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  1. Ah but will continue to use them after this is all over?
  2. That is all true but does nothing to explain the driving down the prices below production costs, surely in this time of emergency that is just greed and profiteering at the cost of others(bloody hell I am almost sounding like a Curbyn supporter).
  3. Nope all open. This does not affect us directly being small with other income streams, I am also sure there are other sectors affected as well. I am just stunned that some businesses are taking such advantage of the situation to their own gain to the cost of others when simple decisions to match pricing etc. to pre-pandemic times would be so easy and they could still make their money.
  4. No idea but farmers are dumping milk now due to low prices and reduced demand. Perhaps there is a bottle neck in the processing plants / transportation but I doubt it. One thing is for sure some supermarkets are getting very rich off this and the statement that 'we are all in it together' is total rubbish.
  5. Milk prices collapsing to 15ppl (farmers are now dumping milk), beef prices crashing and Sainsbury's putting Polish beef on the shelves - Way to go Britain, thanks for supporting the British farmer who will be working whether or not they have the virus. None of this is necessary. Seriously unimpressed guys!
  6. Just been to Trago Newton Abbot and filled up with Diesel V-Power by accident as it was so cheap (£1.17) - Doh! . Will be interesting to see if the Landcruiser goes any faster next time I go to the shops .
  7. Well that was interesting - just went out for the first time in several weeks as have exceeded the quarantine period and feeling fine. It seems business as usual for our area, lots of cars on the valley road, even more cyclists (busier than usual) and after picking up some farm supplies popped into the Co-op - do the mums with kids actually know what 2 meters is? the amount of time they came within a foot of me was ridiculous. Anyone else having similar experiences?
  8. OK - So does anyone know what happens once you have (or believe to have) recovered from the virus - do we need to let anyone know as we are potentially at far lower risk of re-contracting it and therefore good candidates to help out?
  9. It already has - a cat has been found to be infected in Belgium (the first recorded human to animal transmission).
  10. Won't everyone be going to lake to try and get a photograph of the Giant Squid?
  11. Oh Dear! - A jobsworth Metropolitan Police officer has been filmed threatening to fine a bakery employee for drawing temporary lines on the pavement to help customers queue at a safe distance from each other. Some Police are getting this so wrong.
  12. For all the Farmers out there (didn't work for me though):
  13. But the Chief Constable went on TV and said you could go to your horses wherever they are and take them out for rides! - I suspect daddy may have been getting grief from his little girl wanting to play with her little pony!
  14. march

    Self Isolation

    Apart from running the farm I have been making competition car parts .
  15. Well it appears if you have a pony you are immune and can ignore government mandates. Two girls went past our house on their ponies about 3 feet apart from each other this afternoon, twenty minutes later they came back with one of the girls coughing . Perhaps the Spanish police have this approach right
  16. It's already started in the Farming community - lambs, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, etc.. being taken along with freezers being cleared and in one case whole commercial freezers being taken. One group have been caught by a Farmer in Wiltshire - group of kids trying to catch lambs and garrote them (caught with the garrote in hand). These were taken into police custody and probably told what naughty boys they were! Fortunately we only have cattle who are very protective of there young and have horns .
  17. Just in case you don’t make it, can I have your tractor instead of the V8? Thanks. Sorry @Chillidoggy but we seem to be beating this bug so no tractor in the post. I must admit having watched Carina I can quite easily see how it can become a very serious condition for the elderly and infirm. I have been astonished and appalled by the general public ignoring the government mandates - Dartmoor and the Devon beaches looked more like a Bank Holiday weekend than a country under lock down - and what with all the 2nd home and mobile home owners decamping from London - just moronic. There are definitely going to be a lot of candidates for the Darwin awards this year. I would have said that a lot of elderly will unnecessarily suffer because of the stupidity of other but a lot of the people flagrantly disregarding the government seem to be the older generations. Fortunately our area has been very quiet so we seem to have a very sensible and helpful community. Anyway guys - stay safe and keep the humour coming.
  18. Well it appears we may have it - just heard a Doctor describe the symptoms and it matches ours 100% - not quite a cold and not quite flu. Carina is suffering a lot more than me, but in reality for us it has not been much more than a very bad cold. Living out in the sticks with lots of land around us and being miserable anti-social buggers all these townies reactions have all come as a bit of surprise to us - Is it really that bad out there? Fortunately we only ever buy in bulk as we hate shopping and are miles from any major shops so we are OK for food for a couple of weeks (standard practice for us) so should be clear of anything before we have to go into a shop again. On the plus side we have discovered there is a great community here, people offering to go shopping for others, child minders offering help to NHS/Police staff, free deliveries from corner shops, and many more examples - and best of all we apparently have a micro brewery in the valley (who'd have thought) as well as a cake baker both offering free delivery - we will definitely be trying these services . This country can be bloody good sometimes and hopefully people won't forget this once this is all over. Anyway farmers will never stop - there will always be animals to feed, fields to tend, car projects to work on so keeping busy. Please keep the humour coming - however politically incorrect as it's always good to laugh.
  19. A new Pektron (Headlamp Flash delay) unit has been engineered for thr TR7 - I am sure it can be made to fit the Esprit: It's not cheap but it works!
  20. Hope this does not offend but this did make me laugh.
  21. Do they make carcoons to look like this as I need one for my TR7 rally car some time this year?
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