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  1. Hi Guys im not sure if it was me polishing the car with a new poilisher or is it alternating temperatures ? im going to get it resprayed ? Is it better to have it done in an Oven or just spray the Laquer on after painting ? or do it with Two Pack ? id appreciate any views my email is [email protected] thank you Lads
  2. Hi guys im trying to get two window motors for my 1993 Esprit can anyone help ?i think they are made by DELCO or can anyone tell me a compatible type thanks Randal [email protected] thanks
  3. Hi guys can anyone tell me are there any other compatible window motors as when we mention Lotus we get ripped off by the price ? so ie heard someV Volo,Honda etc will do but im not sure which model of which car will fit my 1993 turbo so you can email me at [email protected] i hope someone will know thankyou, Randal
  4. Guys can anyone tell me what type of a new Distributor cap,rotor arm ,points for 1992 S2 2300cc ?would there be a number on the Distributor shaft or where would i look ? Also is there a Haynes works manual for sale or similar ? thanks guys
  5. Hi Guys my esprit is a 1992 s3 and when i try to start my car it tries to start and ie never once used the choke as it usually started Now the car runs the battery down very quickly and as i use a jump start it fires up in half a turn ?the battery when metered is 12 volts then when started its charging at 14 volts ,The battery is either not holding a full charge or is it a fuel problem ,?can anyone tell me how many fuel filters are there ?if any and should i renew the tubing in case of a leak ? Also is there anywhere to get an ECU cable local as £80 seems exspensive ? thanks guys hardluck09
  6. Hi Guys i bought saturn lamps from Holden,s and i found out i had to buy the backing bowl as it had the adusting and fixing brackets,but the bowl doesnt fit into the lotus hole so i cut the front off at the required angle and mounted it with a tuffnell spacing block which i had to cut and shape ,now im thinking of getting two more lamps for the side lights and putting 60 watt bulbs as the Dip on the esprit is not good ,it is either this or buy a new complete replacement set from C,Niel motors chesire at about £300 From holdens it works out at 40 per lamp so maybe the kit is easier to fit and less hassle ,anyone with any suggestions as i need to buy two Dip lamps complete or buy the two plus backing pots ,any idea,s welcome my email is [email protected] thanks
  7. Hi Guys ,whatever you do Avoid the GREE INSURANCE as i got a quote for my 2.0 Esprit for £380 and then found out they say they Insure Classic Cars and they even asked me was i a member of any car clubs ? it turned out they only insure it as an old car ,i took the case to the Financial Ombudsman and got £200 back even though i asked several times did they insure classic cars so beware Lads , Randal
  8. on the subject of headlights,Are they cibie lamps and can i buy Backing cups,adjusters [nylon] and 3xBolts to hold them any help as to the cheapest way to repair or fit as ive 4 x 100 watt bulbs ,i hope you can help thanks guys Randal
  9. i searched around for parts for my 1993 se turbo i found Dorset Autospares i bought brake pads front and rear £47.00 delivered to Northern Ireland the front are for toyota celica ,and the rear renault alpine,talbot,and esprit also i bought plugs 7811bp6es so i hope the heat range will be ok ,also i bought two H4 100w i know theyre not for road use but ill keepthe old h4,s for M.O.T and oil filters and air filters off HOLDEN SPARES I have these all for service and as ive a broken Neck i have good days and bad weeks but sure it will keep the mileage down lol i hope IAN some of this will be ok for you im randal or [hardluck09] as my compo went from £500,000 to a whiplash as cancer set into a bone but im grand and love the club ,as i used to roadrace bikes in all the major IRISH races and as my A.T.M Closed my now ex wife went out and the Esprit was a good replacement its 1993 se turbo so im afraid of any major probs as i used to do all my tuneing but now i can give orders yours in sport Randal [hardluck09] Good one Paul as i bought two silver with lotus badge £20 waisted didnt fit i need an old black origional one Randal [hardluck09]
  10. Name: Lotus Esprit Turbo SE (1993) Date Added: 21 August 2011 - 01:55 AM Owner: hardluck09 Short Description: genuine car hardluck09 View Vehicle
  11. Hi guys i like reading things as its how to learn about the Esrit,s do i need a special cable to connect my laptop to the car or do i need a special computer like my brother would use as hes an auto spark [a bright spark i call him lol] so any info would be appreciated thanks hardluck09 Randal
  12. Hi I had a flat battery and as ive a broken neck i thought instead of takeing it out and chargeing it and hurting my neck lying in bed sedated for 10 days ,i thought run the exstension cable out to the boot and charge it,so i removed the live and charged the battery then connected it up and went to try to start it and no power at all .The car has a thatcham alarm and the red light was flashing on and off before i did this so did the central locking,i noticed before reconnection the live had fell over and rested on the crocodile clip,so now i have no light flashing ,I THOUGHT A FUSE or what else can it beor has the alarm tripped and thats why theres no power can anyone sugest to try the next step ? i am able to walk etc but bending under the dash etc is difficult
  13. BiBs Hi thanks for sorting my questions out,im new to the forum and if i have any questions do i go to the ESPRIT forum and type it?ill try to put my chasis number on the list,i ordered a works manual off ebay but never got it so ill chase it up ,THE FREE ECOSCAN WHAT IS IT ,do i down load it as i want to be knowledgeable of my car,I saw some GUYS REBUILT MARTIN DONNELLY,S CAR wow to live miracle

  14. well thank god to see a Driver not a poser ,he wants to win and id say he would ditch vettel if given a chance ,when the reds go out you dont take prisoners ,i remember his overturning at the nuremburgh ring and i think had he known Vettel got the update that arrived before he re-signed he would have been harder to sign a contract or look towards another team ,I remember the late Tom Herron riding a works suzuki in Argentina and out qualifying Sheene he happened to walk back in to the tent and his engine was being taken out for Barry he lifted a shifting spanner and was going to kill all around him needless to say he kept his set up, its difficult to know where mark would go with his age and he needs to be number one driver
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