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  1. Yep . Trouble is I have discovered my new superpower ; to enrage people by not swearing and not calling them names and not suggesting they’re deluded or insane . The POWER of it ! 😂😂😂

  2. “ I think you need to go and take your pills and sit in a dark corner “ . And I am the one making offensive remarks. Okaaayy….

    I am wise to your belief system C8 ; a belief system based on years of acquiescence to news agendas that support a particular world view . That in no way makes you a bad person and you are the vast majority, not me . What it does seem to mean however is that you regard challenges to some aspects of that belief system as a “ hand grenade “ . I find that attitude bizarre particularly as I have pointed out that I was RESPONDING to a post , not initiating one . 
    If I were really some hothead  you would find me here OPENING threads all over the place about all sorts of nasty stuff that goes completely unreported and is completely unrelated to Lotus . As it is you find perfectly fact - based examples giving rise to concerns over Russian influence over the Conservatives to be inflammatory where the Russians are definitely the bad guys here . 

  3. Fair point , (the EU is not a totalitarian bloc ) , but given its self proclaimed size and status the UK is undoubtedly out on a limb diplomatically, particularly in the eyes of the USA . 

  4. I have apologised to March; he took something personally which was not (and I would say cannot) be taken as a criticism of character but if someone is offended I am content to believe they are offended. If that makes me some kind of  snowflake,  so be it. 

  5. C8 please take note that the phrase "it wasnt me !" sounds a bit glib and curt but you`ll surely note that it was NOT myself who posted about Corbyn initially, it was someone else who has a right wing agenda dressed up as "common sense" as usual (that`s purely my opinion of course before someone else gets all riled up  ) who posted on Wednesday at 9.07. I wasn`t intending to involve him but indeed I get fed up with all the Anti-corbyn propaganda from tax avoiding billionaire press barons.

    Dont want to prejudge others attitudes  but AFAIK  I`m the only one on this entire forum backing him up !

    I`m not even backing Labour who are anything but a "blob" by the way-I`m sure Starmer loathes Corbyn more than you do-but that is all off topic .

    Perhaps one day you`ll at least acknowledge that the guy hasn`t buckled under from being called all the names under The Sun (pun intended) for 6 years-where Miliband nearly had a breakdown and Starmer whinges because a few people shouted at him in the street.

      I agree with you much more than you think about Blair who I find entirely unscrupulous - except that all those right of Corbyn are also (key word) there to preserve an economic structure that makes absurdly small numbers of people absurdly rich. The key expression "sticking to your guns" applies.

    (They all fear Corbyn`s  tax proposals ( for example, he was to tax corporations to the same level as Thatcher did - hey, how very "extremist" of him !)

    In asserting that the above are "irrelevant" , of course they are no longer / never had power-but the invasion of Ukraine has a background, a history in which Blair in particular was a key player. Certain awkward facts are being left out here and it is impossible to understand the present war and our Government`s  reaction without referring to them.   If that means having a go at the Tories then so be it. 

    As with all my posts I`m not trying to win people to my views (which are certainly largely unsupported by the mainstream media and are not typical of Lotus enthusiasts in my experience ); merely to point out some salient facts one of which is that the Conservative Party over the last ten years has been attracted to Russian money -and that kind of money usually comes with a nod and a wink. If you are following the news you`ll know that the Ukrainians themselves are frustrated by the UKs lack of action.

    There must be a lot of eye-rolling at this thread by now but it does seem to me that France and Germany are relatively united in their reaction (love or hate it ) and we are not . How is this a male testicular organ ?  Your relentless mission to blame the EU (and once again I emphasise that I am not their biggest fan) , seems to ignore that insurmountable fact.     


