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  1. OK maybe walking under that ladder and using petrol pump 13 wasn`t a good idea today ....after about a dozen enjoyable rides in the 2.2 , its run of good behaviour ended. Running on 3 cylinders and a snapped clutch cable. It meant that people joining the North Circular from the A1 got a great view of a flashing Elite rear end on a grass verge. Hats off to the recovery guy who used wooden planks creatively to get it onto and off the ramp. Overheard one man declare poshly that it was a "Jensen Interceptor". Nah mate. Try reading the badge on the back !
  2. It seemed similar but was slightly different in that the "lugs" seemed more solid and less tinny, -pure speculation but maybe because it was the original factory-fitted one. My replacement cap does seem identical to your newer one, bought it at a stall at the NEC show.
  3. Hi Soldave I too bought a replacement 10lb one and it was really reluctant to turn / remove at first but for no apparent reason other than the sheer abnormal number of times I`ve removed it to pour coolant in, it is straightforward now as though it had to "wear" in.
  4. There is an understandable but fundamental misconception that you all adopt here. You are firing flaming bazookas at an invisible target that you call "Socialism". We are just told that household savings are at their lowest since the 1970s running at 1.7% of income. No-one can say that is a healthy state of affairs in our free enterprise society. Personal cerdit is running out of control with all the stress and depression that defaulting brings to a household. (Of course one problem with Capitalism is that you run out of public assets to flog off to your megarich mates, but that`s another story). The fundamental misconception you seem intellectually content to run with is that "Socialism" these days means everyone gets to own everything equally and consequently "waste" it equally. That was probably true for the year 1960 in a third world country - but not here in the UK -and never here in the UK. There is no serious socialist for decades who wishes to nationalise and collectivize everything. That has not worked-(I clearly don`t have to convince you of that ! ) The bone of contention here is that if you think that Corbyn wants to do that you are quite simply wrong. It used to be the case in this country that parties adhered to their manifestoes from a sense of honour and integrity. It would take a colossal betrayal amounting to a rejection of the foundation of democracy itself if Corbyn started acting like Chairman Mao in relation to the economy. (A great script for a film by the way, but fantasy nonetheless). Of course the Tories have performed several U-turns from their manifesto commitments but they only ever care for democracy when its going their way. The setup in Scandinavian countries is one that should and will be sought to be emulated. Technically thats called "left social democracy" not "Socialism" . Bringing Communism into it is an utter red (obviously) herring. Marxism has much to offer in terms of economic analysis but has very little to offer politically as a solution except in the broadest sense of providing education health and welfare for all. If you read what Marx proposed as a political solution there`s sod-all. I would be the first to agree that you don`t achieve educatioon health and welfare for all simply by chucking money at it (though it certainly needs more chucked at it). Economies of scale apply. Key industry requiring targetted investment and co-ordination needs a national plan especially as we are leaving the EU. The hairdresser or (these days) coffee shop down the high street does not and never needed such a plan. The workshop manufacturing plumbing accessories does not need such a plan. The corporation employing thousands ? Well, maybe that does, especially if whole towns are reliant on its existence.
  5. Well Paul we are constantly being told how low unemployment is (although cynically they always include the impoverished self-employed in those figures) so that in itself would suggest that its a smallish number who prefer intoxicants to their kids. ...which leads us on to the Royal Family. They are incredibly wealthy simply for who they are and that is morally wrong. That is my real beef with them . Plenty of Americans and French felt the same way once -( much angrier than me about it !) That`s where we must resoundingly agree to disagree, I strongly suspect. Same with the footballers (obviously skilled, but honestly.....terrible taste in cars too) and bankers (where do I start?) Compare the earnings of the 1966 World Cup Squad and those of today and its just laughable. (That goes for the bankers too incidentally). This isn`t me being "jealous" of them as someone claimed, although I can`t prove that (which is exactly why it gets said in this context quite a lot). I could do with quite a few quid and an XK120 don`t get me wrong, but these are veritable Himalayas of cash that I am talking about and am against. Billions not millions. This is where me and the most gun-totin` GMC drivin` redneck are likely to agree-wealth ought to be earned through sweat, initiative and enterprise . And again-(this is the difficult bit to get right and I can`t be the judge and jury, only a democracy can be) -the sky can`t be the limit anymore when it comes to wealth. -Incidentally I do not have to personally dislike people to think that they should not be filthy rich, even if they got there through accident of birth. It`s a toughie. Some people will have worked really hard and/or are incredibly talented. Telling them they can`t have more than a few million each will be tough and I can`t see it happening any time soon. But I think it has to be done if we are not ultimately to end up like that film "Elysium" -which was kind of trying to make that point. Not the best film I`ve ever seen incidentally.
