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  1. MOT fail. Leaking front exhaust downpipe and steering rack. It`s throwing everything its got at me (and I should have put this in the "projects" thread) but I am fighting back ! Today ordered recond rack ! (not meant to rhyme...)
  2. Interesting post Steve, it`s sad to see how ideas like Socialism and Communism which originally meant real freedom from sweatshops and slums got mixed up with the power-projects of gangsters like Stalin and total psychos like Mao and Pol Pot, (although others like Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh seemed much more approachable and are revered as patriotic heroes in their countries ) . With Corbyn I will have to say that he has been constantly misrepresented in the media. If you examine his policies they are basically those most similar to those of Scandinavian countries. I think that the economic system here in particular is now so far to the Right (privatised everything) that anything like we had 50 years ago seems communistic (free school milk ? How dare they ?) The problems of Labour are down to our completely unfair electoral system (where UKIP got 3 million votes and no new MPs -absurd and I am not a UKIP supporter!). To get power a party has to accommodate wide variances of view and Corbyn and Brexit has of course stretched that to the limit . I personally think that most of the "rebel" Labour MPs would be better of in the Lib-Dems. In defecting they would isolate Corbyn in Parliament but would have to lose the Labour tag- but then, as Brexit showed, Parliament is not where change is happening.
  3. I enjoy reading all these and there is always some common ground-at least we don`t behead each other for dissing each others` invisible friends ! Its a start ! I am not sure that any future concept of British public ownership can look to the past for any ideal role model. I think in particular that consumers / passengers need at least as great a voice as the unions and administrators in the way major decisions are reached in key industries and many will be aware that German companies do have permanent workers` representatives on the Board and it doesn`t seem to do them much harm. As to the general debate over the efficiency of the public sector, a typical Government strategy is to starve them of funds then point to them and saying they`re rubbish-then privatise `em for their fat cat friends (who they later join on the Board when they quit as MPs). Sadly it looks like the NHS is getting this kind of kicking as I type. As a (slightly) Bolshie Brit I am suspicious of injections of "belief" into political groups as a substitute for thought. It automatically excludes those who think differently or want to say "hang on a minute mate ?" and I am well aware that is the danger with "believing" a Corbyn or a Thatcher for that matter. A small minority of "believers "have bullied others just as a more senior Conservative Party activist seems to have bullied poor Elliott Johnson into suicide. Unpleasant types can inhabit all politics. I stress that I do not "believe" in Mr. Corbyn. I merely agree with a lot of what he says in order for our young people to have a decent future in a revived UK. I am equally suspicious of attempts to convert people to a cause so if I said "Corbyn`s a decent guy-join us, we`re nice people from all a walks of life " ! It just sounds like I`m a saddo banging a tambourine. I wouldn`t blame you for facepalming. I will incidentally say that he`s not a Communist but left Social Democrat -after all, Churchill and MacMillan presided over truly mixed economies of the general type he advocates and Edward Heath makes Corbyn look moderate when he nationalised Rolls Royce ! A man who makes jam and grows marrows seems unlikely to whip up mobs of Nazi stormtroopers (copyright Daily Mail -funny old world where I get called that) and anyway where`s his Merc 540 K ? I think the shortest answer is really to paraphrase my musings above-I do not trust any newspaper to give a true representation of Mr, Corbyn`s beliefs and better to go to his and related FB pages. The amount of abuse and insults being hurled is...distinctly tame and underwhelming. Facebook " Jeremy Corbyn`s Terrible Thugs" Face book page I had a laugh when I read that...
