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  1. Thanks Dunc-There seems to be a 50/50 mix of opinion on various forums as to whether Steel seal works (including it working wonders on an Elise K-Series -ah yes the K series....) A lot of posts refer to it making things worse - just clogging up the heater/pipes/radiator instead which would be catastrophic ! It seems vital to flush the cooling system first with (arguably) no anti-freeze at that point and a rather obvious point is that some head gaskets are too far gone to be helped (although my car still starts very easily and with no misfires). I don`t really want to take the risk with a 912 engine as guinea pig but the alternative is bloody expensive ....sounds like the Barrs Leaks might be a good half-way solution compromise type thing.
  2. We still spend less of our GDP expressed as a percentage on healthcare compared with other Western European countries (but at least we manage to stick more people in jail as a percentage of population than the rest of them) (sarcasm) . It all went a bit quiet after publication of the Panama papers revealing the billions secretly held abroad in tax havens. Some of those tax havens are under British control-the Caymans etc , we should assert that control to get them to tip up their piggybanks and tax `em not least because their massive funds simply cannot be spent by anyone in their lifetimes. I don`t think that anyone can claim some kind of universal cure for the problems this country faces. But a good start would be to accept that massive investment in infrastructure and renationalising strategic industry must be undertaken to revive manufacturing of hi-tech products - the key is investment. The idea is that we get a return on our investment. The real "saboteurs" are the billionaires who won`t accept that. Funny that old Jeremy Corbyn himself specifically referred to Colin Chapman`s outfit a few months ago as an example of the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that just wouldn`t get bankrolled by our greedy banks any more (probably because his mate`s son edits "Practical Classics" ). 1945 saw this country exhausted and in massive debt to the USA as a result of WW2. But we still managed to set up a free at the point of use National Health Service. But now sadly, it`s seen as something where bits of paper and round pieces of metal speak louder than the prerequisites for human existence. People who want change for the majority are, by definition, always going to get a hard ride from those in power who either want things as they are. Change also involves short term disruption. Hardened Brexiters and anti-Brexiters can agree on that much. Any way there`ll be a chance for Theresa May to debate the issues with her rivals soon ! What`s that ? She has refused ? Really ? I thought the others especially Corbyn were useless she`d run rings round them ! No you heard it right....she refuses to appear in any TV debate. In an election that I think we can all agree, is important. The truth is that she will be a floundering, inarticulate, callous bureaucrat when forced to go off-script. The Empress has no clothes but I accept that if you read the Telegraph Mail Sun Express that will not be the (rather disturbing I admit) picture you will be presented with. .
  3. No worries ! However I`ll never be as dark as Peter "Mephistopheles" Mandelson or Norman "Nosferatu" Tebbit . I`ve got no illusions about the NHS as the politicians have messed about with it for decades and the administrators seem to be getting the most from it now. Senior consultants maybe second with GPs and nurses at the back. But when I dial 999 (so far only once and that was in 1986 for someone else ) ; I want an ambulance in a certain short time guaranteed with a reasonably unstressed crew (that is now a thing of the past). -and above all I don`t want to be hassled for money -enough stress in those situations as it is. (that horrible prospect is on the horizon thanks to Jeremy (Hey ! Where`s he gone ?) Hunt and his privatisation project) My taxes should pay for it and those mainly extremely rich people who avoid tax must realise that as well when they might have to dial 999.
  4. You are talking about Tony Blair`s Labour ,not the current party policy . I probably despise Blair more than you do if that`s possible. I never voted Labour while he was in. It`s just sad that he conned so many good honest Labour voters.
