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  1. March , Thankyou for proving my point to the nth degree ; The above sneerfest film exemplifies the media technique I referred to ; 1. Proceed from the existence of a terrible “ problem “or “ threat “to “ sensible citizens “ over the use of language - one magnified by the sensationalist billionaires gutter press ; 2. Such perceived “ problem “ is indeed magnified by middle class liberalism ( much of the BBC ) prescribing token solutions of linguistic correctness instead of investigating genuine economic and social injustice; 3. The Gutter press media seizes on a few liberal celebrities and assorted isolated idiots guilty of some kind of hypocrisy - however small - in their protests - and makes them typical of an entire approach adopted by every person who might sympathise with them ; these threads have plenty of examples ! 4. The public - suffering with their own more serious problems are encouraged to confront this contrived “ silliness “ with sagely nodding heads , tut- tutting at the rashness of whoever it is ( blacks , gays , trans - all absurdly lumped in together for that purpose . To demonstrate some kind of empathy is labelled weak , snowflake behaviour. Any context or historical root to their protest is either ignored or emotionalised - emotions are their chief method . As Noam Chomsky comments over media propaganda techniques; “ use emotion much more than logic and reflection . Provoke a “ short circuit “ over rational analysis. The emotional register accesses the unconscious door to implant fears and compulsions “. 5. And hey presto ! You are indoctrinated into thinking that the “ woke “ ( whoever they are ) are a “ blob “ devoid of humanity. 6. Lastly after my lefty lecture so very devoid of humour , I do find the above trite little populist film offensive. To depict book nazi book burning as “ woke” is literally as far from the truth as you can get . The nazis murdered those very people you poke fun at and who they considered racially inferior ( ie people like ME , March ), gays and trans people . In the world of comedy it’s called “ punching down “. so yeah , To sum up I don’t like your “ funny “ 🙄little sneer at people worse off than you and people who (maybe misguidedly but sincerely) try to help them .
  2. Ah yes , the old “ political correctness “ silliness , providing tabloids with cheap outrage fodder since at least 1986 when the “baa baa black sheep “ story came out . 35 years later it’s still a “ whatever next ????” banker . Outside Screaming Tabloid Headline World , we’re all still here ; the woke wolf hasn’t eaten us all up ( in reality it’s not even at the garden gate let alone the door ) but its howling seems to be a major concern and worry to some . I don’t find the complaint itself baseless ; What I find depressing about this story is the seeming inability of the council to deal with the complaint on the spot ; to have the local knowledge at their fingertips and even to publicise without prompting , the origin of local names .
  3. I well remember a BBC commentator quipping - did Labour want to “ nationalise sausages ?” I didn’t detect any pro Labour bias there . Likewise Nick Robinson ( a former Young Conservative by the way ) treat Corbyn’s shadow ministers like freaks . I’ve given some specific examples in my last post 🎺of what I define as bias . But the key to this argument is the realisation of myself and others here (of whatever political persuasion )that the BBC supports the Establishment of the day ;I would define these as the public school Oxbridge elite . From Boris to Blair they believe they have a natural right to rule . I would like to see that natural presumption ended . I would remind readers that the BBC were quite content to have Johnson present “ Have I got News For You “ quite content to have him on TopGear , quite content not to challenge his incontinent mendacity . Underpinning most of our arguments is the fact that there is so much information out there to absorb that it is easier than ever to “ pick and choose “ events to construct your own narrative and confirm your own prejudices as to what and why stuff is happening. My narrative is firmly based on the theory that very rich and powerful people who own printing presses ( and some TV stations ) get to tell us daily how they think we ought to view events . Noam Chomsky and Antonio Gramsci wrote about this phenomenon at length . The ownership of “ Common Sense and Conventional Wisdom “ The BBC to my mind goes along with that “ rich mans “ narrative- certainly not in a simple “ Pravda - Obey The Party “ way but chiefly in the news it chooses to select . This narrative ( to me ) is more important than seeing some entitled mainstream politicians debating with entitled smug media personalities like the aforesaid wrestlers on World of Sport “ . Soo… It is certainly easier and maybe wiser here to agree with Paul CP and declare that we Agree to Differ !
