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  2. Found that the satnav was a red herring - poor signal. Apparently a microswitch in the door lock can come loose so the door shows as open. I had the lock replacement recently, so suspect it was something to do with that. Managing to lock by hand and not getting too distracted by the pedal lights being on at night
  3. Good evening. Just tried locking the car and it would not lock. Then noticed that the door open symbol was showing drivers door open and the courtesy light was on. tried opening and closing both doors and boot, but no joy. so I have to lock by key and hence no alarm, the sat nav is disabled and the interior light is on when driving. Any ideas ? Thanks
  4. I would be interested to hear how the microphone works when yo0u get this fixed. I cannot use my Alpine hands free when doing more than about 30mph as there is too much noise on the other end apparently. I called the Lotus factory whilst in the car with the 2 part system to show how bad the reception was and the answer I eventually (and honestly) got was - that is why we are fitting single piece units in the new ones! So........... please let us know how it goes.
  5. Hi Al, thanks for all your feedback. I am now concerned it is just me! However I will pop it back to the factory and get them to have a look. (gives me another opportunity to ogle all the latest offerings!)
  6. Lotus have said they will replace the screen if there is a problem. With the angle of screen, you are looking through quite a lot of glass and any variation in thickness could cause this distortion, so I suspect it is screen to screen variation. I did not notice it during my test drive, but I was so excited, I probably wouldn't have noticed if it only had 3 wheels! Anyway, I will to compare it with another car just to make sure it is not me!
  7. Looks as if I will have to shrink then! Otherwise try sitting on my daughter's booster seat. The drivers behind me last night must have wondered what was going on with me ducking up and down while driving! Only had it a few days, so will wait until any other snags materialise then take it back to the factory for a lower seat or new windscreen. Hi Buddsy, not in Thorpe End, though that does take me back to my skool days!
  8. Update: The effect varies according to how high I am sitting, so I reckon there is a patch of glass (at normal eye height of course) that is distorting the image. If I duck down and look just above the binnacle, it is fine. Warranty issue? anyone know who could take a look as a professional to give an opinion? Not a major issue, just a niggle in an otherwise enjoyable drive.
  9. Just picked up my Evora - love it. (had a fascinating tour of the factory last week as well). It is 7 years since my last Lotus, and I am very happy again. However............. The screen seems to have a slight lens effect meaning that I cannot focus in the distance as well as I can when outside the car. At first I wondered if it was the reflection of the dash causing me to focus on the screen rather than the distance, but it also happens when no reflections evident. Has anyone else observed this? or do I just need glasses now :-(
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