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  1. Nothing wrong with Morris Dancing Have you ever seen a sober Morris Dancer?
  2. march


    Still got a load of his stuff on vinyl somewhere.
  3. Yes it's not good here. We are now unable to house a family as we were hoping so we are going to help financially families that are accommodated locally but none have arrived yet despite many people being willing to put them up. It's all a bit of a mess.
  4. Has anyone actually managed to bring anyone over yet?
  5. Scotland has sent 3000 sandbags to help the Ukranians . As a thought would medical aid have been more useful.
  6. It amazes me is how western politicians can rationalise away the need to stop these atrocities by getting involved in a really meaningful way. The statement 'Never again' has never meant so little in my eyes. I was always taught to stand up to bullies and certainly to never to walk past someone in distress without offering help.
  7. march

    Utility Bills

    Can anyone explain why my electricity standing charge has just gone up 101%? to over 51p per day (highest in the country by the way). I just don't see how this can be justified.
  8. Got my boarding pass for NASA's ARTIMIS 1 Lunar Flight 😎
  9. Yep just wait until Putin heads into NATO countries - a lot of shouting will be heard and not much else. As an aside the Rouble is well on it's way to a full recovery. Yeah for sanctions.
  10. Somehow I can't see Boris doing something like that!
  11. Duty is different to the VAT as I understand - VAT on Red Diesel is 5% and 20% for White which will be on top of the price which includes the duty. Hope this makes sense. It just shows that Red diesel without duty and VAT is much more expensive than White Diesel which does not make sense to me.
  12. Here's something that does not make sense. If you can claim VAT back it is cheaper to buy diesel today from Sainsbury's than to fill your own Red Diesel tank (Duty on White Diesel = 57.95p per litre, Duty on Red Diesel 11p per litre). Something smacks of profiteering. So Expect lots of tractors queuing up at your local supermarket soon.
  13. Just paid £1500.00 to fill the Red Diesel tank 😱😭 - but then again could be worse in the current situation.
  14. Red Diesel ordered . Unfortunately had to write a blank cheque in effect - we will be told the cost in 2 weeks time 🤑. Anyone in need of a kidney?
  15. Obviously money is more important than lives to some companies!
  16. That floor is perfect if you are going to put cows in your garage, not so good if you plan on working on cars 😁. Not very helpful I suppose, hope it all turns out well.
  17. Still can't buy red diesel. Farm is grinding to a halt except for feeding cows.
  18. Strange that the EU is managing this without too many worries. Our government appears (to me) to be having a complete failure in letting the populous know what the government is actually managing to achieve, or it's shown it has a complete and utter lack of backbone.
  19. We looked into it before buying the farm, the restrictions can be ridiculous and should you need to repair the existing structure expect big bills.
  20. A plea for some help - Is anyone aware of anyone acting as a clearing house / contact for incoming Ukranian refugee families to the UK. We have an apartment currently vacant that could possibly house up to 2 families in Devon. I know the UK government is being far from helpful in this area at the moment but I hope this will change.
  21. march

    Utility Bills

    Bloody hell - what are you growing in the attic ? As an aside I have just been trying to buy red diesel for the farm to keep the tractor going - no chance, not even boilerjuice can supply. Hopefully this will be resolved in a week or two or I will be having big problems as I wont be able to feed the cows.
  22. Another one - What spirit.
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