  5. Thanks Phil, obviously need to "look before I Ieap" with this.
  6. After saying a few months ago that she wasn`t calling a snap election she is...calling a snap election. A leader you can trust ! She wants "Easter" on Easter eggs ! That is the concern when we face a nuclear war. She must have misread that bit where Jesus talks about "suffering little children" because she sure is making them suffer with those benefit cuts and arms deals with the Saudis. (-that`s the children from war zones that are allowed in of course). She knows this is her chance to grab more power before the ordure (much of it bovine) hits the fast-turning electrical cooling device of Brexit negotiations. As in : "We left your club but we want all the benefits and you are sore, losing lousy gits for not giving them to us ! " EU: Erm......ok........... "Britain must Fight for Gibraltar`s to enforce its 96 % vote for the EU !" "Britain must fight to leave a Union that is bureaucratically stifling independence ! (Unless you are Scottish when we must fight your ideas of leaving a union that you say is stifling independence !)" "£350 million a week for the NHS ! (oh sorry we meant that`s what individuals will have to pay the NHS to get treatment...)" Let`s take back control after all we have lost ! British institutions like Lotus , Jaguar/Land Rover, Tetley Tea our nuclear industry, Thompson Travel, All our train manufacturers, our airports, Hovis, Cadburys, Macmillan Publishers, All confectionery, Pilkington Glass, Branston Pickle, Radio Times, All our electricity industry, Gieves and Hawkes, City properties, Hartley Jams, Thomas Cook, half the water industry... -oh sorry that`s to China, India Asia and the USA . 51st State here we come As you have guessed I will not be voting Mayhem for purely selfish reasons.. I would like someone to come round and help me on/off the toilet if/when I can no longer walk without bankrupting myself.
  7. Hi, I posted elsewhere on here about how well my 2.2 is running now -and it still is over 160 miles now -- but it is drinking the water way too heavily with no evidence of leaking, about a litre every 50 miles. ...the past 4 trips in it have confirmed the presence of water with the oil and mayo under the oil cap, so I am forced to think its a head gasket issue. Keeping it topped up with water isn`t going to work in the long run. Tried K-Seal and have driven about 110 miles since but that has worked marginally if at all. Therefore I am going to try "Steelseal" on it next as I`ve heard good things about it, (at least if their numerous website endorsements are to be believed). Has anyone else tried "Steelseal" and how has it gone ? Thanks Dan
  8. Thursday 6th November 2006 : "Don`t do that Minister. That star (on that Security Pass) is what will get you admiitted to the bunker in the event of a nuclear war" "Where is the bunker ?" "Seven floors down from where we are now sitting. We can arrange a tour if you like" "Have the Blairs been round ?" "Yes they took a look at the Prime Minister`s quarters". "And were they satisfied ?" "No as it happens Mrs Blair didn`t like the decor. They had to redo it " (conversation between Tom Watson MP and a senior MoD official as recounted to Chris Mullin Labour MP in his published diaries) Friday 21st April 2006 "Apparently Cherie Blair charged the Labour Party £7,500 for having Andre her hairdresser attend upon her throughout last year`s election campaign. Yet more fuel if any were needed, for the notion that the New Labour elite live on another planet from the rest of us" Chris Mullin`s diaries. ....and they wonder why the Left in the Labour Party do not like Mr. Blair and the rest of his privileged parliamentary plotters trying to oust a leader who with all his faults has 300,000 votes to his name.
  9. Just seen / heard Blair on BBC News At Ten. The usual highly-skilled acting ability combined with a level of delusion also seen in many accomplished showbiz professionals . He had to get in the "I expect a volley of abuse " as a rather clunky attempt at self-deprecation-less professional than usual given the corner he`s in. The guy`s a pro just like his Public School Oxbridge protege professional PR man Cameron. The role of deceased pigs in all this remains an uncorroborated mystery, I concede. Needless to say the right -wing biased BBC did not feature a spokesman from the Labour Party whose current leader detests and despises Blair like any sane and decent person should-only Heidi Alexander, a PRO-Blair Labour MP was allowed to speak directly. You see what I`m banging on about when I talk about evidence for bias ? Evidence dear boy as Keith Moon might so pertinently put it. Drinkipoos ? Ah, I believe that Friday box to be ticked. Where was I .......? Now these irritating celebs who believe their word counts for huge amounts. I use the word irritating advisedly for these are popular usually highly-talented people. Not only that they`ve made their fortunes just from entertaining people which is a different kettle of fish from your Philip Greens and the Sports Direct Tyrant whose forunes are founded in others 4am-risin` toilet break permittin` zero hourin` minimum wagin` misery. So although they can look a bit foolish I would absolutely not class them in with the real ruling classes. PS Blair has been portrayed with his blessing as "honest even if mistaken". Trouble with that theory is that he was a professional Lawyer trained to be the mouthpiece of others, however rubbish their case. During the Iraq Inquiry there were many searching questions that a professional lawyer could have put to him that would have left him tongue-tied and red-faced. He was spared that, no doubt to his lasting gratitude .
