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  1. do you have freescan and a computer, it has sorted out a few probs on my car over the last months, my car is acting badly on the revs and i think its the oxegen sensor, on the pipe from the turbo. it would be great if you could obtain freescan first before you pull your hair out.
  2. thanks for getting back, ive down loaded from my usb stick the log files from the car, i hope ive done it right and hope you find it ok, many thanks, stu. thanks for that i will check it out, many thanks, stu
  3. hi all, wonder if any body has an answer for my prob with my s4, it has suddenly developed a splutter when you accelerate bit like a misfire (could be a fisfire when i think about it) any way it also does the same when you de-accelerate. the performance is a bit poor but you still get power and boost to some degree. on sunday morning (engine cold) i got the lap top out and connected to the ecu on the car through the freescan (version 1) at first it flashed up an error oxegen sens and vanished couldnt see a code for it, i reset the freescan to try again but it showed no faults for half an hour
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