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  1. I have an official PUK Chip #3 for sale. This chip was bought from Marcus ( previously and I have his permission to sell it. I want to offer it initially for sale privately on LEF. If people are interested in buying it please email me off line at [email protected] with a bid price. I consider the PUK Chip #3 to be an excelled upgrade and it has been well reviewed by previous owners. Chip #3 Is based on the improved S4s-Mk5-code but with +18% torque (and similar top end power). It has a revised boost map which gives additional punch in low- and midrange. This version also has better boost control in high boost regions conditions Read the reviews at:
  2. Dave, Read the manual. You are told to ignore he AFR it is at target figure and not live data. The log is better but you are far from out of the woods. 1. TPS output is terrible, I know it is new but there must be an unstable earth or bad connector somewhere. 2. The fueling is way too lean, bad fuel pump, bad injector, fuel pressure regulator, something is up. 3. You have no ECU boost control, this might be due to the ECU detecting the high coolant temp in that log and shutting it down.
  3. Cheers Dave, Resister Pk1. gone to Ireland.
  4. Dave, Yes do items 1-3. Regarding the TPS. I agree the zero is a bit out. However, if you plot TPS vs. TPS (volts) it is not linear. Multiple voltages return the same %TPS.
  5. David, The 2nd log is much better but you have some serious issues. Some are interrelated so the key is finding the route cause. For example, the you have coolant temps reaching 105 deg (what were the fans doing ?). There is a transition in the log for coolant temp from 73->109 deg within one data point. This could be the coolant sensor of the ECU input circuit. The fueling is all way too lean. The TPS is producing weird outputs at low throttle openings. In your earlier log, fans running all the time is normally the ECU in limp home mode due to a memcal error. My best guess is the ECU/memcal and/or poor earthing of the ECU which is quite common. The ECU has several earth leads and they have to be very good, issue in this area can often lead to intermittent faults. Did the ECU log an error codes, check with Freescan ?
  6. I have a couple of bespoke resistors that someone may find useful. I will offer then on first come basis. Resistor 1. I am sure many of you have noticed that the Delco/Moraine ABS system on the SE and S4, S4s is far from ideal. Have you experience the pedal pressure disappear on under fairly aggressive braking or even under mild braking on a bumpy road in the braking zone. If you upgraded your brakes then the ABS becomes even more intrusive and under ideal dry road conditions you will not get optimum breaking with the ABS on. I copied a design that Mark Weins in California has developed. The best solution to improve brake feel is to disable the ABS solenoids. The way to do this with getting a ABS warning light is to essentially "fake" the ABS computer into thinking the solenoids are still connected. To do this, you can add a simple two-resistor module in place of each of the three solenoids. All other ABS checking functions are still working. I have available a set of 2 of these resistors that I removed from my car before the sale. I only want a few
  7. Yes, sadly lost to the UK. I was surprised there not more interest from the UK. The German guy was the first to see it. The car was running fantastically well and I had spent over 30 hours fully detailing the bodywork. It could not fault it in any way.
  8. Paul, Yes exactly. You just press the new EPROM chip into the holder and then pop it in the ECU. When I first started chip tuning 8 years ago I could not bring myself to desolder the original EPROM from by original memcal knowing that if anything went wrong the car was scrap. That us why I have held on to these for all these years.
  9. yes, car is sold. The buyer paid
  10. I imported this last year from the US and never got round to fitting it. The idea is to do away with all this chip swapping on the memcal. You can dynamically change the code through the usb port on PC. So if anyone wants to go down the chip tuning route on a (SE, S4, S4s, GT3) I would be more than happy to help them set this up on their car.
  11. I am having a clear out of all my spare parts as I sold my Esprit today. The first batch of listings have just gone on ebay. More to come in the next few days. Because they are so rare I though I would alert you all to the fact that I have just put 2 memcals for the 4 cylinder GMP4 ECU (SE, S4, S4s, GT3) up for sale on ebay. These are extremely rare and I know of the existence of no others. I came across then about 7-8 years ago and have kept them save until now. If these were ever to fail on a car then it would be the end, that is why I have kept them until now. I have even sent one to a GM ECU specialist to see it they could duplicate the firmware and the knock filter circuit on the board and the they were unable to do as these are unique to the Esprit. One is original, which I can erase and reflash with new code. The other is already modified and ready to take a new chip.
