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  1. We (Exploded & I) will come to the Hotel on monday evening. PM me your mobile number and we will text our ETA. I will wear a Lotus cap so you can recognise me. See you tomorrow, regards, Peter
  2. Don't forget this one: Brussels is not an easy city to ride around in an Esprit. Heavy traffic, close racing (lol) red lights... With a car without PS, no abs, no rear vieuw,... I look to find some more rare places. Regards, Peter
  3. There is an exibition nearby (Antwerp) during the week-end: and also in Antwerp there is a LOTUS dealer: Let's here where you will stay, so feel free to contact me if you want to meet for a beer. (I'm not that close, I will have to travel a few hours.)
  4. It's time to make a 3D scan, so it can be printed at demand later. Welcom in 21st centuri!
  5. It's a citroen part. Verry cheap. The dealer was wondered how it failed. I told him it broke of doing 260 km/h. He asked: what type of citroen do you own? LOL.
  6. A TVR will not hit 60mph in 1st gear... (Vanya forget to mention)
  7. Step 1: You best start with a triggerwheel and MAP measurement, with this installed you can start with a DIS ignition. Copy the ignition mapping from the original distributor.
  8. The front lifting possibility would be interesting here, we have a lot of speed bumps. My front spoiler would live longer. Also entering steep driveways or underground garages will then be possible.
  9. I've an emerald K3 fitted. Works real smooth. Used the throttle bodies of an S4. Bought new injectors from RC. Modified the IACV from S4 to Elise type. Installed a wideband lambda, an exhaust temperature measurement, a T34 turbo and a big chargecooler. A triggerwheel on the crankchaftpully... Would I do it again? Yes, much easier to maintain.
  10. You can use the web route planner from Michelin, calculates fuel and payage.
  11. Did you ask at "Voschemie" in BELGIUM? They trade a lot of Resins, gf, cf,... Look under individual consumer, not industrial. Regards, Peter
  12. If you choose for an LS engine, you can change something every year, so much upgrades available. If you choose for a German top spec, you can only change sparkplugs and oil, the rest it's out of our league.
  13. Give me this in an Esprit body.....
  14. I found this one on the net:
  15. In my neighbourhood is a company called Materialise: They print also for individuals, and have a big printer for rappid modelling. Up to 210 cm wide! That's 7 feet... Feel the need for a new bumper, dashboard,...?
  16. At my work we are testing with Carbon fiber reinforced plastics. Just keep your printer and hardware as clean as possible because the Carbon dust is verry conductive and will destroy your electronics.
  17. My son's friend has built this one. It works!
  18. Try the free BMW M meter app. I think that's what you are looking for.
  19. The same turbo set-up is used on the Ford Sierra Cosworth and Escort Cosworth (2liter 4cyl. Turbo Engines) They had 3 different turbine housings 0,48 0,54 & 0,63 to chose from. Also different size compressor housings were available. They were called Garret T34 or T35 turbo (not an official Garrett name) Google this and a lot of info will pop-up But I aggree with Plum..., the unit is more than 25yrs old, it is time to cash the improvements in technology.
  20. You can use "marine clean" to clean the tanks and to get rid of the gum.
  21. Big bird landing in San Fransisco.
  22. So it can be reliable, if it's put together correctly. What a potential, you make us all drool and fantasise what to change next What Turbo are you using, from the picture it looked like a Ford RS500 Cosworth one. Or is it a custom made one off?
  23. The Esprit has a galvanised chassis, so don't worry. And Yes, low temperature will slow down corrosion. at -17°C it is almost stopped.
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