  6. There is a lot of selectively in your approach C8 , which is unhelpful to a sober assessment of a complex situation. As for “ pro Corbyn propaganda “, we have been swamped daily with anti Corbyn propaganda for the past 6 years including from all the Blair supporters - so I won’t apologise for giving a counter view . A brief example ; 4 years ago in the House , Corbyn condemned Russian interference in British politics and their funding of UK political parties . The speech is absolutely available online . At the time he was shouted down ! 
    Secondly the collapse of communism led to the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact . NATO carried on . Who was the new enemy for NATO ? It’s only too obvious that the freeing of Russian capitalism was sold to us as the end of the Cold War , even ( absurdly ) the “ end of history “. Yes , Putin wasn’t interested in better relations but on the other hand the former Soviet - sphere countries were certainly not keen on Russia either . NATO remains a red rag to the Russian bull ( or bear if you like ). It would be very interesting to see how Finland reacts given that it used to be part of Russia. I’m hearing no stories of panic in Helsinki . 
    As for gas , that’s half the story . Rees Mogg selling his shares in a Russian Investment house 23 days before this invasion . Some might call that “ insider trading “. Face it , C8 , the Tories are in this up to their necks and don’t take my word for it , take statements from the US expressing disappointment at the UKs sluggishness in enforcing sanctions .

     Brexit by definition entails a divided European response to Putins aggression- that’s exactly what Leave wanted and they’re getting it . 

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  7. Come on , is no one going to return to the root of this conflict ? The actual cause ? Not just that Putin’s a dick ( which he is ). 

    it was that NATO promised Russia that it wouldn’t expand Eastwards .

    It has since then , expanded Eastwards . 

    None of this justifies Russia invading Ukraine- but the above is their main reasoning for it . 

  8. No , sorry C8 , playing the “ they’re all the same !” card is a handy but wholly superficial way of defending what’s been happening . You’ll also find the Chinese equally pally with Cameron and May by the way . 
    The key is this ; Russia is the City of London’s very own Gazprom pipeline and they don’t want that flow cut off . 
    Far more effective analysis is to “follow the money “ ; Exports to Russia were worth £ 232 million - and that was in the year after the Salisbury poisonings ! 

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  9. Russian donations to the Conservative Party 2011-2020. 


    And hey presto  it’s “ ooooh look over at that Corbyn!” from the Telegraph brigade …

    Lets see whether the wallets close now eh ? 

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  10. There’ll be a lot of tough talk . But if you look at the links between Russian oligarch money and the governing elite here  - (exposed week after week in the pages of Private Eye )- it’s hard not to think that they all have too much to lose to isolate Putin .
    Son of a KGB agent , Lord Yevgeny Lebedev of Siberia ( his genuine title !) sitting in the House of Lords , helping to set British government policy , is the tip of the iceberg . 

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  11. Errr… Corbyn called yesterday for Russian troops to leave the occupied areas …but of course the Mail spins even that as anti -West . The least trusted newspaper in Britain . 

  12. Sorry C8 , you appear to want your cake and eat it here . You quite rightly question the integrity of “ experts “ but the answer cannot logically be to replace them with … what ? Your own conclusions? Many fields of expertise require expertise just to say “ I don’t know the answer “ ; such an honest response in an ideal world should attract respect but it seems that that this paradox plays no part in your response . I totally agree that religion involves inherent unquestioning faith - a bad thing . But experts are all we have to inject rationality into any assessment. “ “Drawing your own conclusion “ is much easier said than done . The most we can expect is indeed moral integrity and a degree of accountability from experts . Not ideal but better than priests or tax avoiding sociopathic phone hacking newspaper barons . 
    Now China , albeit thats a whole other thread . I see 800 US military bases worldwide , many in nations surrounding China . And yet China is the aggressor . OKAAAY….

  13. I apologise for gaining that impression C8 .
    There are plenty of your “political “ posts which I feel like responding to but do not . I became embroiled today because I wanted to give the reasons ( remember reasons ?) why the idea of stereotyping particular groups to get a cheap laugh , is not a universally - liked move . 
    It is your idea that “ airbrushing history “ is the problem , that I have difficulty with . Curiously , you regard this as some malevolent coordinated project from the Left when I see it chiefly as a quest for academic equilibrium. Secondly because they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery let alone history .
    History has always been airbrushed and indeed those attempts to airbrush it are part of history itself .

    This does not excuse deliberate falsifying of history of course , but uncovering new perspectives which challenge official versions cause controversy and backlashes from those peddling other versions .
    I reiterate for reasons above that “ slavery “ is a particularly bad example for anyone to use in support of their contention that academic freedom is imperilled .