  6. Well considering 1% of the UK population own 14% of the wealth and 15% of the UK population own nothing of any value or are in debt, Corbyn is perfectly correct to raise wealth redistribution as an issue. But no I hadn`t noticed him smiling, the last politician whose smile I noticed a lot was Blair-not a good example to follow. Anyway if you follow politics as I do, you will be interested to know that Mr. Sainsbury (he of the supermarkets) has stopped funding Mr. Blair`s wing of the party. Good, how bloody working class was Mr. Sainsbury ?! Same as Tristram Hunt who swans off to run an art gallery. Anyway I digress... You need have no fear for your bricks and mortar ! What Corbyn was actually suggesting (before the Daily Mail put its lying boot in) was temporarily letting survivors and bereaved families stay in empty properties of which there are plenty in Kensington. Frankly if you buy a house as an investment opportunity and then swan off leaving it completely empty , why not move in families who`ve just seen their relatives burnt to death ? Its called having a heart. Labour proposes raising Corporation tax to 26 %. Under Margaret Thatcher it was 28 %. Now come on, that might be a lot of things but it sure ain`t Communism. Yes he rightly wants to nationalise rail water gas and electricity industries. "Taking Back Control" of Britain`s arteries in other words, in a very direct and practical way. -well, by the same token that makes Winston Churchill, Harold MacMillan and Edward Heath`s Governments Communist as well ! Things are wrong in our country and no-one will have all the answers or make everyone happy but I know Corbyn acts with integrity and honesty. And if you are wondering-no, he won`t be addressing any more pop festivals, Glastonbury is where specifically progressive causes get espoused (although less now the glittery welly crowd have moved in) and he is a long-time mate of the organiser. If you want some proof of integrity, he has the lowest expenses claim of any MP and that was before the expenses scandal broke which I am sure you were all outraged about ! Anyway look, nobody`s perfect. But I want someone who is not a grovelling slave to the billionaires (clue they have lots of money and power) who currently run the show and give ordinary folk a look in again.
  7. I can see how my post above can be interpreted as a personal attack on the Queen and I apologise for that because it was certainly not my intention. Her devotion to public duty is exemplary by any standards and I was moved to see her and Phil standing steadfastly in the wind and rain on the occasion of their procession down the Thames when people half their age would have buckled. (An ancestor of mine also foiled an assassination attempt on George II believe it or not-he pushed the offending firearm out of the hand of the intended regicide ! What I intended to attack was the institution of Monarchy and I do indeed of course accept that the mechanism is not directly at the disposal of the Royal Family although there is necessarily a degree of acquiescence in any decIsion made. I also note that the renovation bill for Buck House is actually over £300 million; I do not think that the family themselves offer good value for money although they should undoubtedly be paid over the odds for their service to the Nation. It is a cliche I know but the low profile example of the Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian monarchies are more proportionate to national resources and national priorities. If the Royals are indeed such money spinners that is surely all the more reason for them to pay their way with lesser need for State allocations.. On an abstract moral level I do not believe the hereditary principle to be apppropriate for these times and in 1776 a hell of a lot of those pesky colonists called Americans would have agreed with me to often lethal effect . The idea of gaining public office by merit of course led to a best -seller by Thetford`s very own Tom Paine at the time. However you will be pleased to note that I believe that Republicanism also has its deep flaws as Americans are discovering right now ; best if the Head of State is not a politician, an ex-politician or TV reality star trying to be a politician ! I believe that the benefit to tourism can be satsified by the opening up of the royal palaces-not even the Bolsheviks seriously considered demolishing their Monarchy`s rich heritage that was part of the fabric of Russian life and the Faberge Eggs remain on display to this very day. Perhaps more pertinently, do the Royals themselves really want to carry on ? The media makes them into a sort of reality soap opera when their origins amidst ancient claims to divine status as the Head of the Established Church and their residual executive powers sit very awkwardly and (in typically British fashion), are not codified. Prince Charles once quipped to Chris Mullin MP that when someone shouted "abolish the Monarchy " at him he had to restrain himself from shouting "I`ll just run for President instead then " back at them. Good man ! Similarly with Prince Harry`s recent remarks that no-one really wants to do the job. So, no, I don`t have anything personally against the Queen. It would be a mistake to personalise it. But the institution itself needs an overhaul and needs to cost a lot less.
