dream, even the air conditioning (which has been the most recent bug bear to be tackled). I don't think there is much that has not been replaced or rebuilt over this period. It's been painful and ridiculously expensive but it is done 😁 and I am so relieved, at times I thought I would never get to this point, even wanting to put it in a field and set fire to it a few times. It's been an experience.
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