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  1. Topic says it all,Speedo jumping all over the shop.I have read how to get the binnacle off,that was really helpful,undone the speedo cable and bracket.I assume that that speedo body pushes through.At the moment it will not budge.Has anybody removed a speedo this way ??Thanks Paul G..
  2. New tensioner bearing fitted. Might pop into Sj sportcars and get it checked.
  3. No ,turned out that the crank seal was leaking,it was uncanny that it happened at the same time that i filled the gearbox.Also a big thanks Travis for that easy fix of the leaking elbow on the MAP sensor,it was and with a new elbow it is now perfect.
  4. All sorted,just had to put the pins in and silicone them,drysabone.Cheers.
  5. Hi, new belt one month ago,does the noise whilst stationary.I have a gut feeling that it is the alternator.
  6. Hi,just working through some niggles after recommissioning my S4 Esprit,now that I am driving it all the time I have noticed a noise emanating from the rear drivers side,when it warms up I can hear a noise like an electric fan has been switched on which seems to get louder, I have a feeling that it could be the alternator bearing.Has anybody had this??
  7. What the hell has happened to that silver GT3 ???
  8. I see stevestrange007 is breaking another esprit then.I think that I might break mine,that will make it worth at least £50,000 . His second hand prices are astronomical ,I have a spare rear valance I am looking for offers in the region of £50.00 he wants £350.00 .WOW!!
  9. Hi,I have just finished a marathon rebuild on my S4 Esprit.The water system was red rusty,I have cleaned and unblocked the heater rad and all the hoses.Now that I am running the car I have noticed that when the rad fans cut it(which is pretty quick) they take a long time to cool the water down.I have a snaeky feeling that the veins are blocked with rust and sludge.Has anybody used a rad flush,are they effective?? Cheers Paul G.
  10. Classidfied ads?? You seem to be fightihg this one all the way.
  11. Here's some pictures of my S4 that I have been doing up for the past two years,I have spent a fortune on it .It is finished and true to Lotus my new front crank seal is fu22ing leaking,so I am just going to put up with the leak and fix it in the Autumn. I have had a lot of Esprits in my time and by far the S4 is the best.I have removed that awful spoiler that should have been shot at birth,albeit effective looks crap from any angle I was thinking of fitting the S4s spoiler but I think I will run it without a spoiler and maybe fit it when I sell it ,I have fitted some Oz Saturn's which I bo
  12. Hi,It's a bitch of a job.Did both of mine with the engine out and it was still a pain.
  13. My S4 is finished,thinking of going this July.Anybody interested??
  14. Changed the oil ,holding my breath but not leaking so far.First day with my Esprit after two slow years of doing it up and I am effing loving it.
  15. Ok ,new seals,Sj sport cars,so no issue there .Going to drain oil and fill with 10w 60 which I should have done in the first place.Crank has been polished.0w40 is like water.I will let you know how it goes for future reference.
  16. No,it looks like it's leaking out the front and rear,they are both new and the rear fitted with the tool.
  17. Hi,just put a new crank seal in because the old one started to leak.Before the leak I changed the oil with Mobile one from Halfords.I did not read the spec untill now,I had 10w/60,I have noticed that I have put in 0w/40 .could this be a problem?? Cheers Paul G.
  18. Just done both fuel tanks ,made me sweat my nuts off with the engine out!!
  19. Why are you spending a fortune on a car you just paid a fortune for??(Sorry if I am on the wrong thread)
  20. Hi Vanya,things are good,all fixed,crank seal done and gearbox back in just got to do a front wheel hub and bearing which i will do next week,No expense has been spared on this refurbishment,I am lucky that things are going well now and the kids have grown up so I have more money to spend on my Loti.
  21. I think the car was on the South coast,I was going to look at it a few years ago,I think it was outside but covered. Hope you have breakdown cover,always wise with an Esprit.I have just finished my S4 project and during the refurb,due to my own fault I have the engine out two times and the gearbox out three times I do enjoy getting my Esprits in good working order.
  22. It looks a bit tired and neglected interior and seats are well worn for a low mileage car.Bet it has not been used for a long time??
  23. I cannot believe that a dealer sold that in such an appalling state,it looks rotten underneath, did they not put it on a ramp?? I cannot believe that the bits that are not galvanized are sooo rusty.I know that this car was stood in a coastal area unused for years.
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