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  1. Have they ever sold anything?????????????They seem to be a rip off,I priced some parts and they were cheaper new.Where do they get there idea of what the parts cost.
  2. Thanks.I have never come across one with such good interior.I bought my S1 when it was seven years old and the interior was f%%ked. I just bought a Landrover Disco which is seven years old and the whole car is immaculate.
  3. Hi,I am thinking of putting up my S3 for sale. It was originally a Lotus company car for two years and was given to Mr Tim J Entright to use.Two years later it was sold to the Lotus car co ant then sold on to the person I purchased it from.It was last used 20 years ago and has been stood in a barn since. As you can see the interior is immaculate ,everything is original with only 23000 miles from new,the bodywork is in fantastic condition as well is the glass and chrome trim, original wheels and tires.I have never seen another like this.I have a cert of provenance with all the details about
  4. Saw it last at the Weston super Mare airday.
  5. So the mystery unfolds,there seems to be a Colin Chapman connection after all ?
  6. Hi ,I have been doing some research on a Lotus Esprit that i own and have now a cert of provenance. From new it was used as a Lotus company car for two years and was singed to A Mr T Enright. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Weather looking good.
  8. Speedo will need refurbing,I went sent to NO text as of yet.I will check my number. It seems to me I'd be better off putting all the old stuff back on and selling it for the same price and advertising it as a barn find??
  9. Hi Barry ,will phone tomorrow.
  10. Why do Esprits for sale have issues when they are sold??? I have an S4 that I have for sale with no issues at all that is for sale on here. Not fuessd at selling it though and only to an entheuast.
  11. Ditto.Nice to see old faces and lots of fantastic Loti,Look forward to the next do. ( Oh by the way it was me that gave Laura the £20 for full membership) Went round the museum as well .What a day.
  12. Thanks Ian ,will be taking a leisurely drive up at about 9am,wills see you there then .
  13. Have you got a six month warranty?? Unless the fuel tanks are new.They will probably be rotten.
  14. Hi about to start my next Esprit project.I have slight pitting on the front wings ,it is the laquer.Can or has anybody rubbed this down and relaquerd this or is a front end respray the best option..
  15. like I said fuel tanks will probably be on there last legs.
  16. Would you Adam and Eve it,somebody wants to look at my car which is for sale.If it sells I think I will sell it after Brooklands.
  17. Who's going to Brooklands next month??
  18. Three cheers for the fast forward button.I can record it and watch some paint drying instead. Going to watch the WEC at Silverstone is cheaper and a lot more interesting.
  19. Yep,same as SW Lotus But the mesh in the air vents are fitted.
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