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  1. A new Pektron (Headlamp Flash delay) unit has been engineered for thr TR7 - I am sure it can be made to fit the Esprit: It's not cheap but it works!
  2. Hope this does not offend but this did make me laugh.
  3. Do they make carcoons to look like this as I need one for my TR7 rally car some time this year?
  4. @swindon_alan - I have the ELM 327 module but the software I have only talks to the engine management system (Gendan) so can't really help much.
  5. Now this is a proper Christmas present
  6. I am thinking of starting a new business in Tesla Wellies . Just need a suitable tag line for the advertising.
  7. Let's put the next Tesla rapid charging station on that flood plain over there, What could possibly go wrong .
  8. march


    Wow - Used to do exactly the same but at the Darland banks on a Morris Minor bonnet, just a little bit further on. This is bringing back some happy memories. Thinking about it I probably walked and cycled past the back of your house on a regular basis.
  9. march


    I was born and raised in Gillingham, Wigmore to be accurate - we were always taught never to associate with people from Chatham!
  10. march


    My old stomping ground - the good old Mudway.
  11. Bloody hell hadn't noticed that - So it was slaughtered in Brazil, Frozen in Brazil, shipped to UK, Cut in the UK as stated on the label- So was defrosted cut and then refrozen in the UK - so is the frozen date the first freeze date of the 2nd? Not sure I would want to eat that meat .
  12. I am not sure where to put this one (BREXIT, Vegan, here, etc..) - but it is important. We are worried that we are destroying the Amazon for Beef. Well here is one for the Remainers. The EU recently signed a trade agreement to increase the import of Beef from Amazonian (mercosur) countries so we are now getting this: UK stamps on it, Produced in the UK, yet reared and slaughtered in Brazil. Awful labelling from Iceland Foods, this could easily be mistaken for British quality yet reality is it could be anything, no traceability, no vet med records and possibly full of hormones. Disgusting! Also in this day and age where food miles are now being looked at and the damage to the environment caused by livestock farming apparently how much of this imported meat is the British farming industry taking the flack for, this is pretty much classed as British beef. The carbon footprint of this steak will be huge compared to our home grown beef that is far superior quality. Cheap is not cheerful, check the labels carefully when you shop. Well done the EU contributing to stuffing the British farms, the environment and the climate - They really do not care in the slightest. Amazingly the recent BBC omitted this in it's Meat program preferring to tar British Farms with the same brush as the USA and Brazil. I just don't get how can label food as being from the UK when it's from Brazil, I really can understand why people are going Vegan when this sort of thing is being sanctioned by our bureaucrats - money and vested interests trumps everything.
  13. march

    General Election.

    Well the shows a lot more imagination that the purile defacement we get around here.
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