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  1. I think flying back with work... @Lotusfab his turbo would look AHMAZING in the snow...
  2. so, it snowed in Berks... as close as I can get to the Alps for now...
  3. Hilarious Thread. thanks guys. The very smart, talented and experienced MAX500 is having a good look at her next week and a thorough going over. I might get one of the toll gate things as no matter what card I've presented before, the machines always spit them out. I think there's a chap hidden in the bushes with an override button... Probably aiming for Flaine... Samoens, Les Carroz etc. The Grand Massif is close once in the Alps, I know my way around as been there a few times. But i'll keep you all posted. One thing at a time...
  4. hello all. thank you @benja-p @Kevin Wheeler @Bazza 907 @peteyg @Choppa @slewthy @jerzybondov and @skiing... all sound advice, insights and perspectives. I appreciate the comments. Nuggets such as a mat to kneel on are gold. Good point. Spare dissy cap and service kit ordered too. That's a good one. I've added your suggestions to my 'kit list' as a result (will publish when I set off). Before then I want to do a fully packed trial run for a few miles one weekend coming (a little sad perhaps, but worth exploring how much I can actually wedge in all the nooks and crannies and what I need to have at hand and what can be stuffed away). Car went through MOT today. Passed. No advisories and sounds and performs in good shape. She'll be out each week to keep the cobwebs off and blow away the rain that we all seem to be having. And yes, the skis are 'experimental' pairs! those K2's are nearly 2.20m and probably 25+ yrs old. For those interested, I'm on a new pair of Rossignols and a faithful pair of Salomon crossmax. RE: Passenger, I might share the drive with my mate, but he's a snowboarder so we'd have to sit in silence for the trip or talk politics and religion. Failing that I'll look into the gizmo for the tolls... Although I like the idea of getting out of the car slowly, walking around to the booth, paying in coins and nodding at our French cousins as they sit behind me and wait. Thanks again and I'll pop up a phot when she's fully loaded.
  5. Hello all. Thanks for swinging by my post here. With COVID in the Spring preventing me travelling in March 2020, I'm now using lockdown to sort the well over due trip to the Alps in 2021. How middle class... That said, folk here know the importance of life's indulgencies and joys. We're here for a good time and I'm badly wanting one! I've been wanting to take the Esprit to the Alps for a couple of seasons and now I've made the ski racks. I'm good to go 100%. But I'd like your advice. I've a 1984 S3. I am thinking of either car transporting her to Geneva Airport where I'd pick her up and take on to the mountains and then drive back. OR Gently drive down from Calais, listening to podcasts on the radio. I wasn't planning a huge back road european tour, just straight down in the most direct line I can as I've done a few times before (albeit in comfier 4x4's). I'm NOT putting in the spare wheel as I've four brand new tyres and reconditioned wheels. the positives out weight the risks. The space saved allows for luggage, emergency fuel, and a tool kit; which is where I need your help What tools would you advise? what could go wrong on motorway stress or this jounrey and what prep could I do to the engine. I'm okay with cars, but not a detailed mechanic. I reckon i'll sit at around 65/70 with the skis and stop every couple of hours for fuel and coffee. Is there anything else I ought to be thinking about? Thanks all. Image below. Andy
  6. Hi Fabian, Been away from this chat for a while and now catching up. EXCELLENT work on the ski racks - you've smashed it. A working ski rack (as why would you want a non working one?) AND one that looks on point to the replica you're going for. At first, impossible - like manufacturing an actual Harry Potter working wand or a Delorian that can take us back to 1955 (or 1985!). but you've done it. Those moon boots Roger Moore is seen in would be so hard to drive a Lotus in. They are all foam. Something that made me chuckle would be where x4 ski poles @ 120cm would live? They might just stretch across the engine bay cavity, or get stuck in the bonnet somewhere... something to think or, or it's more equipment to dodge in the cabin on the drive down to the Alps... Well done again on the ski racks. Super work. Awesome. Andy
