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  1. Hi Dave,my Lotus is a 1977 original S1,it,s first registration was 600LOT and it was the Bell & Coalvil turbo development car( it had the turbo removed but you can see by the cut outs in the body where it was fitted) . The interior is in magnolia leather which I had done approx 4 yrs ago,it was quite expensive ,so you can see I look after it a lot.the original was brown & beige,it was rotten.I use the car nearly every day thus I wanted an interior that was up to date and I would enjoy.Paul G
  2. hI all S1 owners(see Paul Godfrey,s Esprit on Guigiaro owners page) .I have had my S1 since 1984 when I was 21 ,it will hit 100,000 miles early next year. I have coverd over70,000 miles and I still have no hearing problems I am usually the only white S1 at the Lotus shows,I always look forward to a chat see you next year.Happy Lotus Christmas.Paul Godfrey.
  3. Tis ashame ,went on my own again.The lone Espriter.
  4. Any S1 Esprits going to Stonleigh? Once again I will be taking mine,I will place my mob no on the binnical, Give me a phone we can compare headache tablets? Paul Godfrey.
  5. Fingers crossed ,see you in the services car park 7.15/7.30 (white S1)
  6. Hi ,anybody travelling up the M5 on Sun ,I can meet At Gordano Services(Jct 19) .Thanks Paul G .S1
  7. Hi ,anybody travelling up the M5 on Sun ,I can meet At Gordano Services(Jct 19) .Thanks Paul G .S1
  8. Mark,where are you,if you are not too far away i could see if I can have a look at it with you.Paul Godfrey.See Esprit Owners .
  9. i now have two esprits an s1 and an x180 turbo, thanks now the engine is cold with the air con switched on the fans now work?
  10. When I got home today I checked with the aic con on and the fans are all dead.The running temp is 85 to 95 is this Ok. Paul
  11. When I switch the air con on ,the rad fans do not work ,thus the fan fail light.Has anybody any idea in which area I should look?Paul G Problem sorted,it turned out to be the fan relay.I have fitted a new one and everything is fine.When the fans were on for a while the relay heated up and then cut out untill it cooled and then worked again ,wierd ??Thanks for your help Paul Godfrey
  12. Can anyone help,I am possibly looking for a replacement gearbox for my 180 Turbo.Thanks Paul G.
  13. Hi,I have completed a part restoration on an X180 Turbo.Now that it has been MOT'd I seem to have a slight metallic whine fron the gear box,but only when you take your foot off the throttle and I have no whine in fifth at all? The linkage is new but the cables are old and the gear change is the worst I have ever come accross.I have a gut feeling that it is out of ajdustment.Any comments? Thanks Paul.
  14. 1.Paul G 2.white S1 3.Double room 4.Hotel would be nice 5.Weston super Mare 6.Due to business commitments Ican only make weekends 141&142
  15. As you gather I am refubishing an X180,I have a front ind lens which is cracked,does any one know if this belongs to any other cars? Paul G.
  16. Hi, I am having trouble bleeding my new brake set up,any suggestions. Thanks Paul.
  17. Hi ,getting on quite well with my X180 restoration.I am nearly ready to fire her up but I have come across more snags,firstly I am connecting up all the electronics if I had taken them apart it would be no problem,but I did not.There five sets or clusters of connections from the boot panel that join to the corresponding set on the drivers side naer the rear wheel, I can only find four connectors.The one that is not there is the twin purple T shaped connector ( which is the Longest) I have been told that it around the purge pump,could it be redundant on this model,believe you me I have looked
  18. Hi, I have an Esprit X180 for restoration. I have two problems to sort out,firstly the starter motor disengages but will not switch off ,help. Paul.
  19. I now know why my brake cables will not fit the rear brakes on my X180,they are not the original ones they are brembo,the cables fit forward rather than aft,therefore the the short cable now fits on the long side no problem.Does anybody know if cables can be shortned,if this is possible then I will be OK,if not Iam knackerd?Secondly in my effort to fit the cables I have squeezed one of the hand brake calipers closed and now it only return to half it's position.the brakes are new ,I have no details of the interoir of the brakes and I do not want to brake them.Any help would be greatly apprecia
  20. Hi , I have purchased an X180 for restoration. The rear break cables are not connected,on myS1 they connect fron the rear, on the 180 it looks as if the cables have to double back on themselves,is this right? Thanks Paul G.
  21. Hi,I have aStephens X180 and I am possibly going to fit 300S wheel arches .I do not if this is possible.ANy advise would be geat. Paul.
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