  10. I knew you or Barry might beat me to it when it comes to Tory Blur...... sorry, Tony Blair ...and his comments which take irony to new heights.... But your comment on "I`m Prime Minister I`m Prime Minister !" (puerile shouts of joy on hearing he got the post) Bliar gets my 100% agreement ! As for your dig at Lily Allen at least she`s not a politician with the power to send thousands to their deaths (sorry-millions if you press the Button) starve thousands by cutting their benefits and have the Press at her beck and call to spread fake news about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Self-important celebs are an irritant not a danger.
  11. What needs to be remembered is that the BBC is officially committed to "impartiality". However that concept is not without its problems. How do you be "impartial" when there is an agenda there as Kimbers rightly pointed out ? To take an extreme example, suppose many people still believed the earth to be flat despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary -the BBC would have to interview 2 members of the public who thought it was flat and 2 who thought it round. That wouldn`t mean that arguments for and against the earth being flat were equally valid or had equal weight. What the BBC does to exhibit its bias is more subtle than that. If it`s a person in favour of it being flat make sure the interviewee is a blue - haired lesbian (ie a person most people tend not to identify with) . If its for the earth being round , make sure its a "respectable" person with neat hair. In Britain the image does a lot of the talking, where you can usually tell a person`s political views by their location, job and the way they dress and speak (unlike Italy for instance where the guys who bolt Ferraris together are just as likely (probably more so if they`re in a trades union) to be Communists as much as anyone else). It`s worth mentioning that Sarah Sands is about to become Editor of the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (a programme that loves to tell us all about how important it is). She was formerly editor of the "London Evening Standard" where her editorial bias was, believe me, undoubtedly Conservative (ie backing Zac Goldsmith to be Mayor). This is just one more reason amongst many why I believe the BBC to have a right-wing political bias but it probably has a left-wing cultural bias (excluding Top Gear maybe !)
  12. "These are the real people who time has forgot ,not given a thought. It`s the System ! Hate the System! .......What`s the System ?" The Jam "Saturday`s Kids " 1979 In a world where 8 individuals own as much wealth as half the world`s population, something seems wrong even if one or two of those megarich like Bill Gates try to help others. (Reminds me of "Captain Cash" they used to have in The Sun only on a larger scale) .(This isn`t about people earning up to a million a year by the way which most find to be rich enough-but it is not they who are the problem. Its the people on a million a week. I think its common knowledge if not commonsense that the more money you have the more power and influence that you are likely to have. But can anyone prove this empirically ? That`s still doubtful. The fact that Trump is a billionaire does not seem to have hindered his procedural efforts to become President . The more relevant consideration is therefore how people, instead of thinking "don`t vote for that rich bastard who doesn`t give a toss about anyone else " to : "it just doesn`t matter how much money he has or where he went to school , he has shown that he cares about those left behind by the political and economic elites" . In the USA a bigmouthed go-getter is often admired anyway ( although Trump did start with a million dollars in his pocket and makes no secret of the fact) and it is interesting that he can still be seen as an outsider. The UK is a bit different in that many rich people are seen as dodgy bigheaded snobs, but we are seeing some trends in thought related to the above inconsistent sentiments that can be seen as responsible for the Brexit vote as a manifestation of discontent. (I am neither questioning the result nor disputing that many had different reasons for voting the way they did )- but there was a overall feeling of "sticking it to the Brussels Elite and their gravy-train acolytes, they`ve had it easy for too long ". Was that a coherent and well-reasoned response to the problems facing Britain in particular ? Am I saying that people are just sheep who were brainwashed into attacking just the politicians and not the businessmen who control those politicians (often one and the same) ? No, and that insults the people who voted either way. The process is more subtle than that (although the "Alternative Fact movement " seem to be growing in a dangerous way). Its more a question of seeing a problem just from where you stand together with your own experience.People can see one side of a story as in "striking lefty teachers disrupt our kids` education" as opposed to "overworked and underpaid striking teachers lose a day`s pay and their own children miss out too ". Or, "Bolshy union boss earns over a hundred grand a year as opposed to "newspaper owner earns £4 million a year, so what ?" In summary, equal morality is artificially assigned to different situations with different backgrounds and motives . Obviously people have written books about less so this post might as well be on a postage stamp but I proceed from what I believe to be a reasonable view that the more money you have the more you have the power to influence events. In the British context this means that the billionaires Murdoch, Lord Rothermere Barclay Brothers and Richard Desmond owning 70% of the print media were able to have exponentially more say over their countrymens` opinions than other sources of info with less extensive distribution. There have been some totally unacceptable aspects of this which include the criminal phone-hacking antics of an editor who later became Cameron`s special advisor (elite member anyone?) to the vile slanders against Liverpool FC fans in the Hillsborough tragedy. Murdoch met in person with both May and Trump last year. The BBC offered some counterbalance but is committed to preserving the status quo if it can. Anyone else who wants a look-in has just got Facebook and Twitter. Trump played a blinder in using Twittter although now he is where he wants, that seems less advisable. Now for the militant bit. The idea that the above billionaires are somehow apart from or in a position to criticise "the Elite" must be nonsense. Tony Blair`s son`s Godfather is Rupert Murdoch FFS ! Nigel Farage was Murdoch`s dinner party guest after the referendum. The elite want to preserve their wealth and there is an again, a reasonable temptation to ascribe that motivation to some kind of psychopathology. Can the world be bettrer run by the people who actually just want to go off and play golf ?
