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  1. You will need to check the cam banks for oil leaks,usually the exhaust side which drips on the the ex manifold.
  2. If I had the money I,d buy Ricks any time over a garage any day,give him a phone,
  3. Hi,why do you not contact Rick Edwards,he has an Esprit S4s for sale on the classifieds here,he is in Torquay.Look at what he has had just done to it.He is an enthusiast not like a garage who will love you and leave you??
  4. You could also print a clutch alingment tool.What about the crank shaft seal tool.I'd definitely be interested in those.
  5. No Esprit had a sun roof untill the full one fitted to the S3.
  6. The problem is that you hasve to spend a lot of dosh to get it back to original,more expence.Who wants an Esprit which is non standard.
  7. Hmmm,my guess is £6200 topps. I think when I sell my Esprit I will leave it in a barn for a year and double my money.
  8. Thanks,I will let you know.I just need the piece that the two pipes connect to ,it's only held on with three screws.
  9. Hi,just reconditioned my chargecooler pump and have a leak from the pipe inlets (corroded) can you get this piece or does any body have an old one that they would like to part with.Thanks Paul.
  10. Thought about buying that one when it was for sale before,I think it went for £18,000ish I believe.Tasty profit for a respray. Fantastic colour though.Oh well ,have to buy a lottery ticket this week then. Sorry,can't stop looking at it.Looks effin awesome,
  11. First thing that put me off was the mirrors are wrong.To sort them is going to cost an arm and a leg alone.
  12. It must be purchased by an Esprit virgin.To do that properly you are going to going to need to spend £3000 to £4000 and that's doing it yourself.Fair play seller you had a good sell on that one,(if it goes through that is )
  13. Where is it best to bleed these pipes? Does anyone know if there are pictures posted on the forum? Thanks.
  14. Hi,engine now purring nicely.The next job is to get hot air out of the heater. I have run the engine up to temp and the heater is stone cold.Can anybody please tell me the procedure to take to get this working again.Thanks Paul g.(1994 S4 Esprit)
  15. Sorry ,not paraffin something else that was used specially for that job.
  16. Yes,we found this in the compression test.
  17. OK,it transpired that when I gave the engine to my mechanic six months ago to tidy and clean it ready for refurbing .He decided to clean the bores and squirted so paraffin in to soak .Thus six months later when we tried to fire it up it was going past the clean rings and would only run on a weak mix.Strange but true.So to remedy this we took the spark plugs out and squirted some oil in the bores and it started instantly albeit smokey. Now running like a sewing machine.(a powerful one). Engine running well ,good gear change ,clutch like silk and rad fans working,all looking good.Will post pict
  18. Will let you know tomorrow,just back from darts and too tired.
  19. will let you know this week,probably test it Tuesday.
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