  4. I`m used to the epithet "deluded" from people of a right-wing persuasion-it`s a useful catch-all shorthand term to decry someone else`s view and in any event Corbyn is merely the symptom not the cause of rumblings in this country which people of whatever political persuasion need to pay heed to ; in my estimation there are many who have delusions about Mrs. May`s competence, (or Boris Johnson`s love for his country rather than himself). Its standard political knockabout but we are not here to play insult ping-pong. There`s more I agree with than disagree with in this thread-and I`m not just saying that to be nice. People have lost faith in the political classes, the media is biased towards the elites, the EU is not fit for purpose in many ways, and just days after proclaiming "Brits don`t quit" Mr. Cameron quit and has now quit the Commons just before he got slagged off for blowing up Libya -what a strange coincidence ! But the solutions ? Yes there is disagreement. I am finding it hard to see how this country can pay its way in the short term given the corrosion of our industrial base, the disastrous decision to go ahead with Hinckley B and the overall lack of investment in infrastructure where taking a plane costs less than the train-madness. My answer is planned massive investment in appropriate infrastructure (is HS2 appropriate ? Heathrow appropriate ? Doubtful) for employment and future economic growth. That does require Government action-and I can see no sign that they are serious about it. Yes it requires borrowing (at historically low interest rates) and spending although the billions currently squirrelled away in tax havens doing nothing, would help. Now "Socialism" whatever that is. Hitler, Gadaffi and Tony Blair all called themselves Socialists. Margaret Thatcher called New Labour her "greatest achievement" so to use your reasoning she was a Socialist too ! I`m sure you didn`t mean that. Leaving aside the nutjobs and war criminals, I remain convinced that there is a role for strategic Government intervention where the market cannot or will not operate or is administratively inappropriate. The privatised Railways are the best example of dysfunctionality where other countries` state controlled railways are running our railways ! Totally Deluded. There is also a role for Government to ensure that people who lose out through no fault of their own can continue to lead a dignified life. Thanks to Joseph Stalin in particular we have been brought up to believe that Socialism at worst means you have to eat turnips, do folk dancing or get shot or stuck in a Gulag if you refuse and at best wastes your money on scroungers. All very useful to those who want to keep us in our place-"look what happens if you try to change things Peasants" . On the other hand Saudi Arabia is a capitalist country but not at all pleasant to be in unless your surname is Saud. I think Socialism is indeed obsolete in the political sense of wanting to control culture and peoples` lives but in its classic sense it was always about empowering people to free themselves from wage-slavery and to give them freedom from ill-health and insecurity in particular. I do not believe that this can be achieved by the private sector.
  5. "How anyone can support Corbyn is beyond me ". Well to someone on a zero hours contract, someone worked to the bone driving ambulances or treating emergency cases, to a student asked to fork out £9000 for course fees, to young couples with kids who can`t afford a mortgage-I can assure you it`s not beyond them. Aggressive and provocative opinions abound on this site when this guy`s name comes up. And worse still for you he`s still around, unlike many of your heroes Farage and Gove to name but two who`ve chickened out of helping this country with the decision it made (on topic, people !). Yes C8RKH I am well aware of the constitutional role of elections -just might be nice to get one once in a while when yet another policy not in the Manifesto is trotted out to distract everyone from Brexit for a bit. . Well now is your chance to peer into the mind of a self-confessed Corbyn supporter. Just a glimpse obviously, none of us have all bleedin` night ! In addition naturally I am aware that Lotus owners are not Mr. Corbyn`s prime target constituency (even if he did say some nice things about Colin Chapman`s little start-up business a few months ago ), But the arguments you have advanced do not have the one element that might just possibly sway my view. Originality. To understand where I come from you must appreciate that I believe that the mass media lie, lie and lie again to you every single day about Mr. Corbyn.When I pick up a copy (which I do most days) of the Mail the Sun the Express the Telegraph the Times. -these above comments are what I read and what I entirely expect. My view is borne out by various reputable studies by (sorry) experts who have quantified and qualified bias against this man on a huge scale.. To me they don`t correspond with the reality of what actually leaves Mr. Corbyn`s mouth and what I hear him say when free of the lies and distortions of those papers. It`s one thing to detest the guy-that is your absolute right. But to base that view on the above billionaire scandal-sheets does not count in my book. All I can advise is that you go to his campaign and facebook pages and if you hate what he puts there, again. fine. But at least it willl be from the horses mouth What makes me laugh is that you all seem prepared to believe that the BBC lies and distorts but Rupert Murdoch (recently pictured at a party with Mr. anti-establishment Farage), Paul Dacre, the mysterious Barclay Twins in their Channel Island Castle and Richard "Porn King" Desmond -answerable to no-one-do not WTF????. Mr, Corbyn wants to take their power and influence away, They do not like him. They have a very good reason not to like him. They spit bile and vitriol in his face every day. All I ask is that you please take account of that. To not take account of the billionaires` war against him is to exhibit a fundamental misconception of what is happening in our country. .
