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    Andy Knight
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    1993 Calypso Red S4
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    Ramair mod, K&N, NGK Iridiums, Magnacor KV85 leads, Bailey dump valve, Bosch secondary injectors, Bosch electric CC pump, ported/flowed nozzle/plenum, sports cat, stainless exhaust.
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  1. Andyk


  2. Yeah, a decent antenna makes all the difference. Now try splicing this baby in the line and watch your neighbours networks disappear
  3. Cheers Erik, GPS sounds interesting. I've no experience with the ECU messages though, so will have a dig around and see what I can find. Any pointers to anything describing their format thought would be much appreciated. I've got a SQL server instance lurking around doing nothing so an Esprit data repository seems like a good cause to donate it to... Andy Tracked down a packet definition here (for anyone else who may be looking too).
  4. Hi all, I hooked up my S4 to Espritmon yesterday for the first time; what a fantastic tool. We're quite a lucky bunch to have freeware like this available for our cars... Anyway; I was wondering if anyone has a list of the column names and their order for the csv file generated by the session? I've had a dig around the manual and on here but I can't find anything other than how to replay the session in Espritmon itself. Cheers, Andy.
  5. Quick update for anyone else searching on carpet options. The carpet kit was a bit longer being made than expected, but worth the wait. Went for the Kensington option and the quality is excellent. I had to do a fair bit of cutting and trimming to get them in, and took quite a while, but I'm very pleased with the results. Once I've had chance to finish re-fitting the leather trim parts I'll post a couple of pics up in my gallery
  6. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with a huge amount of free time at home to work on the car currently, so I'm keen to just get cracking when I can. As soon as I've been able to have a look at the fitment I'll report back and let you know how it goes.
  7. Yeah that's a good point actually. The greenhouse effect...
  8. Ah, I'd actually bought the tin of contact adhesive from SJ in advance for this, cheers for the tip. What brand is the spray you used? I'm guessing I'd only need the high temp stuff on the bulkhead so the contact glue can go into the centre tunnel/footwells etc.
  9. Cheers Glyn/Bibs, I very nearly bought from SJ, but I found a post on here questioning the quality and recommending Coverdale. I checked out the SJ kit and their date runs from 88-93 (one year out from Coverdales spec), so I've decided to take a punt and give the Coverdale kit a try. I'm hoping they should be done and with me for this weekend, so I'll post back with results etc once I'm done...
  10. Hi, I've had a couple of swatches from Coverdale and am about to buy a new set of their carpet for my 93 S4. They've advised that the years covered by their set is 88-92 however. Can anyone just confirm if the SE carpets would fit the early S4 please? Thanks, Andy.
  11. Yeah I'm hoping so too. She performs brilliantly even with liner issues and the charge cooler pump inoperative. She's done 79k now, but doesn't feel even close to that.
  12. Thanks all! @Backmarker - No, it's from Dave Ellis (drellis on here). First couple of pics are below; not had chance to do many as yet but once I've finished cleaning it up, there'll be more to come!
  13. Andyk

    Esprit - First Pics

    First photos of my Esprit S4, after a good waxing session...
  14. Hi all, I joined TLF a couple of months back to research info on Esprit buying, and after many, many hours spent reading posts, and also some excellent advice from fellow owners; I picked up my calypso red '93 S4 (magnolia interior) on Friday afternoon! Since then it's done about 250 miles, and has had about 10 hours of intensive (obsessive) cleaning and waxing, and every moment has been just as amazing as I thought it would be. The car is going in to North West Lotus for an engine rebuild and some other work soon, but once this is out of the way, I'll be looking to bring the car car out to
  15. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your message.

    I'm at work at the moment so can't call.

    Could you drop me a message with a bit more detail on the car please and also, whereabouts you are?

    I'm looking to buy mid July when my full funding will be available so could arrange a viewing and take it from there if it's suitable?



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