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  1. Can't comment on the Corvette, but the Fieros are not a plug and play switch. The only one I found that was a direct match was from a Pontiac Sunbird with the pop up headlamps...that was exact. You can canibalize the internals from the Fiero motors for internal parts, but not the housing...they are different. This was after numerous junk yard runs in self serve I am talking from first hand experience.
  2. The real fix is to take the switch a half turn and it unlocks...and then go to your local hardware store to find a c-clip that will slide on to the threaded portion. Reinstall the switch, and then install the c-clip...that way it will only move when you remove the c-clip. I am afraid this will happen again and again if your feet are accidentally hitting opr brushing against the switch.
  3. Maybe the #2 RC injector is bad? Compression/leak down check on that cylinder?
  4. I can vouch that it is a bastard of a job, and that the abs brackets need to be loosened to get your hand at some bolts/ is what you have to look forward to: If you have rusted bolts underneath, figure the weekend for removal and replacement. I took the opportunity to replace everything with stainless so I did not have to go through the agony again. Good Luck. The above description was right on the money especially the "let go you F****** B******" and it should fall gently to the ground. part.
  5. This is what I did to update the Toyota tail light look...added led clusters within the tails....turned out nice! With the brakes on... and with the running lights... Considerably brighter than the stock lights...actually keeps people from tailgaiting because the brake lights are so bright, they back off from the glare But the mod is irreversible...had to cut large portions of the back of the housings out with a dremel.
  6. Just from my own experiences...having owned two different Esprits and I can tell you that running synyhetic will give you lower pressure across the board. I noticed considerable change from running Valvoline Racing 20-50 then going to Mobil One 15-50, which showed almost a "tick" less.
  7. Another item that can cause problems are the rubber vacuum elbows used in the MAP sensor at the manifold, and another on the sensor itself...they are poor quality and crack....if you are leaking pressure it can cause weird symptoms. They are also used in the HVAC lines....anywhere one of those plastic capillary lines are used.
  8. Bwahahahaaha! Considering how much it is getting to park in LA that is great. Just seeing that happen would be hilarious. Your car looks beautiful Paul
  9. Anyone have any good close up pics of the Kelsey Hayes brake master cylinder/servo and the abs modulator/controller? I think I may have found the car they came from....need pics of the 97-98 system and a newer one 99-2003. Once I know for sure I will add to the cross reference list.
  10. I like the look....kind of like ghost stripes.... But sorry to report that they got the Lotus logo wrong. The small "c" is cut short....something you only see in Taiwan and Chinese factory "unauthorized" products. Obviously they looked to somewhere like Ebay for an image of the Lotus logo. If you are not 100% happy, that alone is reason for them to re-do the hood stripe.
  11. Hilly, That is definitely a work of art....not something you want to cover up. For that price though, they should have polished the entire set up. When I finally get around to installing my set up it will be entirely polished stainless. I have always liked the exposed exhaust set up like on many De Tomaso Panteras over here I will be going Magnaflow polished SS muffler, single inlet,dual outlet 3" SS piping (which will get my bench top polishing machine) Corvette C6 Polish SS tips. Obviously the valence will have to go, but if it turns out how I'm hoping, I will want to show it that point I see myself likely removing visible suspension parts and having them powdercoated "chrome" so it all "bling" in back. Like this....
  12. Amplified antenna base as on 95-2003 Esprits with bee-sting style antenna: Part No. 01/90389799 ( Likely the GM part no. is 90389799 This is the aerial base with seal. This will fit the following Vauxhall cars:- Agila Astra F Mk3 (93-98) Estate & Van Astra G Mk4 (98-04) Estate, Van & Coupe Combo (93-01) Corsa B (93-01) Vectra B (95-02) Estate
  13. I have not been able to find any data regarding a compressed air starter on the F1 or any other cars except for diesel trucks...anyone know for sure? Just curious what would make such a cool sound on start-up unless it has something to do with the transmission and how its gears are cut?
  14. This is the most incredible sound I have ever heard of a car starting.... Go to 4:15 into the video. Is this sound at start up created by the starter or the V12 engine (which is a BMW I believe?). It almost sounds like some sort of gear reduction type of starter? Just curious if anyone knows what causes this sound, as it doesn't sound like it is from the engine itself? The whole video is entertaining, but I have always felt the McLaren F1 has the most sexy start-up music.
