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  1. Ha ha - I had someone do that to me a few years back, fortunately I saw what was coming and backed up. The people behind me couldn't believe what they were seeing - Definitely a Devon thing.
  2. I know these guys were truly brave and extraordinary people but I cannot help but be reminded of this.
  3. Locally the government have been trying to help out rural folk who can't get hold of diesel to do their jobs by going out in force and dipping tanks for red diesel!
  4. Can someone please tell me how long these speed bumps have been on the M25? Thanks.
  5. march

    Utility Bills

    If this helps and just in case you don't know - the break points at which the fuel gets cheaper is 900L and 1800L (1800 I think but worth checking)- If you go over 2100 litres then you have to pay the commercial rates which are a lot higher.
  6. march

    Utility Bills

    BoilerJuice quoting 46.95 plus VAT for us as of today.
  7. Looks like my Landcruiser was a smart buy, it's now worth a reasonable amount more than when I bought it 3 years ago!
  8. Bastard Builders left a ladder inside the garage next to the Lotus fouling the the garage door mechanism which went over when I opened the garage door taking paint off the side of the car. Fortunately we have not had their last invoice so a deduction will need to be made to cover the repaint. Seriously angry over this as it is just laziness on their behalf especially as I have just paid to have it detailed and ceramic coated.
  9. Oh good - another project (well at least it's a little one)
  10. Not a bad view to come through to on a morning - from our new Kitchen and decking.
  11. Fancy a challenge?
  12. Here's another one Sky news has just interviewed a lad who is walking from Yorkshire to London to raise awareness for the need of a Carbon Tax. I was thinking fair enough he's getting off his backside and doing something he believes in until it was stated that Mum was following him in a camper van! FFS he was labelled as a climate activist and all he was doing was pointlessly adding to the worlds carbon outputs. We spend our lives being bombarded with lectures on how bad climate change is and being made to feel guilty about doing pretty much anything whilst the protestors / activists / politicians can do what ever they like! Another one - a couple of days ago 2 old farts were on a bridge over the A38 with Extinction rebellion and climate protest banners having a go at all the tourists for daring to come to Devon for a break. Can we have an extra option on the poll of - Yes I know climate change is real and we really should do something but F£$k everyone as I am fed up with the guilt trips and hypocrisy being spouted by everyone (especially the politicians and younger generations). Rant Over!
  13. Just another case of do what I say not do as I do - politicians - bloody hypocrites the lot of them.
  14. Do you supply or have you heard of raw pet food? This has become incredibly popular over the past few years. A friend of ours has a business producing and is now one of the biggest in the country (it is ridiculous how her business has grown). If it is of interest I can pass her details on to you - she sells to shops as well as individuals. There is real money to be made out of raw pet food (frozen) sales, we used to travel miles to get ours before she started up.
  15. You have obviously never owned a V8 Esprit!
  16. I never understood the reluctance with Hydrogen IC engines. Great video, someone thinking (and coming up with solutions) in a truly practical manner, and British Engineering - good on JCB. The first truly workable solution I have seen for farming / construction industries, great stuff.
  17. Yes I suspect Devon will be a bit of no go area for locals this weekend.
  18. Thanks Barry, your offer is appreciated. The whole system needs replacing. I had arranged to have it changed but their engineer when he came stated we didn't need to as it was just the start capacitor so I followed his advice (silly me). The next problem is going to be to get the new pumps, they have them in stock but it's just a matter of getting it here - the A30 was gridlocked with Caravans at 0800 this morning when returning from the water run - and I suspect it's only going to get worse this weekend. Just had a phone call - they are coming with new pumps Monday morning, we should be able to survive until then, we have on old well feeding 2 fields (Cows now moved and well pump working fortunately). One upside - it's Gin all the way until Monday.
  19. The Farm water supply (bore hole) packed in last night, so no water at all on the farm. Rang the emergency number only to be told by the guy that 'we are all on holiday' - These guys look after the system and and they sold there services as having emergency call out whenever needed. FFS this is not a one man band and a water supply is not a nice to have thing, what an absolute shower (excuse the pun). Still awaiting options from them, not good. Have just bought up most of Tesco's large water bottles
  20. Wow - that's some find! That will be hard for anyone to beat. Although at the age of 8 I did go out to play in the local park with my mates and we did find the Holy grail, the Ark of the Covenant and the Fountain of Youth - all before supper time.
  21. march

  22. My father and I went out on the Medway marshes when I was a mere stripling with some people from Duxford air museum hunting crashed 2nd world war aircraft parts. After a while I got a bit bored and wandered off looking on my own, amazingly I found something, a 2nd world war 4.5 inch (or such like) live shell. Impressed with my find I lugged it back to the group an showed them my prize. Unfortunately the bomb disposal chap was less than impressed with a young lad grinning from ear to ear holding a lightly fizzing live explosive shell in his arms. The shell was quickly stripped of it's detonator thingy and I was told in no uncertain terms I could not keep it, it was rapidly returned to the gloopy Medway mud. I was not impressed. On the way back someone tripped over something only to find it was the undercarriage from a Messerschmitt BF 109 - some people have all the luck. I also was not allowed on any more jaunts with the group - most unfair.
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