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  1. Hi Marc,  It was good to meet you and your friend at Caistor Hall last weekend.  Hope you got back to Devon okay.

    Kind regards,

    Nick & Karen Bassett.

    1. march



      Yes dropped Mike back off in Kent and got back safely with no issues ( I always consider it a good trip if nothing goes wrong), it was a bit of a slog towards the end but managed it without having to stop. Hope you had an uneventful trip as well. It was nice to meet you both to and hopefully we can meet up again at some future event.

      Kind regards,


    2. esprit gt3 nickbassett

      esprit gt3 nickbassett

      I'll load up those photos I promised now...


      Photos won't load on to this platform/site, despite them only being 5MB each, one at a time, what's your email and I'll send them that way.

      Regards, Nick.

    3. march



      Messaged you with my email address - Thanks

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