  15. Michael - There is no special "Lotus software" when it comes to the Delco Morraine Powermaster III abs system used in the Esprit...any diagnostic application that can talk to the PMIII for GM 88-91 Buick Regal, Oldsmobile Cutlass and Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo will work on it. You just need to connect to the correct three pins on the Lotus diagnostic connector. If you have the revised harness car, it would be the Orange White wire, the orange wire and the black wire as seen going into the ALDL connector. The Orange White is the serial data wire, the orange is a "switch", and the black a ground. One thing I noticed is the the standard "GM" plug on most diagnostic scanners do not match the Esprit' is you might have to rig up a jumper set up to the proper pins on the Lotus plug. There are some abs scan tools that work that are sold over is made by OTC and the other is a Matco, and they look very familiar which leads me to believe they are one and the same unit. If you had a Tech 1 with the proper GM Tech 1 cartridge W 88-89 ABS TKO 3030 you could talk to your Lotus and perform all the handy tests, live data monitoring, etc. The connector would be the only I believe there was a Lotus specific connector for the Tech 1. I just got one of these ABS scan tools, and it had no problems talking to my Lotus...and it had all the functionality of the Tech 1 with a Lotus cartridge. I just ran the powerbleed function on my Esprit the other day, and it noticeably improved the pedal feel as I must have had some air trapped somewhere in the did not take away what I suppose some people describe as "wooden", but I think that is common in any brake system that has an accumulator and a pump instead of a vacuum booster. I have also looked at the SnapOn scan tool number MT2500 with the MT2500-2794 cartridge and believe this may work as well...but you would have the same connector issue. I have the Delco Morraine Antilock Brake System III factory manual and one of these days I will scan it into pdf format and post it...a lot is in the Lotus manual as well, but there is a better operation description in the DM book. I also have the pages from the GM OEM factory manual for the Olds, and all the respective ABS pages. Per this DM manual (and I believe also the Lotus brake manual), the pressure switch grounds below 2200 psi, and open 2700 psi turning the pump off. So a similar spec switch would be needed.
  16. I think you'll need the mounting bracket too or to fabricate your own
  17. If it comes on every press of the brakes then it could also be your accumulator. It is possible that the brake pressure switch is working fine, its just that the accumulator is not storing the pressure due to the diaphragm being compromised within it, and then the brake pressure switch keeps turning on the pump to replenish the pressure within the system....something near 1600 psi or more?
  18. Send it off to a speedometer shop for repair. The S4s Caerbont gauges are 80 mm I believe. You might try contacting these guys.... You will likely instantly de-value your car by switching to another speedo without proper documentation of some sort (odometer discrepancy).
  19. I used a two part 5-minute epoxy glue they sell at Harbor Freight for 99 cents. Very strong and works great on plastic. I imagine any two part epoxy that works on plastic will just need to clamp the units while the glue cures.
  20. Make sure you have a towel to put on the chargecooler, unless you want it stamped on your is tight getting in there to remove the unit unless you have E.T. like hands. You should be able to see the problem with an ohm meter hooked up as you manually move the float. A good cleaning will likely fix it.
  21. I am building a stainless steel dual exhaust for my S4s and wanted to hear anybody's recommendation on the aftermarket muffler they have used. I am considering a Magnaflow as used in late 90's Chevrolet camaros (a single in, dual out muffler), but wanted to hear other's feedback on what they had used in a custom dual exhaust. Not interested in buying a complete exhaust, just a muffler that will allow a dual set up. I've already bought some polished exhaust tips from a C6 Corvette which have resonators within the tips, so now I just need the muffler and tubing.
  22. Did you pull the sensor from the tank? It is most likely that you need to pull it out and give it a good cleaning with electrical contact cleaner...don't put it all back together before you do a drive, as you may need to pull the tank sensor. There is a rheostat style thing (You'll understand when you see it) that I guess gets dirty which causes the sensor to peg to full momentarily. You'll be very lucky if it is just at the wire connections as I cleaned mine and it did not make a difference.
  23. I guess it depends on how hard the gauge flicks over to full. If you can hear the gauge peg to full, and it appears almost violent, then there is a problem. If the movement is not violent where you can't hear a tick, then it is one of those (they all do that). My 1993 would peg from 1/4 to full rather violently...checked the ground and it was fine. I ended up removing the sender from the tank (kind of a pain), and then proceeded to clean the portion of the sender that has the rheostat with electrical cleaner. Reinstalled and all was fine.
  24. Silver Star Lotus in Thousand Oaks has a Tech 1 with the abs cartridge...but last time I was there they said I'd have to pay an hour's labor for the scan. He told me that he hardly ever sees 4 cylinder Esprits come in anymore...almost all V8s. The mechanic there comes recommended by Harry at Viking.
  25. I have seen a NOTICEABLE difference between Valvoline 20/50 Racing oil and the Mobil One 15/50. My gauge is almost nothing at idle with the synthetic. It is the synthetic oil's low viscosity properties that cause that low reading on the gauge. Put in regular dino oil and you will see the pressure improve.
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