    And I think it is here that you are setting up Straw Men to shoot at . Only idiots would blame “ all of us “ for slavery ; likewise very few who oppose slavery would declare “ yes it was terrible then , I’m so angry - but I don’t care a “ t*ss “ about it happening now “ . I swear that I have never encountered that attitude from anyone who takes an interest in such matters . 
    Many of the above students have precisely learnt from the past , if only because we are constantly and rightly always being exhorted to . 
    I’m sorry that you feel that everything is getting much worse in your world due to attempts to “ change history “ - I certainly agree that things are getting worse - but mainly from the point of view of trying to pay the heating bills ! 


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  14. Hi C8, looks like another “ set this liberal lefty straight !”( I’m not a liberal but anyway …)  mission  has been embarked upon. Not a problem. Yes sadly a criticism of what passes for “ popular “ humour involves the use of academic precepts - the old conflict between heart and head . And indeed my points implied that we need to use the head a bit more .
    When it comes to slavery the main academic text for many decades has been “ How Europe Underdeveloped Africa “ by Prof Walter Rodney . That main text of course sets out the role of local ruling castes in slave trading ; it would however be incorrect to set them as equal to those with the guns ships and horses . I do agree that there can be a distorted emphasis on the importance of certain historical processes . The trouble is that aspects of the major slave trade are still with us - statues are the least of it . Haiti is still crippled by debts incurred as penalties for the slave rebellion of Toussaint LOuverture during the Napoleonic wars . The poisoned legacy of the American Civil War persists, and sadly guides many prejudices today . Whilst there are obviously many kinds of slavery , the sheer dehumanisation of Africans and those of African descent made it a uniquely bitter and enduring injustice- unsurprising that it gets exploited by some hotheads from either camp . I am broadly familiar with similar processes stemming from the Holocaust . Bitter and enduring feelings get exploited. 

  15. Sorry mate if you knew my life history you’d know I like a laugh more than most - but you really can’t expect everyone to “ see the funny side “ when it’s real people affected by others posting what amounts to unfair assumptions about them . 

  16. You posit this as a modern “ we’re going to hell in a handcart ! “ phenomenon ; but misinformation is as old as literacy itself .
    It’s the mass dissemination of it that is relatively new .

    The trouble is , you give your perspective away in your reference points ( slavery etc ). It’s an emotionally extreme sensational reference point to use whereas 90 % of historical interpretation is way more subtle whatever stance you have over it .
    If anyone here is fit to question interpretations of history it’s not me and not you , certainly not a newspaper - but those very institutions of further education you decry and who our tax avoiding billionaire clickbait press ( oh the irony ) love to give a kicking to , with a bit of anti Chinese new Cold War rhetoric thrown in . 

    If people in higher education don’t know how to question concepts , who can ? You will probably agree with that with a resounding :

    “ they cant ! We’re all doomed !”

    I suppose it comes down to my earlier post about us all selecting from an immense pool of information ( much of it owned and spread by those only interested in profit ) and tailoring it to suit your pre existing world view . An awareness of that is helpful 🙂

  17. March , Thankyou for proving my point to the nth degree ; The above sneerfest film exemplifies the media technique I referred to ;

    1. Proceed from the existence of a terrible “ problem “or “ threat “to “ sensible citizens “  over the use of language - one magnified by  the sensationalist billionaires gutter press ; 

    2. Such perceived “ problem “ is indeed magnified by middle class liberalism ( much of the BBC ) prescribing token solutions of linguistic correctness instead of investigating genuine economic and social injustice;

    3. The Gutter press media seizes on a few liberal celebrities and assorted isolated idiots guilty of some kind of hypocrisy - however small - in their protests - and makes them typical of an entire approach adopted by every person who might sympathise with them ; these threads have plenty of examples ! 

    4. The public - suffering with their own more serious problems are encouraged to confront this contrived “ silliness “ with sagely nodding heads , tut- tutting at the rashness of whoever it is ( blacks , gays , trans - all absurdly lumped in together for that purpose . To demonstrate some kind of empathy is labelled weak , snowflake behaviour. Any context or historical root to their protest is either ignored or emotionalised - emotions are their chief method .

