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  1. I am happy this day because today I signed the rent agreement for a new garage to store the Elite S2; still local, £30 a month cheaper, dry...and best of all, not on a slope which catches the front spoiler and makes any movement out of the garage a pain without a ramp .... the first step to getting the MOT back and putting her on the road for the first time since last November !
  2. All the Greek polls suggest that Mr. Tsipras will still be the most popular candidate. I suspect that his straight talking approach, of stating : "Now this difficult political cycle has ended I feel the deep moral and political obligation to set before your judgement everything I have done both right and wrong, the achievements and the omissions" . (Basically saying, "guys, I tried my best, c`mon you gotta give me that" ) -strikes a chord with voters. Remember Gordon Brown bottling it and "the election that never was ?" Quite a contrast in approach ?
  3. Sadly an Elite "found in a barn" must surely rank one tiny degree above "found in a field...."
  4. basalte


    We didn`t realise that piling up all the furniture in the living room 2 days ago to allow the dining area to be repainted, equated to "New Adventure Playground" for Sparly. He went "missing" this morning....only a micro-V8 rumble under a sheet over the sofa (Sparly has the loudest purr I have ever heard) alerted me to his new and exciting exploration area....
  5. Let`s look at some evidence at how hard the banks are working on our behalf , supporting the entrepreneurs that are the powerhouse of our Free Market and stoking our astonishing economic recovery ! Bank of England Report Jan 2015 : " Credit availability was unchanged for small/medium enterprises but increased for large corporates in 2014" Phil Orford. Forum of Private Business 2014 : "It is true that there is a weakness in demand but it remains disappointing to see less money lent in this crucial part of the economy. Without more lending to SMEs their growth and the country`s growth will remain slow " . Bank of England Aug 2014 (last available figures) : "Lending to Small/Medium enterprises via the Govts Funding for Lending Scheme fell by £435 million". Oh, a rise in interest rates ain`t gonna help there is it ? Yes those bankers are sure earning their fat bonuses working so hard on the small businesses` behalf ! Sustained directed long-term investment in infrastructure is needed for the UK to make its manufacturing industry competitive again in particular. The banks would rather just sit back and see a fat dividend paid out every so often so their members can buy another luxury property in Central London to stand empty...
  6. When I hear the word "scrounger" it is precisely the kind of criminal banker in the report above who immediately springs to my mind first. Just do the maths. .. But at last, at least one of them is getting their comeuppance. Please don`t fall for the cuddly puppets or the pretty black horses folks, the big banks are live and kicking and still looking to scam you when they can.
  7. basalte

    Lord Sewel

    The only problem I have with this is that he was using our money to do it with. Couldn`t he have bought his own bra ? Primark do a good value range (so I`m told). Oh, and the Lords are an archaic feudal institution oozing the ancient slime of old school ties, patronage and backscratching who should be abolished.
  8. I look forward to seeing it there for first time since 2002 as all being well I will be at Brooklands this Sunday 26th for their Retrojumble, to flog off various items of bizarre and useless junk (I don`t mean Concorde BTW). Hope the weather holds....
  9. I still have the Corgi model in its box with the slogan "A British car to beat the world" Bless Jorge - Citroen G suspension is very reliable, only one breakdown for that reason on my old Pallas from 1993 to 2010 ...until 2 days ago on my ahem...." new "1982 Pallas when I parked put the suspension on high to give it some exercise then dropped the lever to normal height, Car fell like a stone, not supposed to !-then rose again , fell then rose! warning lights or leaks, reckon its just a sticky valve no probs since...
  10. Hi Jorge I for one have 1 GS and 2 GSA, still out there fighting the rust ....about 46 G series left on the road in UK (with another 50 unlicensed/off the road)....not a lot! "One of the most meritorious cars of the 20th Century" . LJK Setright "Wisdom is sold in the desolate marketplace where none come to buy" William Blake
  11. There are profound conceptual errors in most of the above contributions which support the Billionaires` view of "Lazy Lefties Fleecing Europe" and "Run a Country like you would your own Household" variety. For a start I don`t know many houses with their own banknote printer and who could ask others down the street to pay them. Greece joined the EU in 1979 with the Socialists leftwards opposing entry. You could argue that subsidies did indeed attract the Greek elite generally whatever their ostensible labels although it should also be noted that from 2004 to 2009 Greece had a Centre-right Government who were definitely not "Socialist" (whatever that means-spending State money is not in itself a definition of Socialism in my book ) . But the main misconception is to assume that whatever subsidies given, benefited Greeks as a whole. Let me quote the German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel : "The Greek elite has plundered the country for years". If a top German is prepared to say that today , why cannot others who are in no way supporters of the Greek Government, accept it ?
  12. It is blackmail of the ordinary Greek people who are paying the price of a debt the terms of which did not involve them in the first place. This Government is the first one that has given them a say in such a life-changing issue.
  13. The overwhelming "No " vote was the right result and a great encouragement to others in Europe. - I can well understand the Greeks fed up with being told to suffer by others (with no tangible beneficial result) and they are mature enough to realise that if they do have to suffer it`s at least going to be through their own choice . Principle counted for more than a full wallet, a rare occurrence these days. As Prime Minister Tsipras said, "they have failed to blackmail Democracy". Not only that but the Greeks are now shown to be acting reasonably in the teeth of bullying- they held this "do or die" vote on this vital issue when none of their predecessors would have dared. And Mr. Varoufakis (who seems to have caused hostility by not wearing a tie and turning up on a motorbike instead of the usual limo-and daring to contradict the Eurobankers ) has resigned to aid negotiations.
  14. Reminds me of the established 2CV -based sport where teams have dissassemble the tin snails to pass everything but the chassis through a one metre-diameter hoop and then assemble them again in the fastest time. Good training for the above ?
  15. Thanks, looking forward to this ..may well leave it to the professionals !
  16. Back from hols now and ready to attack my 2.2 again even though just had to SORN it I am really aching to drive it with no probs this year ! Valve clearances and fuel tank are now the priorities. ...incidentally, how easy is it to remove the tank ? Thanks Dan
  17. Perhaps in view of this above justifiable show of loyalty by the Household Cavalry (?) (albeit against a vacuous little idiot) , the Royals will agree to their army being called the "Royal Army" same as for the Navy and Air Force. Oliver Cromwell`s lot that you had all the problems with was a long time ago, Ma`am...
  18. basalte


