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  1. Very interesting to see the car being taken apart. I noticed they did not use the jacking points on the rear of the car when it was on the lift though.
  2. I had a chance to look at it today. I took the whole liner off and pop riveted a thin piece of ally on the back to strengthen it back up. I then noticed that there was a missing scrivnut that should have been holding it up just above the wheel. That's what caused the sagging, especially when it got wet. I fitted it back with a home made oversized washer at the worst point and it seems ok now.
  3. One of my fronts has dropped, bringing the wheel into contact with it and rubbing through. I can see you can buy replacements, but does anybody have any repair top tips?
  4. Its tight - getting the Esprit into the Right Hand Garage!
  5. I've seen elsewhere that the filler tube can deteriorate and leak. Is this an attempt to at a temporary fix perhaps?
  6. I connected it all up today and the rear camera didn't work It could be the camera is dead, but I don't know how to test for that. Its probably a really simple fix, but I have decided to get a professional to look at it. Apart from the camera not working the wiring behind the unit could do with a tidy up and I would not be confident in making a good job of that. Whats next on the list....!!!
  7. I remember lotusbits had a job lot of these books. Quite a few times when I went in there to get something Mike would ask if I wanted to buy a book as well! Its an awsome book, I enjoy perusing it from time to time.
  8. Thanks Steve. I think its the yellow RCA plug on the left in this picture? Can anybody confirm please? There were quite a few redundant cables in there which made it a little overwhelming to look at, so I have tidied it up and put all the redundant stuff out of the way. Its easier to see whats what now. The yellow RCA plug is currently connected to the video input terminal on the loom that handles the speaker and video inputs and outputs. I think if I connect that to the Camera 2 input of my new camera/W Remote loom that should work? Below is the camera/remote loom. It has loads of other cables such as speed sensor, steering remote, remote in/remote out etc... I assume none of these are needed. Any thoughts on that please? Thanks, Robin.
  9. Hi. It took a while, but I got hold of a Alpine link cable for the camera input, and I thought I would try and fit it this afternoon. The problem I have is that I don't know what the (Lotus) camera plug looks like, so I am not sure what to start connecting up. There are quite a few redundant cables in there which is adding to the confusion for me. If anybody could post up a picture of the rear camera plug from the Lotus side that would be great. Thanks Robin.
  10. Excellent! I've just had a look, it looks like a really clear step-by-step guide. Thanks.
  11. Seeing the conversation in the C Service thread about the aux drive belt interval being 4 years I am thinking about getting mine done. I've not looked in to it yet, but is it within the scope of a diy mechanic or a more specialised job that needs to be done at the dealers?.
  12. robington

    Lotus Ypres 2018

    Ok, thanks for checking Kevin. I will keep an eye out on the website.
  13. robington

    Lotus Ypres 2018

    Hi Kevin, Can you point me towards the website you can book this through please?
  14. It worked with the phone! No fault codes reported, even in the historical file, but it did have a dead battery in the last month so I would assume that would clear it? Thanks chaps.
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