    As Noam Chomsky comments over media propaganda techniques;  “ use emotion much more than logic and reflection . Provoke a “ short circuit “ over rational analysis. The emotional register accesses the unconscious door to implant fears and compulsions “.

    5. And hey presto ! You are indoctrinated into thinking that the “ woke “ ( whoever they are ) are a “ blob “ devoid of humanity. 

    6. Lastly after my lefty lecture so very devoid of humour , I do find the above trite little populist film offensive. To depict book nazi book burning as “ woke” is literally as far  from the truth as you can get . The nazis murdered those very people you poke fun at and who they considered racially inferior ( ie people like ME , March ), gays and trans people . In the world of comedy it’s called “ punching down “.

    so yeah , To sum up I don’t like your “ funny “ 🙄little sneer at people worse off than you and people who (maybe misguidedly but sincerely) try to help them .

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  18. Ah yes , the old  “ political correctness “ silliness , providing tabloids with cheap outrage fodder since at least 1986 when the “baa baa black sheep “ story came out .
    35 years later it’s still a “ whatever next ????” banker .
    Outside Screaming Tabloid Headline World , we’re all still here ; the woke wolf hasn’t eaten us all up ( in reality it’s not even at the garden gate let alone the door ) but its howling seems to be a major concern and worry to some . 

    I don’t find the complaint itself baseless ; What I find depressing about this story is the seeming inability of the council to deal with the complaint on the spot ; to have the local knowledge at their fingertips and even to publicise without prompting , the origin of local names . 

  19. I well remember a BBC commentator quipping - did Labour want to “ nationalise sausages ?” I didn’t detect any pro Labour bias there . Likewise Nick Robinson ( a former Young Conservative by the way ) treat Corbyn’s shadow ministers like freaks . I’ve given some specific examples in my last post 🎺of what I define as bias . But the key to this argument is the realisation of myself and others here (of whatever political persuasion )that the BBC supports the Establishment of the day ;I would define these as  the public school Oxbridge elite . From Boris to Blair they believe they have a natural right to rule . I would like to see that natural presumption ended . I would remind readers that the BBC were quite content to have Johnson present “ Have I got News For You “ quite content to have him on TopGear , quite content not to challenge his incontinent mendacity .

    Underpinning most of our arguments is the fact that there is so much information out there to absorb that it is easier than ever to “ pick and choose “ events to construct your own narrative and confirm your own prejudices as to what and why stuff is happening. My narrative is firmly based on the theory that very rich and powerful people who own printing presses ( and some TV stations ) get to tell us daily how they think we ought to view events . Noam Chomsky and Antonio Gramsci wrote about this phenomenon at length . The ownership of “ Common Sense and Conventional Wisdom “ The BBC to my mind goes  along with that “ rich mans “ narrative- certainly not in a simple “ Pravda - Obey The Party “ way but chiefly in the news it chooses to select . This narrative ( to me ) is more important than seeing some entitled mainstream politicians debating with entitled smug media personalities like the aforesaid wrestlers on World of Sport “ .
    Soo… It is certainly easier and maybe wiser here to agree with Paul CP and declare that we Agree to Differ ! 

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  20. I’m not sure how you derive that opinion from the footage above or even my comment below .  From my other comments you’ll know that I no longer watch BBC News .

    I do know that Nigel Farage holds the record for being the second most frequent panel member on Question Time  

    and I know they put a Russian hat on Corbyn on Newsnight and showed him as Voldemort for no reason

    - and intercut old footage of Johnson at the Cenotaph with live footage to avoid showing Johnson as the hungover sack of s**t  that he was . These few examples ( I could cite many more including the actions of Tory groupie Kuenssberg ) mean that I must disagree that the BBC is biased to the left .

    I suspect that your idea of “ the left “ originates very much from the Right , and is a euphemism for cultural liberalism . Personally I find their news and current affairs reporting constantly biased to the Right where anyone to the Left of Blair is “ cancelled “ . It must also be factored in that Press barons Murdoch and Rothermere loathe the BBC and never pass up an opportunity to put the boot in . 

    PS I agree with you about Eastenders 🙂

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