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  1. My DIY skills would spell disaster ! It’ll go to a specialist . Have enquired of a few and they all have waiting lists but if it’s done over winter that would suit anyway .
  2. It does seem to run well but is smoky and gobbles water. Tried K-seal a while back but it didn`t seem to help. Temp needle creeps up and up if I dont fill with coolant before every trip. Mayonnaise in the filler cap. So I think there`s a piston ring issue as well as a gasket /liner one.
  3. Bit of an update… it’s now a “ Historic Vehicle “ so tax and ULEZ free ! 20 mile drive to celebrate went fine , the temp needle behaved itself particularly well even in three local stop - start queues and a ten point turn needed to garage it ( brimmed with coolant , but maybe the new battery gives more power to fans and water pump ? ) Amazingly , ended up in traffic queue next to guy driving an Elan 2+2 ! Had a bit of a chat . Next job … the dreaded engine rebuild .
  4. Well done NKLG, very tempting display, wish I could afford an Evora (well, I could if we moved house to Jaywick, it`s true ...) In the event and in the event, I was on the Citroen stand a few yards away with my 1978 GS Basalte.
  5. I am a tad confused. I watched “ Rambo 3 “ a few years ago and thought the Mujahedeen were the good guys …the film is dedicated to them after all … Ah ! I see ! They WERE the good guys - just as long as they were fighting the damn Russkies !
  6. Yes my reference to oil was a bit flippant, but the US does have a habit of being interested in countries with that resource. As for Afghanistan, the issue is way wider than its harbouring Terrorism (which it undoubtedly has done and probably will do so again now ). The wider question is : can any military solution succeed when there is such obvious asymmetrical military power ? Stealth fighters -v- Toyota pickups ? 7,500,000 tons of TNT dropped on Vietnam ( more than the US dropped on nazi Germany ) didn’t win the war for them . These problems just cannot be solved by war . (Arms manufacturers beg to differ). As above , the extent of a States complicity in acts of terror and their formal version - the war crime - is by definition, not what they want us to know - as Assange , Manning and Snowden to name but three , found out the hard way . To put it as neutrally as I can , the moral superiority of the West is far from automatically accepted , even where the inhabitants are ostensibly “ liberated “ from oppression by domestic forces . I think the last tragic 20 years offers strong evidence of that . ( PS Barry’s right - decriminalise and regulate drugs ).
  7. Your response really must be categorised as “over the top “in this context . My comment was not that Saudi Arabia was a bad place -(for women drivers or otherwise )- that is a different point entirely . David Cameron suppressed the Report into Saudi sponsorship of terror groups so I cannot comment on relevant activities of its government. It’s not my logic at all - but it WAS the logic of Bush and Blair , to invade two whole countries because of the activities of a minority in both .
  8. Indeed , a miserable story leaving hundreds of bereaved families of UK services personnel . And for what exactly? What happens when you believe Bush and Blair . As 15 of the 19 terrorists on 9/11 were Saudi , it made more sense to invade Saudi Arabia - but they sell us their lovely oil so that wasn’t gonna happen .
  9. Hi , I’m trying to resurrect or replace my S2.2 boot lock . I bought a TR7 one but that is hopelessly the wrong part - barrel way too wide ( might fit an S1 with the cable operation ?) I have the barrel but nothing else and this thread suggests fabricating the metal catch - pusher . But does anyone know where the original part came from ? I’ve been told Ford Granada or Land Rover ! Thanks Dan
  10. basalte


    Oh yes, oh yes, oh............right there right there that`s it......YEAH !!!
  11. I see that Richard Burnett, the Chief Executive of the Road Haulage Association, is somewhat concerned. On 25th July 2021 he commented that : " We`re facing potentially in the next 2/3 weeks a collapse of the supply chain and we will see even bigger gaps on supermarket shelves because we cannot get product into the supply chain. ... This is a massive crisis - a crisis on a scale of which we have never seen before in this industry and Government is burying its head in the sand -it`s not recognising the seriousness of the situation ....we want the Government to recognise drivers and grant temporary visas to get more drivers into the country". Now I am well aware of the "Pingdemic" playing a part-a very convenient catch-all scapegoat IMHO, and the frankly barking gutter press assertion that Tony Blair let aspirant HGV drivers go to university instead of their passion (?) for driving lorries (ie . over 14 years ago-and I would like to see a country where they can do both at different times of their life and not get into debt for the privilege but I digress ). But the inescapable conclusion(which from looking at many many previous posts I have no doubt some here will try to escape from nonetheless !)-the inescapable conclusion- is that the ending of the Single Market and Free Movement has negative consequences for the employment of HGV drivers. Or is Mr. Burnett just another Project Fear spreader ?
