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  1. Number plate lights on the S1 are Rolls Royce parts - and last time I needed some were cheaper from the RR dealer than Lotus.
  2. You could if you really wanted. Wouldn't get the gloss you can from automotive paint and it does t lend itself well the spraying. Its made for the job, like wood paint and steel paint etc are.
  3. We have to do driver improvement courses with work every year, in addition my wife is a driving instructor and has done her IAM. Everyone would benefit from further road training. I recently had a free IAM assesment and the guy said I could pass my IAM test almost immediately. I have decided to do the test but I'm waiting while my daughter has passed her driving test and we'll do it together.
  4. Well worth a trip, lovely guy and very interesting.
  5. These incidents are regulary reported. I don't believe them at all. The amount of gaseous anaesthetic agent required to anaesthetise everyone in an apartment (or motorhome for that matter) would require a tanker. Furthermore, to anaesthetise multiple people, of multiple ages safely with no monitoring, no airway obstruction or other ill effects by an untrained person seems very implausible. Finally, not one robber has ever been found with a huge tanker of gas or indeed with a gas mask! I assume that in the bulk of these reports the anaesthetic agent was self administered and is commonly called alcohol.
  6. Went to Doncaster a couple of weeks back to watch it take off for one of the last times. My love of this aircraft started after seeing it at Finningly Air Display as a kid. I recommend anyone interested to read Vulcan 607, fantastic book about the Falklands mission.
  7. I waved my camera so the guy could see it and he gave the thumbs up.
  8. I had those on mine, I damaged one and the quoted replacement price was similar to what you've paid fr all four!
  9. Out one evening getting amorous with my fiancé in my old Hillman Avenger. Eventually things calmed down and she couldn't find her knickers. There was no light in the car, no phones obviously and we were parked in a lay you in the woods. After much fumbling we gave up looking and I took her home. I'd forgotton all about them until a few days later her mother asked if I could drop her in town. She got in the passenger seat and within seconds pulled the black lacy knickers out from the side of the seat and exclaimed "what's this?" Quick as a flash I snatched them out of her hand and said "thanks, I was looking for that" then furiously wiped the windscreen with them. From her discussion with her daughter later one has to assume she wasn't fooled.
  10. Very sad. We have a JRT which we got as a puppy. She's 6 now. We also have a JRT cross Border Terrier we took in after his owner died, he'd been stuck with her body alone for over a week. It took him over a year to fully settle. He had surgery on his left back leg three weeks ago - his leg is now know as "my new Lotus" as that's where the funds came from to pay the vets fee. Started hydrotherapy this week - he's had better care than at most hospitals.
  11. Not a recruiter but changed jobs many times over the years. Are you looking to stay in the same industry? If so are there any companies you'd like to work for and could approach directly? I've got quite a few posts that way and sometimes roles have been created for me. If not, get a profile on linked in and acquaint with people on there. Within weeks I guarantee you'll have recruiters emailing you (nearly all attractive young woman for some reason). Register with recruiters who specialise in your Industry too, the good ones should help you out with fine tuning your CV etc.
  12. The two seater is not acceptable as a test vehicle as it has no rear seats. My wife is a driving instructor too, she had a 206 CC but wasn't allowed to use that for tests either.
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