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  1. Hi Phil I know what you mean, I thought the same but considered it worth a try. Within 24 hours of running the dehumidifier everything in my garage that had water beads on or felt damp was dry. Im 100% sure its worth doing and im glad I got it. Im an advocate
  2. Just tried to use the Evora and all 4 wheels were jammed solid. I noticed beads of water on the bodywork so I assume the brakes are "rusted" on. The car is kept in an unheated garage and the last time I used it was about 3 weeks ago. Its had spells like this where it has been unused for a few weeks but I have never had the wheels frozen like this before. Anyway, its clear there is a fair bit of condensation in the garage so I have just ordered one of these - Meaco DD8L Junior Desiccant Dehumidifier 8 L. Great advice on the Lotus Forums as ever....
  3. Ahh very interesting thanks for sharing Sparky. Like others I regret never flying on Concorde. I remember seeing the flights advertised where they would go around the bay of biscay. Really wish I did that.
  4. @BibsHi., same thing has happened to me. my payment went through Aug 5th vial Paypal? can you check please? Thanks.
  5. Well I have fitted the radiator and run the car for 300 miles and it seems to be ok. The car runs slightly cooler now, but the main thing is that it does not leak! As Paul above said, the hose outlets are slightly smaller so I had to hose clamp it up nice and tight and also used a bit of Hylomar. It was the first time I had removed the front clam, so it was good to do that and learn how the car is put together. I took my time, and came across a few rusty/stuck fastners that were a pain but I think next time I would be able to get the front clam off in under 3 hours, having now had that experience. i didn't have the debris between the condenser and radiator Paul mentioned above, there are a few bits of foam around the radiator that had kept that out - I wonder if Paul's bits of foam had come loose or something. I made up a wooden support to hold the condenser up while the rad was out, might have been overkill but it did the job. All in all it was a job I am glad I did and hopefully will benefit the car longer term. The only real blocker for me was working out the bleeding, which is easy when you know, but I could not fathom it out at the time - see my bleeding thread! I hope this helps others who may be weighing up whether to buy the Elise parts rad and fit it yourself.
  6. Hi Andry, thanks - that was the eureka moment!! The tops of the bleed valves are obscured by a cowling so I did not see that they were, well valves! pushing in a sharp tool released loads of air and I was on my way!! Thanks also to NZ Baggies for the picture of the Thermostat bleed valve.
  7. Thanks Stefan. I managed to get it better than the picture, but its a long way from being right. I used all the adjustment available to no avail. The only thing I can think is that the front floor pan perhaps can impact the bumper fitting location and that if it is a bit low for whatever reason it will make the bumper lower.
  8. Hi - Me again I am trying to re-fit the front bumper and clamshell after removing them to replace the radiator and I cannot get the 2 to align at the front. The pictures tell the story. I have double checked that the clam location points are flush to the rail and they are. The bumper also fits flush to the rail and slides in ok. I have tried fastening the whole bumper up to see if that closes the gap, but it does not. I realise there is an adjusting rail under the clam, but as I had not moved it, and also the fact that he bumper and clam both locate from it, I cannot see how it would be the cause of this particular problem. It’s as if the bumper changed shape while it was off the car!! What am I missing please? Heelllppp!!
  9. On Dave now. Hopefully they will show this one. Its sure to win!
  10. Thanks, yes that is helpful, however I am still struggling to locate the 2 bleed valves in the engine bay. Do I need to remove anything to access them and is it from the top or from underneath? I just cant see them!!
  11. Well I’ve fitted a new radiator and am struggling to get the system re-filled. It’s taken about ½ litre so far and won’t take any more. The bleed valves at the front are open and I even took a rad hose off to see if that would help matters, but it didn’t. I know there are a couple of bleed valves at the engine bay end, but I can’t locate them – are they accessible from the top or bottom of the engine bay? I don’t have access to an airline where I live otherwise I would get one of the purge kits you can buy. If anybody on here offer a step by step guide on how to refill an Evora system please, I would be most grateful.
  12. My car is 10 years old on 47000 miles Graeme. I've not started the job yet so i dont know what material the hoses are. Im sure somebody on here will know.
  13. Thanks Paul Mine arrived yesterday and I will hopefully fit it next weekend. Its a big thing and I agree it looks like a well made bit of kit. Arrived well packed too. Thanks for tip about the hose clamps. Ill get a couple ordered.
  14. Ok thanks Barrie ill have a look at it.
  15. Does anybody know which swissvax is ok for Black cars please? I can't find a guide anywhere online that makes it clear. Thanks
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