  12. Hi Pete, the diff came off and the drums just had to be loosened and greased - also the brake cylinder had to be freed off (I`m a bit vague on that one but was told it didn`t need replacing so assuming all ok ). It all sounded like problems just from leaving the car standing. As might be expected , I had kept the handbrake off all that time as well.
  13. Yayy ! MOT obtained, applying for Historic Vehicle status...then must bite the bullet take the bull by the horns grasp the nettle and sort out the engine. In the meantime, I spray-glued the passenger seat headlining back on with the help of a mini-roller brush to flatten the fabric. Found it difficult to get the edges looking tidy though...Can`t help thinking the fix won`t last out in the sun, but for the moment any passengers won`t think they`re sitting in a mobile tent...
  14. Hitler ruled Europe by an open, fanatical and blatant doctrine of murdering anyone who disagreed with him. My jewish grandfather (who was born here in 1898, fought in the 5th Glosters in WW1 and who lived in Hemel Hempstead ) was on his death list as well by the way. Partly why I feel strongly about the issue. C`mon, would Hitler allow Brits to vote for the Brexit Party as fully paid members of the European Parliament, unfurling union jacks while some bemused students sang the Ode to Joy by noted French Revolution supporter, Beethoven ? 🙂 Sorry Barry, regardless of Germany`s unquestionable economic influence you have adopted a political position here which cannot reasonably be sustained.
  15. I told myself I wouldn`t get reeled in again by the political threads but I have to really, in the interest of a balanced debate if nothing else ! A perceived threat to "Freedom of Speech " continually hits the headlines in certain quarters so here`s some free speech which throws some more thoughts into the mix . The spoiler is "the EU has its faults but comparing its project to that of Hitler has no reasonable basis ". As a starting point, I do believe that the referendum result should immediately have been respected by all parties. The "Peoples` Vote" 2nd ref campaign was only excellent at splitting the Labour vote, and if you examine where its prime movers are now, they have vanished into thin air ! Blair protege Starmer (after all his 2nd ref bluster), blithely voted the Tory deal through . There is evidence that the PV campaign was promoted by the Blair/Mandelson faction to get rid of the existential threat to tax havens and avoidance that was Mr. Corbyn, but I digress. I do however believe that the rejection of a Customs Union by Poundland Maggie May to keep her own rebels onside, is a blunder that will return to haunt the UK. That narrative is sadly very far from over. Winston Churchill in his speech in Zurich in 1946 : "There is a remedy which would in a few years make all Europe free and happy. It is to recreate the European family or as much of it as we can and to provide it with a structure under which it can dwell in peace in safety and in freedom . We must build a kind of United States of Europe". For this purpose it is irrelevant to argue that Churchill did not seek to include the UK as "part" of Europe. He saw European cooperation as a guarantor of peace and he has been proven correct in that respect for 70 years whatever the other aspects of such union. It is the economic rise of Germany that seems to trouble many since. German chancellor 1969-1974 Willy Brandt-had to flee nazi Germany because he was a socialist. French President General De Gaulle , ( President for much of the 1950s and 60`s) : Fought nazi Germany tooth and nail. Both well known proponents of the EEC as it then was. All three differed in ideology but respectfully(as we certainly do on this forum) all pro-European. All three blatantly anti-Hitler . All three literally on Hitler`s death list. Now, the riposte from the clearly Daily Express/Daily Telegraph -influenced sections of the forums will be that German economic power has grown since then/the EU is somehow an ideologically different project . Even if that is taken as read (which I do not take as read , but for the sake of this argument let`s do so, as Germany is Europe`s strongest economy, even with many more refugees and with many more trades union shopfloor reps on the Boards of its major corporations funnily enough like Corbyn wanted-but I digress again ! ), any comparison of the ideologies of : Christian Democracy (De Gaulle and numerous German Chancellors including Merkel who grew up in Communist East Germany) and Social Democracy (Brandt , Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan )with the flat-out Fascist idea Hitler had of European "unity" through murdering people thought of as inferior, has no basis in fact. It`s like comparing ISIS with the Boy Scouts ! German dominance might equate to arrogance in the conference room and economic pressures -but with no Stukas, Panzers, SS or Gestapo, it`s on a different level altogether. I do know for sure that many Europeans who actually lived under the Jackboot are offended and angered by such a comparison of the EU with Hitler. Lastly, the example of Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is instructive. He was and is, vehemently against the Euro .He had to directly confront the Germans regarding Greek indebtedness and lost his job because he was too angry to their very faces, too forthright against German dominance . But even he is for a reformed EU !