  13. Went to last year`s, all those Morgan 3-wheelers storming up the High Street was worth it alone !
  14. It`s a shame, condolences to her family; I`ve noticed over the years in the Law that people who go in for the old nose candy do seem to suffer from heart failure more than others, but that is only anecdotal on my part.
  15. Hi Kimbers, You raise many valid points and I hope that I raised all mine in a spirit of good natured debate with hopefully a few laughs , that is my intention. I would not wish to couch any of my opinions in the confrontational terms which I incidentally found to be the usual ones that you find in most of our red-top newspapers. - I start from the view that most of those popular newspapers do not give us news, they give the opinions of their extremely rich and powerful owners-the Establishment Elite, if you will. The BBC hates the idea of an unstable society so I have found myself completely agreeing with those who I normally do disagree with. I prefer any of my Elites to have an engine and 4 wheels. (Groan) If that makes me a bleeding-heart liberal lefty, so be it. As Elvis Costello sang, "What`s so funny `bout peace and love and understanding?" We all contribute to our community in different ways and I have always thought your contributions in particular to be real practical ones and not only that, better than mine have been over the years ! However the right to protest is a pillar of Democracy as is the respect for the result of a vote. I already mentioned that I expected many of those anti-Trump marchers would be "middle-class idealists" and it looks like we agree on that one. To be the (red) devil`s advocate most young people can communicate with others now at the touch of a button and news spreads round the Western world like wildfire so whenever something outrageous gets said by someone (like Mr. Trump) they do get annoyed about it. Those are basic themes that contribute to a sense of injustice -fundamentally being seen as a "piece of ass" as a woman or singled out for comment or abuse because of skin colour or faith, is bound to personally rankle with them. When that same person can potentially get us all blown up its another source of concern. Let alone the whole climate change thing ! I suppose in a nutshell I think it`s better that they get hot under the collar about things that imply they`re not fully human than (in my view) the right to have a bunch of dogs tear live foxes apart (not trying to start another thread). The NHS is close to home it affects us all (even if we avoid the taxes needed to pay for it) and it definitely needs our support right now. (Incidentally I don`t agree that Corbyn would lay off our armed services-I believe his policy is to concentrate on targeted conventional defences. His personal view which I share is that Trident is useless-but that is not his party`s policy which is to keep it. ...and the trouble is, if he did sing "God Save the Queen" when everyone knows he`s a Republican, he`d get slagged off for that as well ! )
  16. Don`t worry mate we can afford it. Just needs some people up top to actually care for their compatriots instead of just SAYING they care... Funny, fill your house with emaciated cats and cereal packets and they will call you a hoarding nutter...fill your tax haven with billions of unused pounds and they call you a pillar of the economy ! The biggest lie put about is that any immigrants / asylum seekers / refugees don`t want to pay their way. (139,000 UK refugees out of 65 million total pop. by the way). All the evidence is that they DO want to pay their way but the media seize on all the "family of ten live in a mansion on benefits " stories as the rule not the exception. .........Unlike I dunno, Sir Philip Green ? He might have to sell a yacht to meet his pension obligations to his employees, yes he can very much help with their pensions, he (or his wife) has the money in the Bank to do it. As in, he could pay the thousands who worked for him and paid for his yacht. As in, someone who has megabucks and directly supported a lot of people who are now on the dole because of his decisions. Abdul down the kebab shop by way of contrast, is not in that position. .....from where I`m looking the have- nots make their beds on the pavement as I walk past them in the City of London every day but the have-yachts rule these days... from where I`m looking and I see nothing to make me look differently (as I know many here do, not trying to convert anyone but I do want to make people understand why I take the view that I do). A simple test-who wields more power and is a greater threat to our way of life ? A Billionaire with a printing press and a hotline to Government Mr. Murdoch (that`s when he isn`t the Government) - or Abdul down the kebab shop ?
