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  1. Glad to see that you were able to make it work!. My car's delco abs gave up the ghost after my last smog check on the way home - at first I thought it was just the dyno reaction (where only the rear wheels moving triggered the abs light) but on the way home I lost my assist, Been parked since July before last. Did you encounter any issues wiring in the Kelsey Hayes system - were you able to get the abs functioning as it should?
  2. Hi Paul,

    Could you tell me please how to navigate to change the car ownership from 1 to 2 ?

    I see you've done it successfully...

  3. I've been through this with my S4s - your sender is likely done. The least expensive place to find a replacement is speedycables in the UK - you'll just need the part number off of the top of the sender - they are the supplier recommended by Caerbont. Lotus will likely want $200 USD...sjsportscars likely gets their's from Speedycables.. If there is any looseness to the sender's connector it is broken. After I replaced with the new sender the gauge always read above zero-not much but was above zero and read 60 psi when cold - it never read that prior to breaking and reading zero at idle.
  4. Alan, the window switches for the early V8 (and S4,S4s) are from the rear seat switches from a Vauxhall Senator or Carlton. Those Catera switches referenced do not have the same plugs and are not identical - please delete that link Senator B Carlton GSi Lotus GM 90282849 Link to this post:
  5. Paul93Lotus


  6. Are you following the service notes procedure? - if not you'll be wasting a lot of time.
  7. Be careful with modifying this part. I recently had an issue with my PMIII last year and have the factory GM accumulator pressure gauge set up. Apparently the pressure accumulator on my car was one as described above where the threads were different - installed by the DPO. I threaded it on not paying attention as I figured they were "all the same" but did make sure it was tight. I placed the accumulator in a car wash bucket as I was afraid there might be a slight fluid leak during the test. Pressurized the system with key on and was watching the gauge pressure up ...1000..1500..2000...250
  8. This is not true in regards to the Hella not being capable - see my post in the "Calling all brake gurus" thread...I ran my S4s around and had a passenger call out vacuum levels from a gauge with a line ran into the engine compartment and it does not provide ALL the vacuum needed but it does provide some during normal cruising and almost all you need under complete throttle release - but a supplemental pump is needed for these repetitive brake applications. These UP28 pumps are on A LOT of production cars - especially small turbo Audi 1.8 Turbos, Volvo turbos, and VW Turbos which probably pr
  9. Saw this in a post that Qavion (Ian) made - thought I would make sure it got into the cross-reference: Ignition Module that does not throw codes: STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS LX378 {#10468343, D1949A} Intermotor Reportedly from a 1991 Isuzu Impulse which makes sense due to Lotus' relationship with Isuzu with the late model Elan. Not verified but maybe Ian will verify...
  10. Craig/David, Couple of questions for both of you since you've been through the conversions... I've been acquiring the parts for this similar switchover, but with Esprit V8 components and in hope of integrating the KH 430 (pedal box, harness, kh430 valve assembly,booster and master cyl., audi vacuum reservoir, stock brake lines - I may be retrofitting obsolete components but want to retain abs if i can). What did either of you find as the optimum vacuum switch on/off points to get good brake pedal feel/assist and the least amount of cycling? I know some of this depends upon the size
  11. Do these aftermarket coils not throw a code 41? I know there have been problems with people swapping in identical GM units that were not from Lotus and getting a code 41 error with a check engine light. Raging Fool - no CEL's?
  12. I'm no psychic but I'll bet money you will have another problem as this is a band-aid fix both in practice and looks. Don't become one of the "Dreaded Prior Owners" with these type of repairs. How will you know if it has cracked underneath the foil? THOSE RUBBER ELBOWS ARE PROBLEMS WAITING TO HAPPEN and are the source of an untold number of Esprit driveability issues!! Replace with some black thick wall silicone hose from the intake to the MAP sensor of the correct size and you will never have a problem again. The factory lotus elbows were never good enough for an engine compartment e
  13. If the MAP sensor was disconnected you should have had violent hesitations once you hit boost, but would otherwise have driven ok just cruising leisurely. I had that happen at a driving school track day and you will definitely feel the result of that hose blowing off or being disconnected. My advice if you're going to the trouble of reconnecting from intake to map sensor, buy some thick walled silicone tubing and be gone with those rubber elbows and just have a straight vacuum line from intake to map- they are a problem waiting to happen as they cannot withstand heat and just rot with ti
  14. Let me first say your car looks awesome and shoe-horning an Audi V8 in there is a monumental achievement. But in your case,with a normally aspirated engine a smooth induction intake tube is even more important than on a turbocharged powerplant for air flow. It is all about turbulence. Time to get some mandrel bent pipe and custom fab something to replace that ghetto billy-bob dryer hose.It kind of makes it look like you gave up at the very end because you just wanted to get it on the road. Its the finishing touches man! No need to carry-over Lotus' short-cut that was obviously just to sav
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