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  1. After having a few problems with the local peasants who think our fields are for their doggy play activities, even when the bull, cow and calves are in the same field πŸ™„ I have just ordered this attachment for the tractor πŸ€ͺ
  2. march


    Just tried baked potato with lashings of Vintage Cheddar and Marmite XO on top - Absolutely scrummy, food of the Gods! Will be getting more of the XO (lots more) and will be trying the Dynamite Chilli next shopping run πŸ˜›.
  3. I have those very long plastic gloves should they ever be needed - depending on who it is this service could be free!
  4. I can do that - I have the tools and tags, plenty of experience on cows and no pain relief needed or supplied. Very reasonable rates πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎπŸ’‰πŸ„.
  5. I think Exeter had a bit too much Blitz Spirit: Just waiting for the Montgomery to go up now
  6. march

    Utility Bills

    @Bibs - Thanks a lot
  7. march


    OK from what I can find out with Google in 5 minutes - the above video is not so far from the truth about the VNUK ruling. Here are some of the links I have looked at, there are others but can't be bothered to look further into it / copy and paste here: The interesting point from the above link To be clear - when this new MID is actively enforced by the laws of each EU State, it will be illegal to race or compete as the compulsory motor insurance required will not be available for vehicles taking part. From the UK government website:
  8. You may have a problem on your line, we are on fibre to the cabinet as well and should get 30 Mbps plus but in reality get about 16 (we used to get around 24Mbps). Our supplier has told us that we can raise a call against it for them to find out why. I haven't done yet as I will be rewiring the internal phone wiring later this year and they state they will bill us for any work if the problem is deemed as internal to the house. It doesn't help that the builders keep unearthing the phone external phone cable as it is only inches under the surface. Have you contacted your supplier to query y
  9. Meh - Escorts - boring. What you need is (well if you have deep enough pockets):
  10. Ahh - reminds me of the good old days in the Student Union - and people used to say Computing Degrees were boring.
  11. Nearly wet myself laughing watching that, struggling to type as still laughing. Thank god this facility was not available when I used to do video conference calls - I would have been sacked.
  12. Nope - I think that variant has changed direction again and is going forwards once more πŸ€ͺ
  13. @Kimbers - your wife's painting skills are amazing, a few strokes of paint on the canvas and immediately you can see the face start to come to life. And to top it off she is doing it for nothing.
  14. If you want to speed things up let the farmers give the injections, we'll stick needles in anything πŸ€ͺ.
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