  16. In 1987, found a nazi cigarette case at a car boot sale. It was embossed with a map of the Third Reich (including France etc) . That implied that it probably belonged to a senior military member of that murderous gang. Paid 50p for it . Obviously a rarity. I then felt a bit uneasy - I had no use for it myself, as (as you might expect), I despise (understatement) anyone who makes it legal to assault and murder innocent people for looking /being different (etc) like the nazis did. And if I showed it off it would take too long to explain that I have a jewish background, was being ironic etc etc and don`t smoke ! Eventually I took to a militaria shop where I asked a fiver for it. So , who knows who THAT ended up with ! So, if you want an example of flawed personal moral ambiguity , this is it ! (PS If I still had it today I would donate it to the Battle of Britain Museum ).
  17. Ermmmm.... I can either just laugh which is maybe the whole point , or po-faced, point out that the guy`s a billionaire presenter of " The Apprentice" who publically stated that he started out with a million dollars . But my apologies if I was just meant to laugh 😀
  18. basalte


    Sparly at the bar, knackered after a hard day`s graft doing......errrrrm...well........NOWT...
  19. Hi C8RKH, glad we can agree on something ! I would hate the idea of altering facts to fit any of my arguments and its impossible to be starry-eyed about a proportion of the population who appear entirely at a loss about either improving their lot or even getting anyone else to do it. Something like 14 million are eligible to vote but do not. I will keep this short -as you say , this is supposed to be about Brexit-but my point does tie in with the B word. I think many including myself feel that the present system does not work for them and does not care for them so why should they care in return ? People from particular social backgrounds find it so much easier to get ahead because they are "assumed" to be competent and capable. Twenty of the UKs Prime Ministers have been educated at one single school . It simply does not suggest that social mobility is taken seriously. The American idea that "anyone can get to be President", (unrealistic though that is) , is not even on the average Brit`s radar ! I think this general feeling of powerlessness fed into the campaign to leave the EU where the EU was seen as just another remote and unresponsive elite group. Now, I think that characterisation was not entirely accurate , but those arguments have been well-rehearsed now and I won`t bore everyone with repetition !
  20. Hi Pete-yes indeed the rear brakes are a pig , not so much for me as for my long-suffering mechanic friend .The diff is coming off, possibly as I write. Hope to get the MOT ticket today or tomorrow .
  21. Personally speaking I`m not bothered about the 0.06% of the UK population who are refugee migrants / asylum seekers, whether legal or not. The topic just seems blown out of all sensible proportion. Sadly our mass media seems all too willing to inflate the problem using the old "man bites dog" formula (ie report the sensational exception not the rule) when there`s far worse stuff happening every day to affect ordinary life . I am forced to assume that`s why so many seem to get so hot under the collar. And, whilst I admit that anecdotal evidence is not very helpful , for what it`s worth in 40 years of adult life, I have literally never met an immigrant who didn`t want to work. In most other cultures, work is more central to concepts of dignity and self-worth than it is here. As for frankly paranoid ideas about "British culture" being under some kind of extremely ill-defined "threat" that always seem to lurk under the surface in these debates, the immigrants including refugees of whichever faith that I`ve met -again, over 40 years of adult life (and I believe that I have met enough to form a legitimate view) can`t get enough of it !
  22. Well, the "recharged" battery turned out to be as effective as a meringue to Euro car parts for a replacement (Bosch S4 023) and upon fitting that, it started straight away (the good news) and off to the MOT... Now the bad news. So...the rear brakes have seized and the exhaust box is full of holes . (There`s a reason why I posted my car in this thread !)
  23. Thanks Tony !...(the Historic Vehicle tax status is vital to exempt it from the wider London ULEZ to be imposed in October where I live ; I think it`ll be eligible this car tax year otherwise it`ll be garaged until it is exempt... )
  24. basalte


    My Gran (who died in 1995 aged 95 ) kept telling us that she was one of the first British people to taste Marmite. I think it was a German invention. She said it was meant to be pronounced "Marmeet" but I never did get more detail.
  25. basalte


    I posted here ages ago about cheeky local ginger cat Sparly who works the street and surprisingly he`s still around. His antics have got a total of 50,000 views on YouTube and TikTok so far. A lot of his facial expressions seem quite human . Here he is last year trying to order two pints of lager and a packet of crisps ...!
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