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  1. Hi all, Ive just finished my Excel restoration and blogged the process (majcd213), and now Im looking for another project. Everytime Ive been out in the Ecxel it gets interested glances and the inevitable question "Is that the one that goes underwater?" ...or similar Bond themed enquiry! Im tired of explaining, and as Ive never had an Esprit perhaps its now time? So if anyone has or knows of a good starting project Id be grateful if you could let me know. Im not fussy about model... maybe a turbo because Ive never had one, but frankly anything could be good. Cheers all Mike
  2. This is really sad news and doesnt portray MBW in a great light. Fair enough they might want to charge (no problem in paying a reasonable admission), but to refuse altogether because they fear the competition (?) is pretty shabby.
  3. Thanks, I hope so but then again, if the prices are (at last) starting to benefit from the classic car price ripple effect it might be better to keep it for the investment. As it stands Ive not had much/ any interest - just some criticism for changing the format. All in all I wont be too disappointed if I have to keep it for a while longer!
  4. Hi Damien, you are right about the competition... seems to be a bad time to sell an Excel from that point if view. Its difficult to balance in price terms later cars against the rarity issue, and rebuild... BUT, as I say in the listing I am very open to offers... even cheeky ones. If you get an autoreject then its too cheeky but the reject price is set at the same level as the old reserve. This is my attempt to get as close as I can to a Dutch style auction... ...and if I have to keep it, then summer is coming (hope) and I can get a full season of shows and Hill climbs!!
  5. Hi all- its an error in the listing. I didn't give a sensible starting price as a guide and consequently I think everyone thought the reserve was lower than it was. The bidding was stalled well below the reserve so I thought it best just to take the cancellation fees and relist it as an Ebay classified- with best offers invited. Hopefully this will give everyone some idea of the ballpark I'm in as well as taking away the time pressure. If you had bid on this car I have written to you personally- well as far as ebay messaging will allow- apparently there is a limit to the number you can send in one day... who knew? Mike
  6. Hi All- not sure if any have been following my restoration of an '84 Excel ( but this car is now on eBay so please feel free to check it out. I needed to change a number plate light- what an unexpected pleasure that job was -for something that should take 5 mins! Anyway done now, fresh MOT and ready for summer!
  7. Hi all, my 84 Excel is fitted with the above radio cassette as original equipment. It still works but I'd love a wiring diagram and instruction manual. If anyone has one and could send a scan or jpgs of each page that would be greatly appreciated.
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  9. Hi, great job! Doing a similar job myself. Just wondering how you fitted the cylinder liners? Did you adjust nip and if so how? Also do they slide in easily or need persuasion? Thank Mike
  10. Really useful thanks. I was equally confused by the "B715" cast into my bearing ladder! I will check the bore when I get the crank out but at least I'm now more confident that I wont be searching for any hard to find unusual bearings. Mike
  11. Hi- just wondered if you have the cad files of the liner clamps. I was going to get some cut but they tell me that they would need a dxf or dwg file format. Are these available perhaps- personally I cnat see why they cant read the data off the pdf but there you are! Thanks a lot for the diags Mike
  12. Thanks for the help- the wheeler dealers stuff looks identical and just about how I was intending to do it anyway... so great stuff Thanks!!! Mike
  13. Thanks- I had intended to raise car so front suspn hangs and remove wheel. Then use a jack to relieve the lower wishbone and take some of the the weight off the spring and stop the lower arm pinging down when the BJ is released. I think its OK then to disconnect the ball joint and split it from the hub carrier. Raise the upper wishbone to remove and replace BJ (new bolts?) and then reverse. I am always a bit worried if in case I haven't quite worked out how the spring load is transmitted but I don't think it should tense through to upper wishbone which I think is just pushed up and down passively via the lower acting through the hub carrier. Let me know how you get on. Cheers Mike
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