  6. C8RKH, incidentally this isn`t a thread about Corbyn or Defence (or the Beeb!) but your errrm.... trenchant attempted slapdown does deserve a riposte. A man who voted against the invasion of Iraq and the bombing of Libya and who`s proved officially correct on both ISIS-promoting disasters they turned out to be and who has the lowest expenses claim of any MP - Naive ? Really ? Arrogance ? His dress sense alone might suggest otherwise..dictating ? Well, 250,000 voted for him, 250,000r more than for Mrs. May. You may also wish to research how our British banks loan money to the Russian nuclear programme and how North Korea justifies their nukes for the same reasons of "deterrence" that we do. .
  7. Further update, above probs were sorted and I have had a few fun bimbles round neighbourhood. Temp gauge started to climb so cut that short...leaky expansion tank hose detected and replaced-now trapped a nerve in my shoulder so all driving off ! Mixture adjustment screw on one carb has melded itself to housing and cambelt slightly loose , that will be the next job ...but at least it runs !
  8. Now you know exactly how us Corbyn supporters feel about the BBC. The fact is, the BBC hate anything that deviates from the establishment agenda to preserve what they see as "stability" in this country (ie. the preservation of elitist decision-making). Both Corbyn and Brexit get the same treatment as threats to that stability.
  9. basalte


  10. Elite 2.2 working again today-first time for 18 months- with clean fuel tank with two filters, new HT leads and new dizzy cap and valve clearances reset, ran engine to get it good and hot then it didn`t miss a beat and started first time even when hot ! Looking forward to driving it again....
  11. Bit of an update.....front trunnion needs looking at as there was some play in the wheel, one blocked carb needing disassembly to clean. I am not giving up and these will be dealt with pronto !
  12. Don`t wanna say I told you and use up more thread space so but I told you so...the legal challenge to Brexit will be followed with interest.
  13. One above view of the (ever-optimistic) C8RKH I totally agree with - let`s certainly prefigure Scots independence - take our weapons of mass destruction away from Faslane unilaterally and relocate them in England. 31 Billion quid to be spent on their defence and they want none of it, the ungrateful (insert non-PC term here) ! C8RKHs suggestion sure would be a matter of principle over money-something quite rare and welcome in politics. They get one bonus , Faslane will stop being a nuclear target and therefore their wee bairns will escape being burnt alive in their incinerated parents` arms if and when La May presses the button. Trident is a an English matter for the English nation. For the sake of balance (listening BBC ? Thought not...) I must however point out that many MPs and Lords benefit financially from the industries involved in its retention. Barclays RBS and HSBC help finance the Russian Vnesheconombank`s financing of their Dolgorukiy nuclear submarine programme -ooooh, anyone would think there`s more to this one than meets the eye ! I am however personally pleased that those well-known tree huggin` hippy do-gooders Field Marshal Lord Bramall, Field Marshal Lord Ramsbotham, Major General Patrick Cordingley the late Field Marshal Lord Carver and former Defence Secretary Michael Portillo all think Trident is a colossal waste of money. But what do the military experts know?
