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  1. Hi Richard,where are you in Somerset?

  2. Hi matey,I up near WsM ,when I down your neck of the woods I will give you a shout.You have a good car there .The 2.2 Hc is the best of the early shape Esprits.Cheers Paul.

  3. Hi Carlos,I was wondering how you got on trying to sell your S1.We are thinking of buying a property and I am not sure to borrow the money or possibly try to sell the Esprit.Cheers Paul Godfrey.

  4. Phone me when your down,we,ll meet if you like.I will bring the Esprit.01934750257 or07804267965.Cheers Paul.

  5. how do you edit content

  6. Ok,next step for the ultimate Esprit is Sport 300 bucket  seats,the latest V8/gt3 dash and instruments,Oh and the last thing,sellingit back to me.Heh-Heh.

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