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  1. robington

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Apologies for the reflection, I thought I would share one of my G car pictures signed by the man himself! I am assured it was really signed by Giugiaro - apparently done via somebody within the automotive industry. It takes pride of place on my wall!!
  2. They have had that up for sale for about 3 months. Does look nice.
  3. robington


    Im really sad to see that. He was always knowledgeable and helpful and came across as a really nice guy. RIP John
  4. Along with the wrong steering wheel, boot carpet instead of bag and a couple of other things I noticed. Nice colour though and you dont see many in that colour. That red pipe is strange.
  5. It would be good to see some interior pictures. De seaming and that kind of thing would make the car less appealing to me as it removes some of the original cars charm.
  6. robington

    Oil Filter Change

    Ok, I have found the answer. So the plastic thingy is to assist draining the oil out of the filter housing and the small o ring is to replace the old one. Posted here in case somebody else was wondering 😊
  7. I am changing my oil filter. The new filter I got included the small o ring and the plastic thingy in the picture. When I took the old filter out, those items were not present. Is that correct? If not, can you point me to something that describes how that is assembled. I've had a look around here but could not find anything. Large o ring is no problem I could see where that went. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for all your help. I will look into this again at the weekend and let you know how I get on. These forums are great 😊
  9. Thanks for your replies. Paul, you were spot on "I don't think the 925R is the original launch edition HU so someone has upgraded it at some time. It may not have been connected properly." I have had chance to look at it this afternoon and, yes it looks like a retro fit and for whatever reason they could not/did not fit the reversing camera. I want to get it working so this leaves me a few questions I hope you can point me in the right direction with. Firstly, is there a wiring diagram somewhere, so I can identify whats supposed to go where? What do the camera connectors look like? is it these?, they were not connected to anything. Whatever connection I need to make will have to connect up with the socket below - can anybody recommend a good place for adapters please? Does anybody know what this red plug is for? it was not connected to anything? I also had these 2 loose cables that were not connected to anything! Are they part of the Lotus loom? - One of them has a sleeve on it that says "camera in" Sorry for all the questions - it looks like spaghetti behind the head unit !!
  10. robington

    [eBay]2009 Lotus Evora 3.5 VVT-i V6 2+2 Coupe 2dr

    That's cheap. 2 litre engine might have something to do with it....
  11. Hi I have a Launch Edition Evora fitted with the Alpine INE W925R and I think it should have a reversing camera, however when I put it in reverse nothing happens on the screen. What I mean by that is that whatever is on the screen just remains there, not even a flicker or a change to a blank screen. I can see the camera in the bumper and what I think is the wiring running around the boot. Its almost as if it is not connected though. The parking sensors work fine. Any ideas of what to check for please? Thanks, Robin.
  12. Just for info, relating to Clive's post near the top of this thread the TPMS warning lamp is an MOT fail for cars first used after Jan 1st 2012. The below is from the government website. From that, I assume pre 2012 cars will be exempt from that part of the test - that's the way I read it. Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) The inspection of the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is for M1 vehicles first used on or after 1 January 2012. The TPMS warning lamp (see diagram 3) can operate in many ways depending on the vehicle type. You must only reject vehicles if it's clear that the lamp indicates a system malfunction and not simply indicating that one or more of the tyre pressures is low. Diagram 3. Example of a TPMS warning lamp
  13. robington

    Happy birthday TLF!

    Well done its a great forum. Keep up the good work 👍
  14. Well my car is 9 years old so that would tie in with the battery life expectancy then. Is fitting a potential diy job or would have to be done by a tyre fitter or something? Thanks for all the help. Still finding out about the car, but really enjoying it. More questions to come😊
  15. A warning came up today telling me the front and rear right hand tyres were around half the pressure they should be. I checked the pressures and they are fine. Strange that it faulted 2 tyres at the same time. Is there anything I can look at or try, to see what's going on ? Thanks in advance Robin