  14. Certainly the "Remain" Coke Snortin` Notting Hillbillies have been cleared out, but Jeremy naughty-word is still in place to rub salt into the Junior Doctors` wounds. The new PM`s documented disgust at Gordon Brown`s appointment without a General Election is clearly no longer a problem for her, what a surprise. The Jury continues to be well out on so many Brexit aspects although I would like to be optimistic don`t get me wrong. Like the main pro and anti Brexit argument itself, there are pros and cons by the multitude with Ken Clarke wisely asking what kind of Brexit is wanted. To take an overview, every vaunted minus of Brexit supported by dodgy statistics there seems to be a vaunted plus supported by dodgy statistics. BoJo ? Oh Dear. Oh Dear. Oh Dear. And another one : Oh Dear. I suspect the guy now in charge of Mi6 thinks " Johnny English" is a documentary . "A liar with his back against the wall" ; words of the French Foreign Minister Monsieur Ayrault today. Good luck with that one mate ! I can only surmise that our new PM has an inspired sense of humour in liking the idea of covering blokes in honey before ordering them out to remove a wasps` nest . (Makes you wonder if Boris should now avoid any Ferrero Rochers handed round at the Ambassadors Soirees - they might taste a bit funny... )
  15. That`s Mark Wainwright`s. About half a mile from my Elite. .
  16. In July 2011, a 140 mile trip from collecting the Elite 2.2 in Telford down M1 to London. Temp needle well into the red at slow speeds but no boiling-wish I`d checked water levels first, might have helped ....then May 2013, a 480 mile round trip to Skipton and back for Sister-in Law`s wedding, didn`t miss a beat but one headlight refusing to rise. It all went a bit downhill from there but hoping it`s back to full chat this very week.
  17. Well she wants to bring back foxhunting so looking like she`s wearing a dead animal skin on her feet is at least consistent with policy. More on-topic, her touted support for Remain was distinctly erm...muted . Seemingly that hasn`t stopped 199 fellow MPs whether Leave (Chris Grayling) or many other Cameroon Remainers voting for her. Certainly a matter for comment considering the lot opposite seemed content to give their chief hornet and his nest a good kicking over exactly the same issue. Is it a good idea to kick a Hornet`s nest ? Ermm ....general consensus is that its not . The common thread ? I venture that they`re all MPs and they all look to their own career security first against anyone threatening their cosy little set-ups. Somewhat of a cliché but then why are clichés so often true ?
  18. The authoritative legal opinion seems to be that Blair cannot be indicted for alleged war crimes - but only because his alleged crimes were committed before the legislation and the ICC `s` jurisdiction operated. Broadly however there may be other options; a criminal charge of: 1. Contempt of Parliament; (knowingly or recklessly misleading the House as to reasons for the invasion). For example if you follow Blair`s speeches to Parliament over time they manipulatively shifted from justifying only the disarming of Saddam and (after no WMD were found), to just getting rid of Saddam; Blair now repeats over and over that Saddam was "a monster" knowing that it is the one undeniable moral (not actually legal) aspect of justification for intervention. Well we all know there were plenty of other monsters in the world he was preparared to tolerate but who Uncle George didn`t happen to want to erase. Its a shame he wasn`t questioned by lawyers at the time - being a lawyer himself he knows not only what evidence to give effectively but what questions to anticipate and what awkward questions (such as UN support for the war) to underplay or to hide in a miasma of legalese. Like many advocates he has also shown himself to be a good actor, knowing exactly when to deploy mock-sincerity and mock-bluntness (ie. yell and shout apology about minor mistakes in his conduct and mumble over major ones) . He has acted masterfully in making the best of a bad case. The Attorney General also played a pivotal and particularly suspect role in mysteriously changing his legal advice following a meeting with the Americans. Chilcot found the legal process for justifying the war "far from satisfactory". Unfortunately that crucial aspect seems to have been underplayed in the Report whereas contempt for the Law underpins Blair`s whole project ( and the later acceptance of non-repayable "loans" to the Labour Party allegedly in return for peerages that led to Blairs interview by police under caution) . No wonder most decent Labour Party members seem to want rid of Blair and his ilk ! Craig Murray the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, is clear in his view that Blair knew there were no WMD all along . A very serious allegation emanating from a senior diplomat, that is surely strong evidence that Blair was (and is) straightforwardly a liar. . 2. Misfeasance in a Public Office- (knowingly or recklessly exceeding his constitutional powers by employing false premises to go to war ). Again some of the above evidence is relevant . 3, Inciting a war of aggression-actionable in other countries so that if he set foot on their territory he could be charged with that. There were also those closely complicit in this-all the MPs who voted for war should apologise to the servicemen and women who did their duty. Those newspapers who hounded the anti war campaigners like Charles Kennedy should also apologise to their readers. The shameless manipulation of public opinion by Mr. Murdoch in (particular ) continues to this day.
