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  1. If you don,t buy can you let us know,I now need another project.I haven,t taken an engine out for at least a month!!
  2. Price now reduced on Autotrader.
  3. Sounds like a knightmare,aviod it.
  4. Sell it,before they come to their sences
  5. Has anybody gone to look at this one?
  6. How about an engine that doesn't leak oil from the cams!!
  7. Well I,ll be refraining from doing that to the S4 spoiler,just going in the bin instead,gonna have an S4s spoiler instead.
  8. It's in good nick,in Azure blue.Do I need to primer it or just rub down and spray it with halfords gloss black?
  9. Hi,I was going to get my roof wrapped in gloss black as well as the rear spoiler,the chappie said that the spoiler could be quite hard.Would it be quite easy to spray it my self?? Any tips would be handy.Thanks.
  10. keep looking on Ebay,somebody put one on for a £75.00 buy now price,I bought it .It was only on for five minutes .
  11. Hi Wayne,I bought some OZ six spoke alloys on E bay.They had a new set of Eagle F1's on them,I had the same problem with the fronts.So I bought some new F1's the same profile as on my S4 wheels.They look fine and don't rub .Job done.
  12. Hi,I have just seen an add on a German web site(the same one with the Spanish Sport300),it sounds very interesting.I have tried to translate it but it came up with gobbledygook.Can anybody on here translate is please.Paul G.
  13. Saw this Esprit for years ago,I my opinion the ultimate esprit.Oh well if you decide to sell one day can you put me at the top of the list.Thanks Paul G.(obviously the ultra ultimate is a mustard sport 300)
  14. I wonder what happens when you get back to the UK and try to regested it?
  15. Might see if that sport 300 is still for sale,but would like to know the pitfalls first.
  16. Hi,possibly thinking of buying a Lotus from Spain.Has anybody had experiences of this and what are the costs.Cheers.
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