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  1. Back to Lotus ownership after a few years since the Evora. Bought a new Elise Sport 220 a few weeks ago and so far it’s been great. One thing that worries me a bit is a sharp electrical noise coming from the engine bay. Very noticeable in the cabin while driving below 4K rpm. I made a recording of it and was wondering, is this normal or really a reason to be concerned. Especially the clicking noise makes it sound as a fault electric. Here’s the recording video:
  2. Squadra T

    Squadra T

  3. Heads up guys. Evora is fixed and the damage was limited to only the battery. So big relief. Still don't understand why the emergency cord for the trunk didn't work... The dealer told me he had no trouble opening it when the car arrived at his place
  4. Thank you so much guys for all your suggestions and tips. Status update after an afternoon of trying to get some life in the Evora: - Multimeter test on cigarette lighters and interior light: nothing - Had someone come over with a booster and connected that on the cigarette lighter: nothing - If you plugged in my battery charger in the cigarette lighter at the front and the booster in the cig lighter at the back the vent of the heater started working! No other electronics working though, and battery not charging.... - Fiddled around with the emergency boot release and the boot lid to n
  5. Hi Ramjet. What do you mean? I have no access to the engine at all. Thanks for all the tips guys. I will continue troubleshooting tomorrow based on your input!
  6. I've been trying working the trunk lid while pulling the cable as well with the brother in law... Read somewhere you have to pull the cable fairly hard and trust me I think I've been pulling it even too hard.
  7. Hi Ramjet - no surge protection on my starter cables. I've been trying to charge for more then an hour now with the ignition on, but my charger stays in "error" mode and does not start charging. The manual of the charger I have says the error mode means either bad polarity or not connected. The ignition key has two steps. I have it in the second step. Don't know whether that makes any difference? Would connecting a battery booster to the cigarette lighter help better?
  8. But the battery is so flat I don't even have ignition. Or would it still help turning the key?
  9. Today I wanted to use the Evora for the first time after several winter weeks. I had lent my battery charger to someone else so it was flat. So flat that I couldn't even open the trunk anymore with the remote. So I opened the trunk with the emergency cable in the back. Started the car with starter cables and when driving away immediately noticed there was a problem. Engine warning lights lid on dashboard, IPS stuck in 3rd gear, and couldn't even rev it above 1500 rpm... Called the dealer and he told me this could be because the battery had gone fully flat and it may need some more charging
  10. Does anybody know whether the ISOFIX points are in a 2+0? Would be great if I could just fix a child seat using ISOFIX in the 2+0. Thanks!
  11. Hi, They installed a software update on mine last week that fixed the problems. I hope it stays OK! Thanks for sharing your experience, Squadra T
  12. Hi, We just did the checkup / service you are supposed to do at 1500 km. Was fairly expensive. Do all dealers charge this? Somewhere I expected this to part of the purchase price but that was probably naive. Kind Regards, - Tom A.
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