    RIP to these murder victims, it could so easily be any of us, (we stayed in a nearby hotel New Year 2006, Sousse a friendly place with friendly people and beautiful old souk and courtyards). How to fight back most effectively against this increasing danger to all sane people ? I do not want to be just a hand-wringer or Islamophobe about it. Well I have given this some thought and discussed it with Iranian Muslims in particular seeking help for their refugees from the Iran-backed regime there ( Camp Liberty in Baghdad). They are now in worse danger of massacre with ISIS just up the road. I believe that the best and most effective way of Fighting Back is to actively support the moderate Muslims on the Frontline who want their faith to be a peaceful matter of personal choice and separate from the State. To that end I have become a supporter of and are donating to the National Council of Resistance of Iran aka the International Liberty Alliance led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, a broad alliance also supported by prominent figures such as Rudolph Giuliani and Newt Gingrich (with whom I would otherwise disagree). They fight for a " secular democratic alternative" for Iran as indicated by the mass popular protests there in 2009. Iran is the regional superpower with a nuclear weapons programme and massive oil and gas resources. It is already a threatening "Islamic State". I know its more complex than this but a victory against the Fundamentalist Sharia regime there would change the whole balance of power in the Middle East and very much isolate the psychos threatening us all in classic nazi style. I would urge all others of goodwill to consider supporting our Iranian friends likewise.
  19. ...there are certainly valid arguments for a Constitutional Monarchy but they would be infinitely more powerful ones if Britain had a constitution that someone had actually bothered to write down.
  20. Young Zarg, on planet Earth there was a time when a country called Brit-ane made a lot of things owned things called companies where men in matching jackets trousers and sometimes ties made decisions and drank gin while some more men in blue overalls made the four-wheeled carriages and sometimes got angry that the men in matching jackets and trousers drank gin. They burned their brassieres outside the gates. Then everyone in Brit-ane agreed with a woman with blue hair who decided that it wasn`t worth it and other areas like Jap-an , Jermanie and even Inja bought their companies and made these carriages for them and took the money home when peopel bought them. The people of Brit-ane were so angry that they decided to race the old carriages that they had made around an oval of dirt and SMASH the four-wheeled carriages they had made, to bits. Something like that anyway.
  21. Nothing personal-I admire Liz for her steadfast dignity on public occasions and some of them have done stirling work against land mines and for Air/Sea Rescue. But Value for Money ??? Really ?? Sandringham, Windsor, Balmoral, St. James`s Palace, Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace. While others get charged for having a unused second bedroom ! As Thetford`s greatest son Tom Paine opined all those years ago to even greater effect across the pond, why be a Ruler born to eternal privilege because of whose womb you happened to pop out of ? Kind of what`s the word ? ....irrational.... to say the least . The Sex Pistols got it in 6 words...."There is no England`s dreaming". Yes they probably do bring in in tourist money but so do many inanimate objects like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Things may abruptly change .... Edward VII or George VI to name but two predecessors were most unpopular with the public. Will Charlie Boy manage the job with the same grace ? I agree, there are many tosspots who are elected Presidents but at least they had to do something to justify their position. It doesnt have to be that way,the President of Uruguay drives a Beetle and lives in a peasant cottage.
  22. Thanks Dan, the pump ticks happily away and is a replacement for one that seemed temperamental (although still quite recent). I think the filter did get replaced too. ....and the fuel cut-off ? Might be - I had the same problem with my Princess 2.0HLS 14 years ago ...(another wedge BTW). Going on summer hols just now but happy to swap 2.2 experiences / problems !
  23. Hi, sorry if this topic has been addressed in detail before but I must now move on to the fuel tank and fuel lines as the source of all my 2.2 stuttering/stalling troubles....I should probably have looked into this some time ago but (if it is now the problem), it was not a problem when I first ran the car ! I have a theory that using the posh petrol in particular has gradually dislodged bits from the tank interior with results that the fuel filter can`t cope with. I don`t know if anyone knows of appropriate replacement tanks or an appropriate tank cleaner. Thanks Dan
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