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  1. Hi,thinking of getting a trickle charger,I would rather pay a bit more and get a good one,any suggestions on this subject??
  2. N/A,it's not that it's the logistics,I think all the suspension is off,no steering ect.I think it will have to be craned /lifted on to a transporter.You will probably need a van as well to put all the bits in as well.Up near blackpool area.
  3. Made contact,nice chap,would like the car to be rebuilt .There seems to be boxes and boxes of stripped bits,even the dash has been stripped.I think that this would be a mammoth task to rebiuld in this condition.I am interested but I think that £3000.00 is too much for me,it is a shame because the parts are worth more alone.Let's hope the breaker who charges a fortune for parts does not get his hands on this one??
  4. Phoned,left a massage ,no reply yet.I would assume that he has more important things to do .
  5. Might phone tonight.Tis a shame that it is worth in parts than a complete car.Would be nice to see some more pics though.
  6. Just finished refurbing my S4,might be looking for another challenge?
  7. I believe that there is one on mobile D.E for sale in Germany.It has a removable composite roof but I gather that was still possible on a Sport 300.
  8. Hi,I have one from my S4 in vgc,is that what you're after?
  9. Well ,finished my S4 and this my next project.I bought this S3 a few years ago,what drew me to this one was the colour Altaire green with Green leather int ,in mint cond and everything standard.The car was driven into the last owners garage 19yrs ago and has stood there since.As you can see from some of the pics I have my work cut out.An interesting thing is that when I bought the car the owner ,who is the first by the way,bought the car from Lotus cars and was told that this was made to Colin Chapmans spec as was probably used by him.I am not sure on this but on searching the internet I found
  10. When I first had my S1 I used to sit on a cushion.There are some advantages to being small,when you fall over it doesn't hurt that much because you are nearer the ground.
  11. One I forgot to mention,I am only 5'6" ,the drivers seat has been raised 2" otherwise embarrassingly I cannot see over the steering wheel.I was going to show you the car if I had time when I was going to pick it up. I am doing a rolling restoration on it ,ironically this is what happens when you buy an Esprit they look good externally but internally they are a money pit .Well mine is the other way ,everything you cannot see has had £1000's spent on it ,but at the moment you would overlook it for an Esprit with a lovely body that is rotten underneath,and boy do I know. Anyway I am going to
  12. Yes,the joys of owning an Esprit,gone down to have the front crank seal changed.Speedo failed two weeks ago ,has been sent away and I have ready for refitting next week.
  13. Hi Rich,yep that,s what I am ollking for as well.Mine has just fallen to bits.
  14. It,s got 56,000 miles on the clock.I cannot believe anybody has the guts to drive it for that many miles ,please tell me that it was converted with 55990 miles on the clock.
  15. You hit the nail on the head there.Just finished my S4,running perfect,engine out twice,gearbox out three times during the rebould.
  16. Hi,yellow one sold for £7800 but now relisted,probably because of the cracked manifold perhaps??
  17. I might be down that way with my S4,if I am I'll give you a shout.
  18. Hi how far are you away from Exeter station??
  19. What I did was buy a 2.2 hc,rebuilt it and with a slight mod to the crank an the sump dropped it straight in,I even used the old distributor.I found that was the cheapest and quickest way of getting better performance.That way you can do up the 907 at your leisure and always refit it any time. The reason I did this was that I was fed up with a lovely looking car that had the performance of a Ford Escort,it was crap. When I fitted the HC engine it was instantly fantastic,it was as fast as the turbo but without all the turbo problems. Although i would say that I always took it steady on take
  20. Hi,does this lamp come from another car ?? mine is broken and I am looking for a replacement ,cheers.
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