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  1. Yep, 2015 NA SR in Nightfall Blue with (quite rare) Venon Red interior. Wheels professionally refinished in Hi-Power Silver, and the dodgy black rear badges replaced with (much more tasteful!) "chrome" versions... mmm mmm...
  2. They're certainly not lightweight items, but I'd say not significantly different to the standard discs (in weight). Cost was £958.80 (including shipping) for the pair of fronts, with their C83 facing (short straight grooves). There are five facings to choose from: F2000 - long curved grooves Sport Japan - drilled and grooved C83 - Short straight grooves D95 - drilled only ZERO - plain braking surface Adam Rogers at is very helpful and can answer any questions you have.
  3. I ordered them online direct from Took just over a month from order to delivery, but they were manufactured to order in Italy.
  4. Superb work Bob. Latest job on my 2015 Evora SR was disc replacement; OEM to Tar-Ox...
  5. 206. Evora Sports Racer - Nightfall Blue with Venom Red leather (mmm, nice)
  6. 122. Ericski - Ardent Red Exige S 240PP - We'll be in the Evora (Nightfall Blue Sports Racer) instead
  7. Please add me to the list - Ardent Red Exige S 240PP 122. Ericski - Ardent Red Exige S 240PP
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