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  1. HI ,just been reading this thread and I see that I was writing on this thread back in 2011 when I had my S1,Wow.Since then I sold it to a collector in the USA which help me fund a house build and buy a Stevens X180 Turbo.I have never been without an Esprit but for the last 8 years I have lost my mojo. Anyway I was in the process of selling my latest Esprit and packing it all in, but I've called the deal off and I am about to order a two post ramp and take the body off and do a nut and bolt rebuild .On what I have investigated so far it looks quiet good .Last on the road in 92 and kept in a d
  2. Hi Wayne ,how's things in the Esprit world??

    I have the winter blues and have put my green Esprit on Car and Classic and I am in talks with an enthusiastic Esprit owner. If I am offered a reasonable price for it would you be interested for me to let you know what i might let it go for ?? . So I could offer it to you as you do such a good job on rebuilding them.  I think that as I'm getting on a bit I can.t see me having the enthusiasm that I used to.

    Otherwise Cheers.



    1. top-plumber


      Hey Paul, nice to hear from you. Hope you are well also. All good in lotus esprit land 😂

      bit surprised you want to sell the S3. Biggest question is how much. 
      needs a total resto doesn’t it? 
      running gear and engine minimum. 
      It’s all about the price fella. 
      got to be under 8k to make it worth while for me. 
      let me know your thoughts. 
      all the best


    2. espritmania


      Hi Wayne , glad to hear things are good on the Esprit front. I must admit you do an excellent job of restoring them.

      I'd just thought I'd take a punt and see what happens , I soon come to my sences. I'll mull over it . I think I would need a bit more than  what your offering, but i won't rule it out. I have a lot more time now we have restructured the business but i still do not have the enthusiasm  I used to and I know that you would do a fantastic resto on the Esprit.Yes you are right the engine would need a complete strip down ,clean and rebuild, a piece of cake to you. I,ll let you know and I.ll give you first shout if I decide to sell it.

      Cheers Paul. 







  3. I hope somebody snapped this Esprit up from the LEF.They only made three and they were used fot the CEO.s of the company I believe. I wold have bought it but was too slow. I had firm buyers for mine but why put the money in the bank and look for a classic car to invest it in so it can go up in value . So I have decided to keep it ,I must have nuts !! Body coming off this winter and a money no object full resto planned.
  4. Hi,yes the Green S3 is mine .It has A full service history,a Lotus cert of provenance,Lotus history (was a used by the Lotus CEO Mr T Enrite.) Everything is standard ,no cuts or Marks.The interior is as new and I know how quick they can deteriorate ever the doors close perfectly,the lights are good (no rust),the fuel tanks are good(no rust). The chrome work around the front and rear glass is in fantastic cond.The paint work is very good.. What I like about this model is simplicity of the mechanics (no turbo ,no ECU) I have had a lot of Esprits and this model was my favorite
  5. Ok,next step for the ultimate Esprit is Sport 300 bucket  seats,the latest V8/gt3 dash and instruments,Oh and the last thing,sellingit back to me.Heh-Heh.

  6. espritmania

    IMG 0457[1]

    That's more like it ,wheel arches and an S4 spoiler.Got rid of that crappy S4 spoiler then?
  7. S3 ,Altaire green with green leather and green carpets.unmolested as new,never been repaired or renewed.
  8. espritmania

    S1 value

    Sold mine for about £20,000 four years ago to a collector in the US.
  9. Hi ,thinking of lifting the body off my s3 for a full mechanical resto.Has anybody done this on here and are there any useful links to any handy tips .Thanks.
  10. In my experience if you buy an Esprit that is not running you will be buying trouble,but saying that the price reflects this.The bodywork and int looks good. Mechanics are easy to fix though.
  11. Went up the week before,very qiuet,lots of people running about though??
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