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  1. 1997 V8 Lotus racing green. Y2165.Full cream leather. SCC082918VHA15367. New Zealand New.10.10.97 Nelson.
  2. No, the car would always start when cold, but would not restart sometimes after short or long use.This just seemed to get progressivly worse but had no fualts when the auto guys came to rescue me(some hours later) so wasn't easy to find the fault as it seemed to reset it's self.They had the car in their work shop for days and no fault.Then I would get it back and... The ECU is triple layered and we tried soldering any possible dry joints but no luck. In the end the only answer was a replacement. The now runs great and is sooooo much quicker with the high tourque ECU. So it was'nt all bad.
  3. Hi,I have a 1997 SE and had what sounds like the same problem. After spending a great deal of time and money with two auto electritions it ended up being the ECU.My service centre is 600K away and it would have been cheeper to have put him on a plane for the day. I got a replacement through JAE. They had the better pricing compared with UK. Also got the 350 model ECU.Night and Day!!! Cheers, Murray
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