  4. I’m not sure how you derive that opinion from the footage above or even my comment below . From my other comments you’ll know that I no longer watch BBC News . I do know that Nigel Farage holds the record for being the second most frequent panel member on Question Time and I know they put a Russian hat on Corbyn on Newsnight and showed him as Voldemort for no reason - and intercut old footage of Johnson at the Cenotaph with live footage to avoid showing Johnson as the hungover sack of s**t that he was . These few examples ( I could cite many more including the actions of Tory groupie Kuenssberg ) mean that I must disagree that the BBC is biased to the left . I suspect that your idea of “ the left “ originates very much from the Right , and is a euphemism for cultural liberalism . Personally I find their news and current affairs reporting constantly biased to the Right where anyone to the Left of Blair is “ cancelled “ . It must also be factored in that Press barons Murdoch and Rothermere loathe the BBC and never pass up an opportunity to put the boot in . PS I agree with you about Eastenders 🙂
  5. I ve watched this all the way through and basically agree . The desperate dog ( their description not mine ) is lashing out as a distraction from his partying ; and Murdoch & Rothermere are only too glad to help him . Problems with the BBC really need to be addressed outside this dodgy setting ; the Leveson 2 Inquiry would have been a good start but the unhealthy links between the political classes and the mass media won out against public accountability.
  6. I think the barrel is knackered too . No “ foot “ present to operate the catch and it turns uselessly in the housing ( I don’t know how the internals would operate against the housing - but you’re right , it does need a locksmith to have a good look ).
  7. Simples; both Johnson and Starmer are liars and they are both holding an office party during lockdown. Just my personal experience but no work I have ever carried out in 30 years in an office has ever involved consuming alcohol with my colleagues (but maybe I`m just an old fuddy duddy -who knows what they learn to do at Eton ?) Got no idea why you think I`d defend either LibDemBlairBlur Starmer or the BBC news (who seem curiously uninterested in the fact that Blair and Mandelson appear in paedo billionaire`s Jeffery Epstein`s little black book along with the Andrew formerly known as Prince ), and whose fearless reporters took two years to track down the 14 events that Sue Gray is now investigating . ( I`m sure Johnson will be exonerated BTW as he has the power to exonerate himself as PM and as craven self-aggrandisement is his reason for existence, he`ll use it). All I would maintain is that it`s what the BBC news don`t tell you, that is more important than what they do tell you. Probably where we really differ is that I wouldn`t trust any UK mainstream media outlet to give you an accurate picture of politics now. To take a further specific example , the BBC covered the anti vaxx demos in Paris yesterday but not the demo outside Parliament in London protesting against the Police Bill.
  8. Nadine Dorries . The MP who thought the UK would have Euro MPs after we left the EU 😂😂😂😂😂. You couldn’t make it up !
  9. I have been hunting high and low for a boot lock barrel & key for my 2.2 with no success so far . Some info suggests it’s a Triumph GT6 part which of course is rare in itself . Difficult to believe that there is only one other car that uses this part , so any other info would be most helpful , thanks .
  10. I largely agree with this BBC “ Coast “ placeman for once . Pleased to say that trusting the billionaires’ gimps that we currently have in power with a neutered opposition, has never been my bag , baby . That is the key ; protect the megarich at all costs . All else is secondary .
  11. Insofar as probably none of us know him personally , yes . Of course Natalie Rowe ( George Osborne’s former dominatrix ) didn’t like him when she met him 😂
  12. Don’t take my word for it - take Conservatives Max Hastings , Peter Oborne and Michael Howard’s words for it . Not only that but politicians often lie themselves out of a tight spot - the difference here is that they know it’s wrong and try to cover up . Johnson does not even bother to cover it up .
