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  1. I was so sad and depressed and angry to hear of this ; it`s classic terrorism : some kind of Religious fundamentalism as a natural basis for intolerance and dehumanisation of others (apparently we`re all made in God`s image but of course that`s never stopped `em !) mixed with a psychopathic or at the least, sociopathic personality.

    The number of people who say their invisible mate-sorry, "God- told me to do it" as a justification for pure evil is a marked feature of these incidents. Killing grown adults with families to "save" unborn foetuses is a related evil phenomenon.

    The moral : I`d like to ban all organised religions but realise that is not feasible or realistic, so....keep your religious/murderous ideas to yourselves and your (real) mates don`t inflict them on other more rational people.

  2. Hi, Elite 2.2 started normally then turned key numerous times, just got a clicking noise from behind the glovebox, left the car a bit, then it started normally. I assume its not the battery or the starter motor because when it did start it turned over ok as opposed to not at all.

    It used to happen on a Triumph Herald I had, where I would turn the key maybe 100 times and all of a sudden it would start. I think it most likely that the solenoid might be corroded because the car stood years without being driven. (Otherwiose I need to check the battery / hit the starter motor with a Krooklok as used on the Triumph).

    Does anyone know the correct spare solenoid to use ? Thanks,


  3. What Mrs. Brooks and Mr. Coulson would have done in practice if they are to be believed.......

    Boss! We`ve got an exclusive !

    My word, that`s for the front page. Well done you !

    Boss ! We`ve got another exclusive !

    Really ? Two in a row. Nice one !

    Boss ! We`ve got another exclusive !

    Wow, now that`s good going. Double page spread I think.

    Boss we`ve got another exclusive !

    I can`t believe this, we`re having such good luck here !

    Boss we`ve got another exclusive !

    Words fail me. This is excellent work !

    Boss we`ve got another exclusive !

    Fantastic, fantastic.

    Boss we`ve got another exclusive

    Hold that front page ! No wonder we`re the market leader !

    Boss we`ve got another exclusive

    Really ? Marvellous !

    ...and so on .

  4. Ealing comedies, especially the Alec Guinness / Peter Sellers Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Ladykillers, Lavender Hill Mob, then later on with the Boulting Brothers` I`m Alright Jack.

    More recently I thought Paul Verhoeven`s films were all good but that Starship Troopers was excellent. On one level its an effective sci-fi thriller, on another level its seriously off-message with Hollywood, spending $100 million asking us to empathise with people exterminating dumb insects the other side of the galaxy who were doing us no harm until we started a species-war, and who turn out to be more intelligent than we thought.

    A mate said to me"that was crap-they were just killing insects". Yes. That`s the whole point !

    .....the ending must be the most morally equivocal ending to a blockbuster film ever, because the heroes` ideology is basically nazism involving the inhuman ideas of genetic superiority , perpetual conquest and war, but very unusually, there is no-one else on screen to win sympathy (unless you count our inhuman six-legged friends). Well I think its a classic anyway.....

  5. Don`t want to hog this thread but couldn`t resist the sheer topicality of it : my fave heavy-guitar band after Gang of Four, The Jam, "News of the World";

    Look at the pictures taken by the cameras they cannot lie

    The truth is in what you see - not what you read

    Little men tapping out points of view

    Remember their views are not the gospel truth.

    Each morning our key to the world comes through the door

    More than often its just a comic-not much more

    Don`t take it too serious-not many do

    Read between the lines and you`ll find the truth.

    Read all about it, read all about it , News of the World.

    (Line 1 - hmmm .... "photoshop" was not yet extant.......)

  6. Thanks for the pics- that is my one above by the way.

    Just a quick update on fettling work : replaced :-

    fan relay

    otter switch

    air filter hose

    cambelt and bearing, (I was told old one had about 2 days use left on it as the bearing had seized ...gulp)

    power steering belt

    alternator belt

    got new rear hatch gas struts which I can fit myself (wow).

    Now....I wait to see if a new custom unit to carb fuel line has arrived. Yes, I would like to drive it one day quite soon !

  7. Worse still if its a classic car and insurers deem it a write-off it gets carted away (sometimes to the other end of the country) and you have to pay to get it back. The contents of the car gets "lost"...regarding those pesky mobile messages which I get, don`t forget that if you are tempted to ring back, the line company makes a profit automatically. Profiteers : Ten. Consumers: Nil

  8. A jolly ditty about unemployment from Gang of Four, the last lines equally applicable to some frustrating aspects of working on a "project"...

    Paralysed. Blinkered. Flat on my back.

    They say our world is built with endeavour

    That every man is for himself

    Wealth is for the one that wants it

    Paradise. If you can earn it !

    History is the reason I`m washed up.

    My ambitions have come to nothing

    What I wanted now seems just a waste of time

    Can`t understand what`s gone wrong.

    I was good at what I did.

    The bird`s come home to roost. And I`m the dupe.

  9. A bit of classic Brit New Wave summation of reality getting in the way of desire I ever heard, anyway !

    The problem of leisure

    What to do for pleasure

    I do love a new purchase

    A market of the senses

    Dream of the perfect life

    Economic circumstances

    The body is good business

    Sell out maintain the interest

    Remember Lot`s wife

    Renounce all sin and vice

    Dream of the perfect life

    This heaven gives me migraine

    Coercion of the senses

    We`re not so gullible

    Our great expectations

    A future for the good

    Fornication makes you happy

    No escape from society

    Natural is not in it

    Our relations are of power

    We all have good intentions

    But all with strings attached

    Repackaged sex your interest

    This heaven gives me migraine.

    Gang of Four

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