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  1. are these tickets caused by the UK Police using radar to trap speeders and are radar detectors not allowed in the UK?
  2. Radar or ? Detectors not allowed there?
  3. I am an ex  US army person. What do you need from me then?


    Mike Pioso

    1. Bibs
    2. MikieP


      Thank you very much, Bibs! I can verify with pic of discharge if needed... Cheers!

  4. To change out a bulb one has to do all that? There has to be an easier way. Wow.
  5. Thank you Travis! However, there are walls that do not seem to have a way around to get to the plastic beak, as the only thing I see is a plastic rubber tube the wire apparently goes through to the plastic light assy.
  6. Hi Travis! Boost seems OK but have not really pushed it as wheels spin and running out of rear tires with no replacements out there at this time. lol I was told by last shop that motor mounts were sagging and very close to a belt hitting a part of the chassis / frame, so replaced them but never checked if that fixed the closeness until you mentioned it might be that. Uh oh. cam belt? Will not drive it again until I can see whatever I am able to see or get it on a lift somewhere, but not really sure what I will be looking for. I will also check for tightness of hoses from the one BOV. One other thought, I do seem to use oil but no smoke from exhaust or around engine and no further leaking under the chassis since replacement of the one leaking axle seal and also tightening of the A?C compressor bolts (seemed to take a full turn to tight) seeming to stop the bubbling of compressor oil and loss of Freon. What stymies me is the only place I can see the dust in the engine compartment is on top of the ribbed charge cooler plate, not on the engine otherwise, walls, turbo, other tubing or pipes, firewall, etc. Not sure if it on the underpan.... There does not seem to be the normal loose belt noise at all, and nothing from the BOV valves that I can discern. MikeP
  7. I think I have one with a tube coming out of one BOV and the other appears to vent into the firewall. No dust there. I see no dust at either the wall or the tube connections. Not sure I even drive it hard enough to use the over boost venting as I hardly ever hear it venting. The dust only appears only one place in the engine compartment that I can see - on the top of the charge cooler plate in a small area with nothing seen on the trunk inside or out and around the lower rear end body of the car and rear wheel rims. Very strange to me. Perhaps the rear brake pads then? They do not drag and nothing found on the front wheels at all. Go figure. Worried something burning or leaking but no smells. MikieP
  8. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY! This is indeed the model I have. MikieP
  9. How on earth do I change out the rear side panel light bulb? I was told I need to drop the rear bumper. Really? OMG. There are no screws to remove the fixture that I can see. This one's really got me by the b***s. Mikie
  10. Good point! Yes, two of them to keep the boost under 1.24. Only way the shop said they could do it without a $1500 tuner kit....
  11. Hi all! Been a while since I was on here due to my final move to Delaware so thought I would pose a new question today after putting several thousand miles on the Yellow freak. Changed out the ABS switch from Steve in Australia and all is quite well now but a new issue has arisen. I am accumulating what appears to be carbon dust, black and very fine on rear lower panels as if I had driven through a pile of carbon and also found it on top of the charge cooler in a smallish spot about three inches in diameter along the ribs. None on the front or side panels as if it were coming from the Willwood brake pads and nowhere else. Any of you gurus out there what it could be or what might be causing it? No smoke from the exhaust that I have seen. Cheers! Mikie
  12. It is now getting soooooooooo much worse... Something new on the scene just tonight from MSNBCs' Rachel Madow Hour (Friday night show) is the possible/probable collaboration between Malaysian PM, some princes in the middle east and Trump and the RNC in what appears to be many BILLIONS of dollars. If you can watch it via internet, it will astound you and make you wonder what is really going on in the world behind our backs. I am now feeling like a noose will not be good enough, nor fast enough, if all this is true AND, is there even more to come out about these sub-humans that now own us.
  13. Yup, Jacques. We are doomed here to lose everything sensible folks have done lately, as you can see everyday on your news. I will say though, it appears we are not alone in this mess, given La Pen, Brexit, etc. We are what appears to just be the worst failure in the western world right now. lol. Maybe a nuke on DC might be the way out. lol.
  14. HUGE problem for me is that if we can get the Chief Pig out, we well be left with a monster Bible thumper in charge, yet another bunch of sick, stupid crap to deal with.
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