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    UK vs USA

    Don`t forget, Jam is "Jelly" and Jelly is "Jello ". And a Rest Room in England is where you would go to lie down, NOT to urinate or defecate, under any circumstances.
  2. Thanks Mark-got some from sj sportscars, £29 each. Quick n` easy but...Ouch
  3. ..... should have used Erich Honecker`s German Democratic Republic 1988 State Citroen CX limo........just move the lever, raise suspension height, and awaay....
  4. Hi, Just working through the niggling stuff on the "new" Elite; the rear wiper motor`s shot. Any suggestions on where to get one would be most welcome. I note the gas strut thread below - gas struts shot too. Thanks Dan
  5. The world is your oyster but the future`s a clam. Paul Weller, The Jam.
  6. Rather like that airline pilot who left under a bit of a cloud.... .seriously though, the original Wombles were mostly members of folk-rock band Steeleye Span (who I think are great BTW) under the fur, at the time they were being produced by Mike Batt - (All Around My Hat / Rocket Cottage).
  7. basalte


    Hi, I`m in Muswell Hill, got to sort some pictures soon when the rain stops ....
  8. basalte


    Hi, just bought a tidy Elite 2.2 which was my ambition for a long time, certainly when the model was current ! I also have a couple of Citroen G series and a temperamental Austin Ambassador - now the other Wedge ! Hope to get along to a few rallies soon once it`s fettled . Dan
  9. Hi, picked the car up today. It was the dark blue one on ebay (and I`m sure many have seen the ad), in Telford. Well, all I can say is, I was gobsmacked. It was a really lovely car and more than lived up to the description. Even the vanity mirror light worked-not that I intend to use it ! No question of any doors hanging down... Drove it 150 miles back to London on maybe the rainiest day of the year, didn`t miss a beat. Certainly didn`t thrash it as worried at still no new cambelt (or maybe that`s down to luck). Lovely stability, although I`m used to that with the hydraulic Citroens. I was absolutely shocked however- NOT: to see the temperature needle climb (to 120 no higher ) when the M1 traffic slowed....might just be the fan however as the needle did a weird back flip for a few seconds later on in town ...the needle never actually touched maximum but ..maybe all this is obvious stuff to seasoned owners. I do suspect a manual cut-in is the answer. Will try to post some pics but anyway it was the one on ebay.
  10. Thanks guys...I`ll be bearing all that in mind. The car has been dry-stored for some years. By all accounts it was well-maintained. My worry No. 1 is the cambelt -can`t tell when it was last replaced. It "looks ok-not cracked or perished " . Hmmmm........anyway I don`t want to give it hard time / rev the nuts off it straight away. If all goes well I have already "warned" Lotusbits that I want to drop in on them on the way back for a once-over -(or maybe I won`t get a choice in the matter !) I`m told the rear wiper`s packed up but if that`s all the immediate trouble, I can`t grumble.
  11. Hi all, I`m about to "take the plunge" for the first time (unless you count the Dinky toy) and get a Lotus Elite 2.2....I do expect some problems but deliberately went for the 2.2 and (possibly) the best within my budget to avoid nightmare territory, so fingers crossed . With the 2.2, I am looking to take it for examination by experts asap after purchase (if it gets there) --apart from the brakes (which I understand have been sorted), any obvious stuff I ought to be on the lookout for to get done on the assumption it will shortly pack up / explode/ burst ? Thanks Dan
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