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  1. Hi,If you don't get any luck i have the front spoiler which fits the S4,s4s and ealry V8's .It is in azure blue and in vgc.Cheers Paul.
  2. Non,I have a drivers side exit decat sport exhaust.
  3. Booked on the calender then.See you there,weather permitting.I presume that you have OZ Saturn's on at the moment?
  4. No ,the one at Queens Square.Second Sunday of the month.
  5. Ha,Ha ,very funny.Going to try to make super car Sunday.Are you about.??
  6. Tis Mine and it#s advertised on here.
  7. Mine is going on the road 1st March.2007 black HSE 80,000 miles,FSH.New cam belt and compressor.£12,000.Upgraded LED lights Disco 4 grill and colour coded arches.
  8. A question,I am thinking of buying a Disco 3 HSE.Does anybody know of a specialist where I can get some wheel arches.I am looking for a place like SJ sportcars for Landrovers..Cheers Paul.
  9. Blow me down with a feather,been doing research into changing my Freelander for a discovery or a range rover.I am heading towards a discovery though.Nothing wrong with the freelander just fancy a change.
  10. George kingsley garage has reduced the yellow S4 on Ebay by £1000.00
  11. I was in the same boat,doing up a house costs spiraling as usual .Car stuck in the garage because all the time was spent on the house.So decided to advertise it not expecting to sell it (you know what I mean,just to get it out of my system). A collector from the USA phoned me up and A deal was done before I could change my mind. The short story is yes i am sad i sold my S1 but I paid off some of the mortgage and now have an S4 Esprit and also by luck an ultra rare Altaire green Esprit S3 .So I am quite happy still.
  12. Don't tell me about it,bought one for my S1 Esprit from a local motor factor,didn't fit quite was expensive,then found the right one one SJ's website a lot cheaper.Talk about fuel pump rip off!!
  13. I think what would make this car fantastic is the St Tropez look .That would scare the pants off me.
  14. Mmmm,Thatchers cider,one of my five a day.
  15. On looking at the drivers side door I presume that the paint sprayer was not a professional ???????
  16. Wow!! Aladdins cave.I'd love it but phew what a lot of parts..
  17. You haven't got more problems with that S4s ?
  18. Ctek is a full battery charger as well,seem good value.
  19. Hi,my horn has just stopped working,I have had the binnacle off whilst fitting my recon speedo,I have had the seat out while I was fannying around under the dash.I believe that there is an in line fuse under the dash(scuttle beam).Has anybody a photo of the offending part or where is it exactly.Cheers.
  20. I have a battery kill switch,will this upset the ECU
  21. Hmm,can,t seem to stop thinking about it.I have asked Jim if he can get me some more photos of the cart .I have a car trailer but would need extra manpower,thanks for your offer.We will just have to wait and see what happens.
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