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  1. MikieP

    Another college shooting in the USA

    It is now getting soooooooooo much worse... Something new on the scene just tonight from MSNBCs' Rachel Madow Hour (Friday night show) is the possible/probable collaboration between Malaysian PM, some princes in the middle east and Trump and the RNC in what appears to be many BILLIONS of dollars. If you can watch it via internet, it will astound you and make you wonder what is really going on in the world behind our backs. I am now feeling like a noose will not be good enough, nor fast enough, if all this is true AND, is there even more to come out about these sub-humans that now own us.
  2. MikieP

    Another college shooting in the USA

    Yup, Jacques. We are doomed here to lose everything sensible folks have done lately, as you can see everyday on your news. I will say though, it appears we are not alone in this mess, given La Pen, Brexit, etc. We are what appears to just be the worst failure in the western world right now. lol. Maybe a nuke on DC might be the way out. lol.
  3. MikieP

    Another college shooting in the USA

    HUGE problem for me is that if we can get the Chief Pig out, we well be left with a monster Bible thumper in charge, yet another bunch of sick, stupid crap to deal with.
  4. MikieP

    Another college shooting in the USA

    Another day in the USA, Jacques... 32% of the US has a college degree....
  5. MikieP

    Another college shooting in the USA

    Well, that is perhaps an overview of the beginning ploy, however, 300 million guns, racists, white supremacists and neo-nazis, profit above all else and all other's welfare, corporate insensitivity to planet welfare, etc. etc. etc. Oz had similar issues I am sure and some of them have been successfully handled well, however we have bigger issues which I fear will make this country worse much than it is currently and as long as our officials are constantly lying to us is tolerated and not punished severely, there will be no happier place. We are not alone though. Just bigger, wealthier, and dumber than most. Not sure if MSNBC or CNN overseas covers the same material we see here but deserves a look to confirm my statements. BBC does cover some but not sure if the material is the same as here as well. We ARE in trouble and everyday brings further shit that 30 years ago would have brought immediate imprisonment yet here we sit, thumbs up are butts. One MORON's finger away from Hell. To the comment from Dan E, no flames from me. Our election (system) is bought by money (see comment above), not actual citizenry voting and that also needs to change - the elimination of the Electoral College. Never gonna happen. Yes, POS needs to go ASAP, but the replacement, if removed by impeachment, is a "God's Law above all other law" bucket of shit and that too is problematic to many. The Wall, if built, will be paid for by US citizen taxes, of course. Only morons believed otherwise.
  6. MikieP

    Another college shooting in the USA

    Try this one....
  7. MikieP

    Another college shooting in the USA

    Just watched the Aussie PM with dickless on the news. What has happened in Oz? Guess their Consulate is now out of consideration to query. WTF.
  8. MikieP

    Another college shooting in the USA

    I have been a lot of places, lived in many other countries (Thailand and Germany to name a few) and this one does have its benefits, such as a 3 car garage with a 6000 square foot house for a mere 470k USD. but I now am actually considering dumping it and calling a few embassies as I am not certain this country will ever return to sanity.
  9. MikieP

    Another college shooting in the USA

    Nope. The day of his inaugaration, the head of the Republicans held a meeting with his party and confirmed their only job from that day on was to block everything Obama would ever try to do while in office as they are completely bought and paid for by the National Rifle Association whose sole function these past twenty or more years is to make money off the sale of guns....
  10. MikieP

    Another college shooting in the USA

    We have too many dickless, brainless people to ever do that.
  11. Hi! Problem FIXED! So far, anyway. Steve in Aussieland sent me an after-Lotus pressure switch and I installed a new JAE accumulator, just to be on the safe side. Installed both and all works correctly now although I have not yet used the also purchased pressure gauge to measure actual switch pressure points. Switch contacts were not closing with a low enough resistance to close pump relay hardly ever, ergo, no pump, no accumulator pressures! Good to know Handbrake lamp on indicating exactly what now, too! Much thanks. Pump runs only briefly so far, but will watch it for the next test drives.... May not be putting high enough levels into the accumulator as it comes on roughly every two or three brake hits, so far.
  12. Gotcha. There is one Esprit in this entire state, as far as I know. Mine. Doubt they would even know what they are looking at or for, I am afraid. They do test brake load on each wheel during active braking, but that is as far as it goes in Delaware. They do actually test lights, horn, wipers, etc. bi-yearly as well but only for function, not factory state. In my old state, Maryland, your car is actually inspected only once, which is when you purchase used, except for bi-yearly emissions testing.... It is pretty sad here.
  13. UK MOT rules do not apply in the US but all they care about here is that the brakes perform on the floor braking scales...
  14. Hi guys, Been a while. Just some note on my ABS failures I have been having over the past half year. Ordered the pressure switch from Steve down under. Fearing the worst, had a good friend come by finally after the weather rose above 32F today and we, mostly he, removed and replaced the accumulator and pressure switch and the installed the modified switch from Steve, SURPRISINGLY, it was quite simple to do compared to my fears about 2700 psi, brake fluid roaming around the compartment, fitment, etc. Not clear if we did it correctly but so far, no leaks found, the pump runs after the complete depressurization, the ABS light actually turned off when the car is started, pump runs after two pumps of the pedal. Too cold and rainy to go out for a long test drive as yet, perhaps Wednesday, to see if the pump runs less often, but so far, the pump runs and shuts off after about 1-2 seconds. Thought it would run after 4-6 pumps but will know more after Wednesday if the weather calms down. Certainly cheaper and simpler than replacing the entire system so far. We elected to NOT bleed the brake system at this point due to temperature and confined space of my garage, but will attempt that in the coming week or so on his shop lift. Pedal has always stayed up off the floor even when braking disappeared... Cheers for now! Mikie
  15. No luck getting the laptop to communicate with the ECU so far. However, stranger things are happening... For example, went out for a drive and ABS off, then one mile blinking, then six miles, full on and brake light on with loss of braking in another mile to get to the gas station. Filled gas tank, and started up with no lights for the return ride home. Another example: drove about 120 miles with no lights at all. Started up several hours later with no lights, a mile later I get a blinking ABS but no Brake Light Tell Tale for about 18 miles. Then the Brake light came on so pulled over and stopped for 5 minutes and restarted. Blinking ABS for about 80 miles but no brake light. stopped for gas and restarted with no lights for 12 miles to home. Huh? Beginning to sound like perhaps a relay, connection, contact or ? rather than a mechanical or pressurization issue perhaps? HELP! lol Mikie