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  1. Well - vast amounts of humble pie being eaten, profuse apologies to the heating guys have been offered. With the water treatment guy we traced back the fault to a cable near the pump that has been chewed through - what are the odds after 16 years that it will go the day that someone is modifying the water system. Water pump is now running but it has been advised we should really get a new one so not all good news. Have even offered them 'choccie bickies' as an apology.
  2. Another unhappy bunny here!. The F'ing Central Heating guys are here to relocate the boiler after the last fiasco, thanks to their efforts the farm no longer has a water supply (water people on their way -who are brilliant, can't recommend them highly enough). Current guess at the problem is that they turned the wrong valve off (having told them precisely what valve to use) and burnt the farms bore hole pump out - there goes another £2000.00. All I get is the scratching of heads and 'not me guv' looks - it's been perfect for 16 years and within an hour of them starting it's buggered. The give
  3. @ChillidoggyThat's old news and yes it did make the news broadcasters. Not passing comment on the level fanfare / coverage it was given as I can't remember (that may be just old age kicking in or the amount of air time it was given ).
  4. @Kimbers - Hi, they are Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Unfortunately all puppies and more were spoken for a long time before they even existed.
  5. Sorry to hear of your situation. We have 8 dogs (soon to be possibly 20!, pups on the way next week) therefore this is something we periodically have to go through but we are never without dogs at our sides. Never nice but a fact of life, all we can do is make their lives as happy, healthy, enjoyable and comfortable as possible. I don't think we will ever be without dogs - probably wont get many burglars either.
  6. This is an interesting watch whatever your views.
  7. Just to add to the joys of all this - the tiler has just shown us a whacking great chunk has been taken out of the shower tray that has just been fixed, tiled and grouted in place. FFS
  8. Wow - the builders have hit a new low: 1. The new bathroom ceiling has been plastered but they forgot to get the electrician in to remove the existing ceiling switches light fittings etc.. so the new plastered ceiling will need to be patched before it's even painted as the new plaster goes around the old fittings - if they had said something I could have pulled the wiring through and ripped out the mounts (not exactly hard). So we will have to pay for a 2nd visit from the plasterer to patch everything up- and if there is any visibility of the patching I will be insisting whole ceiling is
  9. Having been a Project Manager and Program Manager in the past I am very aware of the issues with the customer, that is why I am very careful not to change specifications, have everything agreed up front etc.. But I therefore do have certain expectation with regards to results.
  10. To be honest its not just the Trades people its the supply chain as well, the flooded garage is because the boiler had not been built properly (Bosch/ Worcester), the next f*** up I think is on the horizon is due to the bathroom suppliers not sending out everything and not telling anyone and the latest one the tiler has just pointed out is that many of the very bloody expensive tiles are slightly warped. I have had to go back to suppliers 3 times so far for incorrect orders being delivered, wrong quantities being spec'd or bits missing - another trip to Tops tiles is required as not enough edg
  11. Well that makes 3 F*** Ups out of 3 for the builders on the house. Not a good batting average: 1. Barn Doors - Have destroyed themselves twice last winter and are still not working properly - Another very reluctant visit by the fitters to have another go later today. 2. Central Heating - Having had the central heating replaced in the last month (removed old Rayburn for new Combi Boiler). The vent sounds like a jet engine in one of the bedrooms even with the double glazing closed of which we were not warned about, the new oil feed line has had to be replaced twice due to leaks, the ga
  12. Fortunately my Dad was as big of a kid as I was so pretty much did everything of the above (minus the asbestos on the fire). I also used to make my own gunpowder and fireworks (my father gave the list of excuses to give the Pharmacist when buying Salt Peter) but this was eventually banned by my Mum when I tried to dry the mixture in the oven as I could never get the rocket motors to work well enough. My Dad also built a Pulse jet for us that we used to start with my Nan's Vacuum cleaner until the engine back fired and blew up the vacuum cleaner. We also had a train set that went through the ho
  13. Lets hope the new owners of the Evija have a better experience when buying an electric supercar from a Chinese owned company .
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