  13. I’m not here to defend Surrender Starmer for one minute but he is not the Prime Minister . He has no legislative power . What he does wrong is therefore entirely irrelevant here . “ Whataboutery “ is inappropriate . I did obey lockdown rules as it happens - I’m an oldish guy in a nice house (with a nice wife ) so it was easy for me . No point defending Johnson - he has a proven documented record of lying longer than anyone here’s arm .
  14. A party with a 100 people in the Prime Minister’s back garden in central London ? Hmmmm…and as for “ Take Back Control “ Cummings , Johnson hired him in the first place . Perhaps an “error of judgement “? ( if that politician’s phrase were a car tyre it would be bald by now !)
  15. If the BBC were really that biased against Johnson they would have exposed the parties when they actually occurred , not 2 years later . (Or are we expected to believe that a 100 upper - class guests close to government at one party alone have no friends or contacts in broadcasting ? )
  16. A “minority ruling the majority?” Ah , I think you’ll find that’s the government , unless there’s some social studies student billionaire Goldfinger or Blofeld somewhere stroking a Persian cat and mindwarping you not to say the word “ midget “.
  17. I’m really not out to score points mainly because it’s not worth it on such a trivial matter( !) but the above posts do prove my point - it’s entertaining to conjecture who will be offended by the next silly linguistic mutilation but the numbers who might be , are very small and are exaggerated by the media .
  18. I know there is a gutter press stereotype oft echoed here that it is all the fault of that pervasive ghostly caped top hatted moustache twirling “ Left “ that you can’t call a biscuit “ midget “ etc . Just to let people know that none of my lefty friends even talk about these things . The reason ? It’s tokenism, pure and simple . There are a hell of a lot more important things than silly biccies to talk about . The root of these stories is (a) it attracts comment and readers and ( b) there is a small minority who do take offence partly because they feel powerless in any other way and want to see “ justice done “ in some trivial way that doesn’t even bother those affected. The story of Ian Dury’s “ Spasticus Autisticus “ song exemplifies it - as you probably know he was disabled and sung about it in a way that made some people choose to be offended on his behalf. Needless to say his blunt honesty won out against their misconceived tokenism . Unless it’s defending people against direct intentional abuse ( which is very much justified) , all this assumption of someone else’s imagined offence is absurd - and a lot rarer than our media makes out .
  19. The whole Cummings thing ( and indeed Starmer and the rest of the State Bureaucrat class ) clashes remind me of those “ World of Sport “ wrestling matches on telly . “Giant Haystacks v Big Daddy “ . That’s UK Establishment politics today . A fixed fight for the spectators benefit . The last guy who stood up and shouted “ it’s a fix !” got stomped on good and proper by the billionaires tax avoiding media , and his successor told lies to his electorate to get elected leader . Starmer’s advisor ( Mandelson) was literally pictured posing with a convicted paedophile billionaire. They all love parties on a big yacht ! So , as long as everyone leaves tax haven billionaires out of the arguments, everyone will be happy and bicker about who did what about the virus and whether such and such was needed on whatever date .
  20. Thank you for the videos and tips - always good to see this criminally ignored milestone ( sometimes millstone ) ! car get some screen time !
  21. Further news - The pistons need replacing ( not surprised ) , the crankshaft needs replacing ( bit surprised ). Luckily there’s a good used replacement available. The block a bit scored from the crankshaft wear but nothing major !
  22. Yes indeed Barry . Can’t disagree . But it’s a pity to forget that it was David Cameron who forbade the publication of a report into the links between Saudi Arabia and terrorism in the UK , including those who committed the Manchester outrage .
  23. SIR Keir Starmer and SIR Ed Davey don’t see a problem with making their warmongering chum Tony a Knight . Hmmmm … I must wonder why ….!
  24. basalte


    “ I think he’s just coming round …had a heavy night you know “
  25. I hope they’ve thought of that , they’re the professionals!
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