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  1. I never understood the reluctance with Hydrogen IC engines. Great video, someone thinking (and coming up with solutions) in a truly practical manner, and British Engineering - good on JCB. The first truly workable solution I have seen for farming / construction industries, great stuff.
  2. Yes I suspect Devon will be a bit of no go area for locals this weekend.
  3. Thanks Barry, your offer is appreciated. The whole system needs replacing. I had arranged to have it changed but their engineer when he came stated we didn't need to as it was just the start capacitor so I followed his advice (silly me). The next problem is going to be to get the new pumps, they have them in stock but it's just a matter of getting it here - the A30 was gridlocked with Caravans at 0800 this morning when returning from the water run - and I suspect it's only going to get worse this weekend. Just had a phone call - they are coming with new pumps Monday morning, we should be able to survive until then, we have on old well feeding 2 fields (Cows now moved and well pump working fortunately). One upside - it's Gin all the way until Monday.
  4. The Farm water supply (bore hole) packed in last night, so no water at all on the farm. Rang the emergency number only to be told by the guy that 'we are all on holiday' - These guys look after the system and and they sold there services as having emergency call out whenever needed. FFS this is not a one man band and a water supply is not a nice to have thing, what an absolute shower (excuse the pun). Still awaiting options from them, not good. Have just bought up most of Tesco's large water bottles
  5. Wow - that's some find! That will be hard for anyone to beat. Although at the age of 8 I did go out to play in the local park with my mates and we did find the Holy grail, the Ark of the Covenant and the Fountain of Youth - all before supper time.
  6. march

  7. My father and I went out on the Medway marshes when I was a mere stripling with some people from Duxford air museum hunting crashed 2nd world war aircraft parts. After a while I got a bit bored and wandered off looking on my own, amazingly I found something, a 2nd world war 4.5 inch (or such like) live shell. Impressed with my find I lugged it back to the group an showed them my prize. Unfortunately the bomb disposal chap was less than impressed with a young lad grinning from ear to ear holding a lightly fizzing live explosive shell in his arms. The shell was quickly stripped of it's detonator thingy and I was told in no uncertain terms I could not keep it, it was rapidly returned to the gloopy Medway mud. I was not impressed. On the way back someone tripped over something only to find it was the undercarriage from a Messerschmitt BF 109 - some people have all the luck. I also was not allowed on any more jaunts with the group - most unfair.
  8. Just had a visit from our borehole servicing people - First words out of his mouth - "That new Lotus they have just launched looks lovely and such good value!". He is not a Lotus owner or particular fan so the word must be getting out there πŸ˜€
  9. march

    Paypal Scam

    Oh Yes. That old password has served me well, may it rest in peace.
  10. march

    Paypal Scam

    Thanks for the comments, I am still getting payments sent through. For simplicity I have refused the payments and have changed my email address for PayPal so hopefully that will be enough.
  11. march

    Paypal Scam

    Has anyone come across this? I am getting random deposits from China of 8 Euro, 10 US cents starting to appear in my account. As of now I have done nothing about it but from what I can tell it is some sort of scam. PayPal are being completely useless about as I cannot raise a fraud / scam request with them as it is a payment to me not from me. Does anyone know what the correct actions should be - reject the payment or ignore (after 30 days it is sent back to the payee) or ultimately should I close down my PayPal account, which I am leaning towards at the moment which will be a bit of a pain. Any advice would be really useful. I know I should not accept the payment as it will probably lead to a world of pain and expense with PayPal nearly always siding with the Chinese fraudster.
  12. Yes, they were excellent until they pushed you out the door with one of their cars. Hopefully you will have nothing but good experiences with your new car.
  13. That's not Mercedes in Exeter? If so they are the biggest cowboys going, worse than Arthur Daley. Hopefully nothing will go wrong for you with it during the warranty period otherwise you may regret dealing with them. List of problems they caused us: 1. traded in against a car with a private plate that was to be swapped over so they sold the car into trade with the number plate - we had to track down the trade seller to get it back. 2. Sold with 'new tyres' - 2 needed replacing after 400 miles at MOT - big argument ensued. 3. Plastic trim fell off - many phone and a few months to get them to do anything. 4. Heater didn't work properly and bonnet latch kept falling out of the trim into foot well - sent into repair under warranty but came back with faults not fixed (Covid had kicked in by then so didn't realise it had not been fixed until it was out warranty).
  14. Clarkson's Farm is really good - reminds me why we started farming along with all the bits I love and hate about farming.
  15. Apparently it's been a bad harvest this coupled with high demand, we have just bought up all of Homebases shiplap as we are weatherproofing a barn. Timber prices are expected to rise by at least 50% by the end of the year. Cement is impossible to get at the moment as well - a bit odd as it is readily manufactured in the UK. Edit - Our builder has just said some are claiming wood could be up 100% by the end of the year.
  16. Used to spend many a happy drunken hour in the Little Gem 🍺
  17. Had a Bloody good day yesterday being driven around Castle Combe in these beauties, one of the best days I have had in a long time😁:
  18. march


    So who owns the waters around Jersey as the French are sending this military vessel into them, seems a bit provocative to me.
  19. Litter mates 😍 Oh and the right hand one passed it's MOT today 😁
  20. Unfortunately this is more common than you would think. We have had some real doozies over the years - one couple even decided to sell a shed (ours), put up a god awful conservatory type thing and thought nothing of knocking out bricks in the outside wall so they could power out to it all without letting us know. - they were millennials too! It took some putting right.
  21. march


    Finally started moving the most important items to their new home in our new kitchen
  22. Β£295.00 sounds an absolute bargain for useless advice. We had a Structural Engineer come in and provide his boundless expertise on raising some lintels into the loft space. We also specified steel beams to be used. He came back with a solution that used timber and would have the beams poking out of the roof - that was a good Β£600.00 well spent. Suffice to say we upgraded his solution and went with Steel - so far the house is still standing and nothing is poking out of the roof.
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