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  1. I hope somebody snapped this Esprit up from the LEF.They only made three and they were used fot the CEO.s of the company I believe.

    I wold have bought it but was too slow.

    I had firm buyers for mine but why put the money in the bank and look for a classic car to invest it in so it can go up in value .

    So I have decided to keep it ,I must have nuts !!

    Body coming off this winter and a money no object full resto planned.

  2. Hi,yes the Green S3 is mine .It has A full service history,a Lotus cert of provenance,Lotus history (was a used by the Lotus CEO Mr T Enrite.)

    Everything is standard ,no cuts or Marks.The interior is as new and I know how quick they can deteriorate ever the doors close perfectly,the lights are good (no rust),the fuel tanks are good(no rust).

    The chrome work around the front and rear glass is in fantastic cond.The paint work is very good..

    What I like about this model is simplicity of the mechanics (no turbo ,no ECU)

    I have had a lot of Esprits and this model was my favorite .My S1 was shite,they look great but anybody who drives one deserves a medal.My S4 was fantastic but was always worried that the Ecu would go down.

    Anyway,I put it up for sale over the winter  because I had the winter blues,now the warmer weather is here I will probably lift the body off and do a full restoration on it.Thanks Paul G.

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  3. Thanks.I have never come across one with such good interior.I bought my S1 when it was seven years old and the interior  was f%%ked.

    I just bought a Landrover Disco which is seven years old and the whole car is immaculate.

  4. Hi,I am thinking of putting up my S3 for sale.

    It was originally a Lotus company car for two years and  was given to Mr Tim J  Entright to use.Two years later it was sold to the Lotus car co ant then sold on to the person I purchased it from.It was last used 20 years ago and has been stood in a barn since.

    As you can see the interior is immaculate ,everything is original with only 23000 miles from new,the bodywork is in fantastic condition as well is the glass and chrome trim, original wheels and tires.I have never seen another like this.I have a cert of provenance with all the details about the car and has all matching numbers ect.

    Only four were made in this spec,all S3 N/A's.

    Three to Europe,one to Japan.Mine is the last one made in this spec.

    It will need a full mechanical rebuild,which is a piece of cake especially when nothing has been changed or modified.

    Has anyone got an idea what it's worth,it's not an S1 but still a rare beast indeed.

    Your thoughts Please.Paul G.








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