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  1. thanks for you advice, cleaned MAF and replaced the Lan sensor........ back to normal now
  2. build number 018 southampton owner Anon (not me)
  3. Any help with this please guys ? common issues ?? thinking MAF
  4. it's a 2007............... im more thinking air flow meter ??? as the idle is off too...... just getting other people's ideas before I place an order tomorrow. thank you for you post.
  5. Hello, after a bit of advice. Have the following symptons. Throttle almost sticks and there is no power, yet continue to give it more throttle it takes off......... Im thinking fly by wire set up ? Idle is a little lumpy to.. Advice is very welcome as im stripping it and going through everything and it's taking a very long time. Also where is the coms port located ? OBD2 ??
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