  12. I would be happy to do this. The only problem is that I cannot drive at the moment. I have partially torn my Achilles tendon playing squash. I am in a plastic boot for 4-6 weeks. So we could delay for a bit, or someone drive me to a venue. Of course reading the Freescan manual from cover to cover would be compulsory prior reading !!
  13. I have interest from a German vendor. He wants to come on fly over on Saturday and if car checks out he will pay cash and drive it to the ferry !!! I am just trying to do some due diligence. The chap I spoke to is a trader acting for the vendor who is also coming. The trader has a website which lists UK sourced sports cars including another Esprit (T329 JCL). Anyone know it?;tabNumber=1 My immediate reaction is a scam but it is all checking out so far. One thing I have established today with Barclays is that they cannot verify Euro notes at pay in. It takes 2 weeks so there is no way I am accepting euros if he wants to drive it way on Saturday. Dermot
  14. I agree with Bibs. Use the correct oil for the application (engine and gearbox) and decent fuel and you will have no problems. Fuel additives are a total rip-off
  15. All traces of the one I was referring too have been deleted of the Pistonheads and Club Scuderia site, I presume to help stablise the market. It was a well known owner, concours condition, guy needed out of it. I read on one thread he bought it a just over a year ago for
  16. I very much welcome all your comments. The purpose of the thread is to flesh out the pros and cons and give me a reality check. The car is not for sale yet, that decision will only be taken after due and careful consideration and if I can find a car that exceeds what I have in my garage at the moment. I could afford a very nice F360 (for example I could have had a red 2002 360 F1 this week for
  17. My head is spinning at the moment trying the decide if I should contemplate selling the old girl (I mean my motor !). I don't need to sell it, she is a beauty and it is a phenomenon to drive. On the flip side; I have had it nearly 10 years it is now completely sorted and I have a
  18. Brian, If you email me directly at <[email protected]> I will discuss the problems highlighted your log file. Can I put a plug in for the Freescan manual it does try to help owners trace there own faults
  19. Bob, If you email me directly at <[email protected]> I will discuss the problems highlighted your log file. Can I put a plug in for the Freescan manual it does try to help owners trace there own faults
  20. Nigel, Get yourself a new O2 sensor. Do NOT buy a generic one, get it from a lotus independent or dealer. It will cure your problem.
  21. In my experience the quote for a repair will be more the price of a new one less the memcal. South West Lotus near you have them for about
  22. If people want to have an proper discussion of this topic then we need some facts. What turbo are talking about ? what is the compressor housing, what is the trim of the compressor wheel, what is the A/R of the exhaust turbine. Once you have that data you can look up the compressor map for that turbo configuration. Then you figure out where you are running on that map at maximum boost across the rpm range. For example, you need to check that you are not on the wrong side of the surge line, choke line or maximum permissible speed. Have you moved way outside the recommended efficiency zone on the compressor maps. You need to consider all this before you can choose the correct turbo for your application. The link below is a nice tool and it will show you if you are operating outside the recommended parameters for you setup. For a stock S4 turbo use the T3-40 map and for a stock S4s use the T3-45 map.
  23. There is no evidence on any fuel delivery issues in the log file. The BLM cell values are well below 128 at all the key load points.
  24. The O2 data in the csv file is real time voltage output. It is a narrow band sensor so it the voltage swings are what you looking at rather than trying to convert the voltage to a A/F figure. The A/F field is a desired or target value and should be ignored. Your O2 output does not look too bad. You are getting peak boost at 3300rpm which is pretty good. I have compared your logfile to another very good stock GT3 and the boost curves are very similar. Is your problems below 3000 rpm ? this is an area where a GT3 can feel very lacking, and 10% decrease in cc. show up.
  25. Danny, If you want to learn about this stuff the Freescan manual available from LEW is a start. It will give you the basics and tell you what all the sensors reading should be. Your log looks fine. I am not sure what you are concerned about. MAP = Baro only when the ign is on but the engine if off. MAT are reasonable for the weather and the boost you are getting. You are getting about 1 bar peak boost but the turbo is struggling to hold it at high rpm.
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