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  1. Fortunately my Dad was as big of a kid as I was so pretty much did everything of the above (minus the asbestos on the fire). I also used to make my own gunpowder and fireworks (my father gave the list of excuses to give the Pharmacist when buying Salt Peter) but this was eventually banned by my Mum when I tried to dry the mixture in the oven as I could never get the rocket motors to work well enough. My Dad also built a Pulse jet for us that we used to start with my Nan's Vacuum cleaner until the engine back fired and blew up the vacuum cleaner. We also had a train set that went through the ho
  2. Lets hope the new owners of the Evija have a better experience when buying an electric supercar from a Chinese owned company .
  3. I need to make some panels up for my TR7 Rally cars. Does anyone know which card and weight of card is best for making templates. I have tried various types of card from various boxes for small pieces I have made up but I now need to make some larger panels so need a better source. Any help is gratefully appreciated.
  4. You could have said earlier!
  5. Just discovered our main builder 'Ben the Builder' used to work for Lotus at Hethel - he was responsible for specifying the glue on Elise chassis. Hopefully this is a good omen as to the kind of work we can expect from him - so far all is good and he is a really nice guy. More than can be said about out central heating fitters - the new oil lines are being replaced for the 2nd time this Friday and the garage door people - Arghh! Anyway he has been warned about you lot so will pass any questions anyone may have for him Ooo - Maybe when we eventually come to sell the farm we can adve
  6. Thanks for the answers - it looks like the simplest will to lay cable ducting when various pieces of work are being done on the house but until that can be achieved we will use internet TV.
  7. We are having some fairly major work done on the house (finally). One of the things is to remove the chimney - this will cause a knock on effect that our TV ariel will lose it's home. Living in a dip in a remote area we need to keep some height so one of the possible plans is to site the ariel on the barn nearest the house. What I am wondering is can you get a wireless solution that allows the transmission of the co-ax signal from the Ariel to the TV or do I still need to run a cable from the barn to the house? I have had a look on line but have not really found a suitable solution so I though
  8. march

    BBC - Again! The BBC are not removing these but are only playing an orchestral version this year unfortunately (but they can manage a vocal version of You'll never walk alone)
  9. Absolutely stunning work - but having watched 'For Your Eyes Only' from start to finish for probably the first time ever (I know - I just don't deserve to own an Esprit) after having just read this thread I noticed that as the Esprit pulls up to the Hotel with the Skis on the boot is fully opened so the porter can remove the luggage - Is this possible or do you need special skis? Sorry this has been bugging me since I saw the film and I have had a few Pims tonight (first alcohol in over 7 months due to effects of my medication). I really should get out more.
  10. march

    Swindon Alan

    Really sorry and shocked to hear this, he helped me out several times with information. I hope he went peacefully. Thinking of his family at this awful time.
  11. Hi, There has been some interest in our meat (thank you all), I think it is probably easiest if I share the farms Facebook page which explains pack sizes and prices. The next batch of beef will be available early to mid September and will be Native breed crosses of Dexter and South Devon. I don't usually get excited about beef (probably over did it when we started) but this stuff is seriously good. @SFO - A quarter is a quarter of a cow and an eighth is an eighth of a cow Pi
  12. @Bibs - Thanks for the offer but our turnover is really too small and sporadic.
  13. Being a Partner in a our farm we have also received nothing from the government - our market has pretty much dried up as we produce niche high quality beef so at the moment we let our beef go for dog food just so we get something back - which is just criminal but needs must. It's nice to see the likes of McDonalds being helped out so much when we get stuff all. This year is going to cost us thousands (to be fair the weather has not helped). If anyone wants incredibly nice beef we have a small batch that will be ready soon . We do Dexter by the quarter and Dexter cross South Devon by the
  14. They don't hang about! Too Soon?
  15. Thanks for the offer - the people we have finally settled on are highly recommended locally (and were the only ones to do a proper survey of the roof before quoting), and SWMBO obeyed wants to go for proper slate. Oh and the price also includes all soffets, facia and guttering and a couple of other bits. The problem we have is if we delay any more we will be well into the winter (we started trying to organise this last August, almost a year ago) and the roof will definitely not survive another bad storm. One roofer really pee'd me off when he stated they up'ed the price for people in Devo
  16. Just had the quote for re-roofing the house - £32,000.00 and that's not the most expensive quote we have had . Unfortunately it's not something we can leave since the amount of damage last winters storms caused.
  17. BBC are doing there best to batter the government for doing it too quickly having spent the last months bashing them for acting far too slowly at the start. Even watched them try to bait a holiday maker into blaming the government but failed miserably as she took a very pragmatic approach to the whole thing - bet they don't repeat that interview .
  18. If you go to a reputable wheel repair specialist they will soon tell you if the wheel is repairable without compromising safety. I have seen our local company refuse to repair based upon safety issues. Unfortunately these guys are a little far from you (Exeter).
  19. You think that's bad - we have literally just found the main telephone line for us and the local farms with a mini digger - It was next to the house and less than two inches under the surface and only intermittently in ducting.
  20. Nope - I saw this in the flesh when it was at SWLC, I think the title is quite apt - it was awful!
  21. I wasn't going to post this but I think it is quite apt.
  22. That's the correct jack for a V8 Esprit - same as mine. My V8 has 4 tags riveted on that mimics a sill.
  23. Well Devon and Cornwall seems to be overrun. Now they are moaning they have nothing to do as many places are still shut .
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