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  1. A bit of classic Brit New Wave summation of reality getting in the way of desire I ever heard, anyway ! The problem of leisure What to do for pleasure I do love a new purchase A market of the senses Dream of the perfect life Economic circumstances The body is good business Sell out maintain the interest Remember Lot`s wife Renounce all sin and vice Dream of the perfect life This heaven gives me migraine Coercion of the senses We`re not so gullible Our great expectations A future for the good Fornication makes you happy No escape from society Natural is not in it Our relations are of power We all have good intentions But all with strings attached Repackaged sex your interest This heaven gives me migraine. Gang of Four
  2. My wife thought they sang "the Wombles of Wimbledon, common are we..." I on the other hand grew up within 2 miles of Wimbledon Common and therefore did not entertain this understandable and mildly amusing misconception.
  3. basalte

    UK vs USA

    Don`t forget, Jam is "Jelly" and Jelly is "Jello ". And a Rest Room in England is where you would go to lie down, NOT to urinate or defecate, under any circumstances.
  4. Thanks Mark-got some from sj sportscars, £29 each. Quick n` easy but...Ouch
  5. ..... should have used Erich Honecker`s German Democratic Republic 1988 State Citroen CX limo........just move the lever, raise suspension height, and awaay....
  6. Hi, Just working through the niggling stuff on the "new" Elite; the rear wiper motor`s shot. Any suggestions on where to get one would be most welcome. I note the gas strut thread below - gas struts shot too. Thanks Dan
  7. The world is your oyster but the future`s a clam. Paul Weller, The Jam.
  8. Rather like that airline pilot who left under a bit of a cloud.... .seriously though, the original Wombles were mostly members of folk-rock band Steeleye Span (who I think are great BTW) under the fur, at the time they were being produced by Mike Batt - (All Around My Hat / Rocket Cottage).
  9. basalte


    Hi, I`m in Muswell Hill, got to sort some pictures soon when the rain stops ....
  10. basalte


    Hi, just bought a tidy Elite 2.2 which was my ambition for a long time, certainly when the model was current ! I also have a couple of Citroen G series and a temperamental Austin Ambassador - now the other Wedge ! Hope to get along to a few rallies soon once it`s fettled . Dan
  11. Hi, picked the car up today. It was the dark blue one on ebay (and I`m sure many have seen the ad), in Telford. Well, all I can say is, I was gobsmacked. It was a really lovely car and more than lived up to the description. Even the vanity mirror light worked-not that I intend to use it ! No question of any doors hanging down... Drove it 150 miles back to London on maybe the rainiest day of the year, didn`t miss a beat. Certainly didn`t thrash it as worried at still no new cambelt (or maybe that`s down to luck). Lovely stability, although I`m used to that with the hydraulic Citroens. I was absolutely shocked however- NOT: to see the temperature needle climb (to 120 no higher ) when the M1 traffic slowed....might just be the fan however as the needle did a weird back flip for a few seconds later on in town ...the needle never actually touched maximum but ..maybe all this is obvious stuff to seasoned owners. I do suspect a manual cut-in is the answer. Will try to post some pics but anyway it was the one on ebay.
  12. Thanks guys...I`ll be bearing all that in mind. The car has been dry-stored for some years. By all accounts it was well-maintained. My worry No. 1 is the cambelt -can`t tell when it was last replaced. It "looks ok-not cracked or perished " . Hmmmm........anyway I don`t want to give it hard time / rev the nuts off it straight away. If all goes well I have already "warned" Lotusbits that I want to drop in on them on the way back for a once-over -(or maybe I won`t get a choice in the matter !) I`m told the rear wiper`s packed up but if that`s all the immediate trouble, I can`t grumble.
  13. Hi all, I`m about to "take the plunge" for the first time (unless you count the Dinky toy) and get a Lotus Elite 2.2....I do expect some problems but deliberately went for the 2.2 and (possibly) the best within my budget to avoid nightmare territory, so fingers crossed . With the 2.2, I am looking to take it for examination by experts asap after purchase (if it gets there) --apart from the brakes (which I understand have been sorted), any obvious stuff I ought to be on the lookout for to get done on the assumption it will shortly pack up / explode/ burst ? Thanks Dan
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