  17. These are quite inflammatory remarks above and under the principle of equal and opposite reaction I will remark. Don`t worry it`s just good-natured banter ! Well, a bit.... Oh well, thanks guys, you`ve just saved me another 65p on a copy of the Daily Mail. I will speak up below for those marchers here and yes, you can care about what`s happening in the wider world and care about what`s happening here-and drive a Lotus as well for that matter .I am marching to support the NHS on March 4th. I don`t care if anyone notices or whether it gets reported, it will have made me feel a bit better for getting off my behind and at worst, showing just myself that I have a conscience about our Country. A proven liar with the power to incinerate us all scares some people and his attitudes disgust others such as that well-known long haired layabout John Bercow MP. Ban people from certain countries ? Well start with Saudi then, their citizens killed thousands on US soil. But no, guess what, Saudis aren`t banned. Invent a non-existent terrorist incident as justification. As someone might put it : JUST CRAZY. From reading the above posts how am I supposed to not reach a conclusion that British young people -this country`s future- are viewed with contempt ? How else can you read "use `em for target practice...they should wash, why can`t they protest about this country`s problems etc etc etc" . A good example of protests you may approve of ? Tony Benn in his time, marching with the Police Federation against funding cuts. Corbyn speaking out for British army veterans disgustingly thrown onto the streets. That`s the trouble with principles. They`re more complicated than grubbing for cold hard cash. BTW, you would certainly at least need a wash if you were an eight-year old shoved up a London chimney, and then left to die of lung disease at 16 (if you hadn`t broken your spine by then ). Who put an end to that ? People who protested. Sure they are idealists like many usually middle-class kids of that age but many will grow out of it and grow up to be bank managers accountants etc . At that age of relative irresponsibility, moral imperatives take precedence over the daily grind of meeting the bills, getting kids to school etc. And like it or not (and you clearly don`t), a mixture of commercial and moral imperatives are what have moved this country forward for ordinary people over the last 150 years. Ending slavery. Commercial and moral imperative. The plimsoll line preventing the greedy and dangerous overloading of ships. Obvious moral imperative. Trains for all. Commercial and moral imperative. Health Service for all. Moral imperative which makes commercial sense. All those things had to be fought for over the strictly narrow commercial interests that are still seeking to drag us back to the days when major surgery equalled bankruptcy and people knew certain illnesses were a Death sentence .
  18. Hillary got over 2 million more individual votes than Trump so that`s one reason why many Americans are up in arms but I am not here to attack their electoral system - same as I respect the Brexit result where similar arguments over legitimacy have raged (see another thread). All I am really saying is that it is the strongest evidence yet for the theory that you can offer people free unicorns with gold testicles and get elected because the right questions weren`t being asked-or the right questions were asked but he got away with just telling the admittedly smug complacent mediocracy to sod off. There is more than enough evidence from the guy`s own mouth that he doesn`t follow up what he says. However I agree that he has done so more in those crucial areas (ie kicking a hornet`s nest) than I would have expected. I just hope more policies are in fact aimed at improving life for those workers made unemployed by cheap imports. Making them pay for medical treatment won`t be the way to go.
