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  1. Can you ask for your money back?? Is it still under guarantee?? You seem to have had nothing but problems.
  2. Hi,mine is broken,I am looking for one as well.
  3. Bril,can post some pics when it's done.
  4. Straight through the MOT. Will take gearbox off this weekend,fit crank seal,new drive shaft seals,de-cat and new front and rear pads,job done.Going to use it for a bit then it will be up for sale to fund my S3 project.
  5. I see that there is supposedly a Sport300 for sale,Is this the only one with a removable roof??
  6. Hi,just to get you up to speed on my two year mission to boldly restore my S4 Esprit.I placed an advert on Pistonheads for an Esprit which needed some restoration work doing to it.Had a reply from somebody up the north of England who had an S4 in mustard yellow that belonged to her late husband.I could not not go and look at it because it was soo far away,so had to look at the pictures and agreed a price.It took myself and my wife a twelve hour round trip to bring it back to Weston s Mare. Ok then when we got it back I just put it away because I had also bought a black S4 which I sold to Top Plumber(sorry I could not make the Lotus do ,had to go to Venice,50th birthday).I was happy,i had my Esprit fix ,even if it was not on the road. I would work on it on and off.To give you an idea of the restoration ahead of me I started at the front and worked back replacing everything with new Lotus or top quality parts.Firstly the lights were rotten,so rotten that a previous owner in the past had unsealed the lights,stuck baco foil in them and then silicon-ed them back together ,so you can see the task I had ahead of me. Anyway fast forward to now,every thing has been replaced, I took the engine out and did all the ancillaries put the engine and the rings were stuck,so took the engine out and replaced all the worn bits inside and put it back in,a word to the wise,if you put a new rear crank seal in and then strip the engine down,replace that seal again it has just started leaking(will drop the gearbox and this weekend and fit a new one) Apart from that the car is fine and every thing now works,I have taken the S4 spoiler off and will be fitting and S4s spoiler,I will be fitting a composite roof and have fitted OZ Saturns.The front and rear bumpers heve been squeezed and although they are fine it gives me a good excuse to fit a Sport 300 kit.Watch this space???
  7. Gearbox seals fine ,crankshaft leaking ,will take it out and put a new on in.MOT next Monday.thanks.
  8. Probably going to get SJ,s to do it,will take it out and will drop it down.
  9. I have drained my gearbox to find it had only 1 litre in it,put 3 litres in and now find that I have gearbox oil leaking from the bellhousing,as I am still installing the engine everything is free and I can whip the box out pretty quick ,is it easy to fit an input seal or would it be better to drop it down to a specialist,cheers.
  10. Map sensor elbow cracked and vacuum pipe was not on,now does not stall and drives around the yard fine,now need to sort out the problem with the gearbox seals.I will start a new thread,thanks.
  11. HI,is there a cross refrence for the coil packs. I have put the engine back in again after full strip down.New leads plugs ect. Starts up from cold fine,within 5 mins will suddenly stop,but will always start then progressively run rougher with hardly any power,I am driving it round my works yard it definitely could not go on the road yet.Ideas on this on ???
  12. It would not budge,filled it from the reverse switch with a funnel and a piece of pipe.
  13. A friend is dropping one off on Sat.I might put a bit of heat on it first.
  14. Hi it seems to have installed itself through the back door,I have looked it up and I cannot remove it on the uninstall program .It is really annoying me,Help!!
  15. Hi,I can undo the drain plug but at the moment I cannot undo the filler plug,can it be filled from the reverse switch hole.Thanks.
  16. I first attended it in the 80's whith my white S1 Esprit,never felt that welcolme with Club lotus numbers have declined every year.The best do I went to was the one run by LEW a few years back when we had a talk with the Ex Lotus F1 driver,that was brill.I desperatley wanted to go to the Lotus Forums do but had to go to Venice for a 50th.Can't wait for the next one.
  17. Went to Dartmouth last week for a holiday,but alas the joys of running your own business meant a bit of tooing and frowing back to Weston s Mare. On the last day there I was thinking to myself that doing 700 miles on the m/way I have not seen a single Esprit,then on Saturday,while on the way back,in a monsoon a Burgundy V8 Esprit passed me northbound.Fantastic,made my day.
  18. I remember that car,it was for sale a few years ago,I don't know if it helps but I believe that it was not garaged and was off the road for years but was started up on occasions .Lovely car.
  19. I presume I am looking for 10,5 j17 for the rear.What are the other measurements that i need (hole size and centres) Also are they compatible with any other cars.Do you think as they are split rims I could mix and match with other OZ barrels.Cheers Paul.
  20. What a fantastic transformation,I am nearly at this stage with my S4.It will eventually need a respray and I am still thinking of fitting the 300 sport kit.This has inspired me to continue the project.(If only I can get the wheels)
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