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  1. Maybe I the first then😊
  2. We did a big project last year involving taking out walls and fitting a new kitchen to make an open plan area. We went with Wren and can't recommend them highly enough. They did a cad design and the designer there came up with a layout we hadn't thought about before which was great. When it came to speccing the appliances etc we didnt feel like they were upselling and when it came to deleveries etc everything happened as promised with zero hiccups and this was at the time of lockdown V1.
  3. I'm also interested in jukeboxes, so here is a resto I recently finished in the garage and I thought the 2 pictured well together. The jukebox is a 1957 AMI H, the car is .... well you know that bit 😊
  4. Yes, mines like that too! I put it down to age related movement (the best technical term I could come up with) 😊
  5. @thebartman As long as the end that clips in is the same size and it floats it should be ok. The one I got was fine. Perhaps give sj sports cars a ring to be sure?
  6. You can buy just the float from sj sports cars for Β£5.60, that's what I did and it worked a treat. They just twist in and out of that wire holder.
  7. Yes when I had a similar problem it turned out to be the float in the sender. The float had a pin hole in it so it filled up with fuel and would no longer float. If you rule out any electrical issues it will be worth taking the sender assembly out and checking it,
  8. Amazing workmanship Dave. Its going to look stunning when its finished.
  9. Yes, she's back in the garage now after a leisurely drive home last night. I didn't need to take advantage of the generous guarantee that comes with Sparkys C service, time will tell whether I will need the optional mystic after sales package!! The cars running great, after work 2 years off the road it's nice to have her back again, thanks..
  10. Ahh great, thanks Sparky. She's back on the road, and with a shiny knob to be proud of!
  11. Yes I can confirm I was reluctant at first but decided that any interest in my knob at my time in life has to be considered a bonus πŸ˜‚ I'll show it to the missus, this could open up other Watford exotics sidelines, I'll let you know how it goes down.....
  12. Just out of interest, how much extra is it for the psychic division after sales back up? 😊
  13. Good effort, that cant be fun doing it in situ. i think I need to save up for the SJ conversion kit....
  14. Wowzers, that does look horrid - Hopefully you have enough alcohol to see you through this 😊
  15. Looking good Sparky! I knew I shouldn't have used superglue to seal that pipe 😁
  16. Thanks Sparky! In theory, it shouldn't have to be MOT'd in a couple of years time, but id still put it in when/if it reaches that status as I would actually want to get the car checked over annually....
  17. I'm watching the progress with interest ! Possibly a clutch slave cylinder leak to add to the list πŸ™‚
  18. robington

    Brave pill

    Well according to the ad it sold over the weekend so it certainly didn't hang around for long. Probably helped by the article which would have increased the interest in it. I've got mine up for sale with half the miles and just 4k more with a similar interior if anyone's interested 😊 it's in the ad section.
  19. I saw the Evija this evening at lotus Lotus Silverstone. I must say it's a fine looking machine, I was very impressed and was grateful to the team at Lotus Silverstone for putting the event on and giving people the opportunity to see it. A nice end to the week !!
  20. Ok I'll check that and update the ad if I can. This is my car, if anyone is interested please drop me a pm if you have questions it'll be great if someone on here has it next.
  21. Just do it Danny! It'll look great next to your esprit....
  22. I've only used shiply once and it was all fine for me. I'd be happy to use the service again, as others said the key is to research the feedback.
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