  8. Hello Theresa , we`re firefighters police ambulance drivers and paramedics. We came in quite useful in the past few weeks I think you`ll agree. Could you give us more staff and a pay rise ? Theresa : There is no Magic Money Tree. Of course we can print our own money but we only do that for our mates the bankers. Its not for the likes of YOU. Hello Theresa, Our 10 MPs will support you - on the basics anyway-if you give Northern Ireland 1.5 billion quid. Hello ,Queen here, I need 82 million for Buck House. Can you sort it or I`ll have to doss down at Windsor Sandringham or Balmoral. Theresa: No probs.
  9. "If this potential terrorist was known to the security and intelligence agencies why wasn`t he monitored and prevented from carrying out this murderous attack ?" -Diane Abbott The Guardian 28th May 2017, writing about the ISIS- supporting perpetrator of the Manchester atrocity. Therefore Barry I do not think you are correct in jumping to portray Diane Abbott as the villain of the piece. (Incidentally (!) her constituents just voted her back in with a majority larger than Theresa May`s entire vote). The streets of Finsbury Park were filled the other day with people of all creeds and colours decrying this latest incident and leaving flowers. They know that hate just begats hate and 99% of Muslims know that too. And by the way Marc, Abu Hamza did used to preach there and since he left they`ve excluded anyone from the congregation who supported him. I live 2 miles away and pass through to and from work every few days. No-one round there gives a stuff whether there`s a Mosque there or not, there are also loads of ultra-orthodox jews living half a mile up the road and they frequently hang out with the muslims; again no-one gives a stuff, it`s London they`ve got more going on in their lives, no wonder the murderer was from Cardiff !
  10. Well, both are certainly not short of a bob or two.....
  11. Reading more and more of the Varoufakis, the nearest we have to an existing Brexit experience. Interesting that despite being one of the most left-wing people ever to hold high office in post-war Europe, -he agrees 100% with Maggie Thatcher that the Euro was a poisonous idea. Briefly- its because she was correct to realise that the Euro would be under the control of a central bank, not politicians. That would be its fatal flaw. The commitment to the Euro became a purely bureaucratic project, not a political one. That undermined its foundations from day 1. Once the effects of the credit crunch reverberated around Europe it had no solutions but fiscal ones, no flexibility or imagination to curb the instability that caused to its weakest member, Greece.
  12. "May the best woman win" Angela Merkel appreciates your support mate, she`ll get an easy ride.
  13. "In 7 General Elections as anchor of Channel 4 news, Theresa May is the first serving Prime Minister to refuse me an interview. Why ?" John Snow . ...extraordinary, just where are you hiding Mrs May ? In a bed with the blankets over your head ? Letting your billionaire mates scream "terrorists terrorists terrorists " for you ? ...........and people think this feeble charlatan of a bureaucrat is some kind of true-Brit leader. Wow. Just wow.
  14. If a human rights act case were brought on the basis that terrorists shouldn`t have been killed (Article 2 ECHR) , the central issue would be whether the police response was proportionate. The facts would vary from case to case but (leaving aside the rather obvious point that many are suicide bombers as in Manchester), it is very hard to see on the available evidence from London Bridge how the police could fail to justify shooting to kill. The fact that these scum wore fake bomb belts rather suggests that they knew that would get them killed. It is typical of May`s reactive incompetence to drag human rights into it.
  15. Meanwhile where is our Strong and Stable PM ? Whose idea of "naughtiness" was running through a wheatfield. Personally I think it is rather naughty to do business deals with alleged sponsors of terrorism and then refusing to release David Cameron`s Report into it. - A no-show for Question Time. -A no-show for Womans Hour. - A "meeting with the public" (who forget to take their blue rosettes off LOL) -No reply to senior police officers who accuse her of lying about police numbers. (at least Diane Abbott was talking about increasing police numbers when she screwed up !) Rightly or wrongly lots more people will vote for Corbyn if Abbott is off the scene.
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