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  1. Me + 1 for BBQ
  2. Thats what all the girls say Bibsy!! I will, i just got to get that gayvin perspex removed LOL!!!
  3. Ok Gordon, text or e mail me your address & i'l wrap it up & post it out to you, a pound should cover postage so if you send a cheque made out to D. le surf for
  4. Its a January sale at bullets! Addiction for life new..............
  5. The car was mine.............The bullet Even i cant believe it went for that sort of money, it was in a lovely pre-crash condition but to give you some idea of how hard the arse hit the tree.........................The black flexi drain tube from the tail gate channel which runs down behind the rear wheel arch & normally has around 8 inches between it & the inner arch section looked like an iron had been left on it.........totally flat, the impact was massive & you can push the quarter with your knee,trouble is to the untrained eye, the fibre glass absorbs the impact & s
  6. Hi Kimbers I'm better now & was pleased to see the old girl on the track, Dont think that was me coming in but i'l be studying each one & be buying a few more no doubt, & thanks to your paa for his offer of help finding a new esprit.Top Man. Was gonna wait til the summer but if i dont get another one soon i'm gonna burst
  7. Hi there Did reply on post 20.............looks like Bibs replied but it was me! Back to silver Bullet now!!
  8. Sorry to hear that mate. Good Luck with it all Cheers
  9. Thanks Andy, sorry to hear about the M3 & hope you werent hurt, was it a CSL?
  10. Thanks alot to all of you. The assessor has been & has confirmed the car is a write off, parts alone pushing over 12k.......& thats without finding any chassis damage. Anyway i'm going to save up some cash & buy a later V8 in 6months/year depending on cash situation & pay out amount. Thanks again & remember any V8 driver out there, when the weathers that bad, drive like the district nurse on her rounds!
  11. Thanks to all of you for your kind words
  12. Hi Justin, Yes its me, we meet all over the place being serious petrol heads, thanks for your kind words. I'm happy that i'm still here as it could have been much much worse. Still feel very empty & although fully comprehensive, no cheque will replace my car & i'm just gutted it happened. After all the fun we had on the roads, You & i included, + Bibs riding shotgun back from yarmouth + track action on the monday, in a way i wish i'd fallen off the road whilst tearing about, at least then i could put my hands up & say, well thats what you get. Unfortunetly, this w
  13. Yes Dave its Alex, i was behind you on the track when we were havin a bit of fun. Thankyou all for your kind words
  14. Hi all For anyone who may have passed what looked like a wrecked esprit on the M11 after the lotus factory day We were caught in the terrible weather conditions between junctions 7 & 8 on our way home. All traffic was moving slowly as you will know if you were there, i moved from the fast lane into the overtaking lane behind a BMW estate car, when he finally moved out of the way, my intentions were to move in front of him & return into the fast lane. Just as i past him at say 50mph, gently accellerating in fourth, the car hit a massive patch of standing water resulting
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