  19. I haven`t posted here since Trump won. You missed my wise words obviously LOL . Many to the Left of Hillary (not difficult) like Michael Moore forecast a Trump win, so I was "shocked but not surprised" . Will he help those who need the most help ? Believe it when I see it ! Nah. Most heinously the abolition of compulsory health insurance will -literally - kill a lot of poor people unable to afford medical bills. How very Christian. Much opinion seems to be that Trump`s a bit of a thicko when it comes to political manoeuvring and the "brains" of the operation is Steve Bannon, the National Security appointee and a far-right ideologue. Trump does give the impression that he will listen most to whoever was in the room last . Never thought I`d say this but maybe Piers Morgan (who constantly boasts of being his mate) can talk some (relative) sense into him. Under that theory the "Ban Muslims" move was to create a shock that would divert attention from other more important changes. The other almost competing theory is that the rest of the Republican Party will allow Trump to enact the changes that will benefit their own (financial) interests such as further deregulation of the financial market then they`ll move against him (and judging from the record so far he`ll give them plenty of opportunities to do so). Talking of the Muslim ban, the elephant in the room is that the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi citizens. That`s right, you guessed it-Saudi citizens are not banned from entering the USA, nor citizens of the UAE ! Hillary`s gone very quiet while her erstwhile rival Senator Bernie Sanders is raising the roof. I`m hoping Trump screws up big time and we can get someone sane like Sanders who genuinely cares about the rust-belt working class, into power.
  20. Friday before last (Jan 13th) was the best drive yet, 28 miles on a cold sunny day, A1, M25 then M1 trace of any misfire or wayward temp needle at any point......I had more or less brimmed the expansion tank and the needle stayed slightly to the left/straight down even when parking in garage again when it normally gets hot and bothered. Then last Saturday 21st again a great drive with the needle climbing slightly on parking but well within "safe" limit. Still can`t see any drips on floor so not sure how pouring in a sealant would help or would it be harmful ? Anyway as long as I keep it topped up with Hydrogen Dioxide, good times !
  21. Hello again, PARAS 7-9 ABOVE. Funny how things turn out, who would have thought that so many campaigners for the restoration of British Parliamentary Sovereignty would be so outraged by errr... -the restoration of British Parliamentary Sovereignty !
  22. I can`t help but think Citizen Kane is Drumpf`s favourite movie...for all the wrong reasons.
  23. OOOHHHKAY.....New rack on, leaky manifold welded, washer and horn works (!) MOT and Tax -ready to roll agAIN ! London rush hour traffic and all, fans cutting in and out and in and out and in and out like they should... (....didn`t like the way the temp needle climbed to first notch past halfway on parking up in a tight spot but it was all behaving up till then, maybe fan needed time to cool it again - just need to check water level in expansion tank)
  24. Hey I thought that part of the American Dream was that anybody could get to be president, but all I`ve seen from 1989 on has been contests including George Bush Senior and Junior (and his brother Jeb) and Clinton and spouse. It`s like an episode of "Dynasty" but with weirder actors. (By "anybody" I suppose that could mean "anybody with loads of money " so as to encompass Drumpf, the man later renamed Trump. Trust is his middle name . Not. (Never thought there`d be a candidate who makes Richard Nixon look like a Communist). Anyone seen Brian Blessed`s opinion of Drumpf on ITV news today ? Very funny. Obama seems decent and can kinda like string more than two words together which helps, but just seems stalemated by the system. (As you can probably guess, I was supporting Bernie Sanders for what it`s worth as a Brit, but the tragedy is that if he was still standing it would split the vote and allow Drumpf in, so he sensibly withdrew in favour of the least worst same old same old ).
  25. C8RKH ,I have genuine respect for your decision not to buy Nissan again , I wish more people would shun businesses they dislike for moral reasons and not always looking to the wallet. I never go to Tesco`s personally (as I don`t dig on the geegees in my shepherds pie and resent Tesco`s massive scrounge off the State by paying their staff poverty wages forcing the staff to claim State benefits ). Problem is, Mr, Ghosn has got a business to run, Nissan ain`t the DWP. If business conditions are not favourable they will move elsewhere (rather like James Dyson`s factories relocated to Malaysia despite his support for Brexit). We are going to see a lot of businesses move elsewhere simply because of the uncertain climate. If we want a motor industry there usually have to be regional incentives and subsidies these days. The big backstory is that we are paying the price for getting rid of our own indigenous motor industry and concentrating on services not production for the past 30 years. -Oh and that Nissan Juke looks like a bloody Rhinoceros, not a bad drive but a tiny boot....
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