  19. Well, some important news for our country and the bereaved. The Report was finally published today after 6 years delay. Families of our servicemen and women who were so betrayed by Blair (to say the least) and the thousands of dead and battered innocent people in Iraq will derive little satisfaction as it will not bring their loved ones back who died - for what ? So that Isis can now rule large parts of that nation and launch terror attacks on Europe ? Did the USA and GB have a plan for post-war Iraq ? Nope. Shades of the events of last week too... and of 100 years ago... That is the bitter result of this grubby little adventure launched by grubby little politicians who cannot see further than the next opinion poll and their own little slate of "expenses". . Our so-called leaders grandstand, preen and crow, enter stage left and exit stage right wielding daggers whilst others have to do the dirty and dangerous work to earn their crust. 1 junior doctor is worth 100 of those particular individuals. From what I can gather, Chilcot takes the view that so many suspected-that we went to war purely because George Bush wanted to and that the evidence (of non-existent weapons of mass destruction) was improperly and cynically invoked for that aim. The note from Blair to Bush "I will be with you whatever...getting rid of Saddam is the right thing to do" . Well thanks a bunch Tony. Sixteen words that really make it worthwhile for someone to lay down their life for their country. Would you do us a favour and send your own sons to fight next time ? Does Chilcot hold wider lessons ? I believe that it does. For me personally for a start the political leaders who think Blair is the model to follow should all become Estate Agents or Public Relations Officers instead (oops sorry Mr. Cameron was already one of those) - it`s more appropriate for their talents.
  20. All respect to Jeremy Deller for organising the mute troupes of WW1 soldiers who appeared at stations and other public places. They did not speak or "perform" other than to sing the WW1 song "We`re here because we`re here" and simply handed out cards to enquirers with the name of a soldier killed at The Somme. That brought home to many the loss of a living breathing person and in doing so gave new life to those thousands of names carved in stone . (To my Grandfathers who served : Capt William Grounds, Capt Ronald Rubinstein of the Fifth Gloucestershire Regiment, My Great Grandfather Colonel Solomon J.Solomon )
  21. Like an episode of Dad`s Army, Boris is the Corporal Jones tossing the armed grenade of Article 50 to his fellow platoon members shouting "Don`t Panic". Not unreasonable to venture the opinion that they could have envisaged and thought about this before having a referendum ?
  22. I`m gonna boast here ! I played at Glasto in 1993, I was in a comedy band in the Circus tent called "ERM" (Geddit?) , 4 of us down there in my £100 GSA with camshafts rattling like hell but it got us there and back 70 (ahem ) all the way -(the joys of flat four air cooling) . Because we were performing we got to pitch tents in the VIP area and I shared a drinks table with Gerry Sadowitz (who ?) It did strike me that the audience were too stoned to actually listen to us but we did OK. VIPs or not, The toilets were still bloody awful even though there was no rain. It would certainly help to be out of it all the time. I didn`t feel like going back, but if you`re under 25 it must be magic.
  23. There are deeply immature hotheads on both sides who think that personal abuse is somehow an argument. That`s depressing to any reasonable person. I think it is fine to call peoples` views foolish (preferably explaining WHY that is thought) -that does not make them fools. Personally I haven`t noticed any one side being more significantly hateful than the other but I have read reports of people being abused in the street for being foreign. I would ask them is this 2016 in their heads, or 1616 ?.
  24. ...except women, latinos, african-americans and every member of every other minority that he`s insulted. Ooops that`s starting to make a majority. Good luck with that one Donald Drumpf (Drumpf being his real surname just in case you were unaware). Just trying to work out if his hair`s real...
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