  7. Hi Fabian. DRILL THE HOLES. FIX THE RACKS. DRIVE TO THE ALPS. You'll always regret saying, "Ah, I'm glad I made 95% of the car and then pushed it into a garage under a cloth to occasionally look at" It's your car. you know every inch. It is beautiful and I've seen it close up. It tells a story - but it's not complete. The skis make that car look utterly awesome and even better to drive around in the summer through Britain's leafy south east villages to turn a few heads. Consider how people would admire a fully polished replica batmobile or delorean time machine parked up outside a pub. It's all context. no-one is going to mutter "is it snowing", and if they did... er... this is an issue how? Having drilled holes in my car, I can't wait to get going to the Alps and something I was ready to do in March and then the world stopped... so I'm' itching to get going. So are you. If in the future, you decide to do something else with the car then it comes with or without the racks and it becomes someone else's problem. Carpe Diem! Andy (owner of a S3 that sits in the rain, driven often. I thoroughly enjoy looking at its dents and scratches and took pleasure in drilling 16 holes in the tailgate)
  8. Fabians visit and comments re: the ski racks are very complimentary - seeing him pull up in FYEO was awesome and watching him drive off in it, a sight to behold. You've done an AMAZING job on that Fabian; truly inspiring. All that is left is the ski racks. And you're right to point out there are differences in a prop that looks good from afar (made of balsa, sticky tape and a bit of a gate hinge) vs a working ski rack that holds skis at speed on a vehicle. fix the racks to the car - issue one fix the skis to the racks - issue two Then fuel up and mark a yellow highlighter pen on your Europe map and head off to the alps - see you there.
  9. Hi Fabian, Your racks are looking great. You've got the angles 'just so' too. Awesome. I easily got up to 60mph on M25 with full ski's aplomb and didn't notice anything move. There is a slight vibration at the tips, but not, I think like a leading edge of an aircraft wing for take off Funnily enough I considered testing all this out for you when I read the post last night, but travelling around Berkshire in an Esprit with skis on won't be seen by our local police as "an essential journey" in these times, so best an experiment for the wee small hours or not at all for now... Keep in mind my skis (and those of others) are 165 length on average. Your Olins will be 230? so x4 of those pointing into the sky might well have an effect on noise and vibration. When I drove back on first test I also had a few cable ties pulling the skis together latching one to the other as well as the car. Might be worth doing and you can hide the cable tie along the back of the rack so it's not seen. I give credit to my mate Christian who suggested the tree rubber thingy. I was going to use a whole bunch of locks and poppers but keep it simple and less moving parts to go wrong or snap undone - best way. Fotos show the bolts. they are 6mm diamter. I use a mixture of 70mm in length and 100mm. The heads I chose are allen key style as they match the smaller bolts I used to affix the steel plates at the ends of the cradle. These go through the steel tube. Internal diameter 6mm (just over. something like 6.05). I got them off eBay. easy. The steel plate is 2mm in thickness. Poor Max Hurst had to cut from my template. The rubber bands are 300mm in length. Again, 20mins on eBay and you'll find them. When it comes to positioning the racks onto the car. the holes on the outer skin of the vehicle are 6mm (loved drilling into my pride and joy!). These go through to the underside of the tailgate. Are they at an absolute 90 tangent? probably not. The drill bit went through into the second layer as it was long enough and we did it all by eye. There is enough play for the bolt to go in at a slight angle and still emerge safely on the other side. It was here we realised the tailgate shrinks as you tighten the bolts and of course for a trip to the COOP and back, that's fine, but a long haul trip to the Alps or long term mounting the paint will crack and the body will eventually give out and perhaps part of it, your skis and the racks all fly off at speed. I've yet to totally bolt all this in place in full. Right now it's all mounted loosly on the car but the idea is to 'trap' the steel tubes within the tailgate; creating x4 'collars' per rack (x16 in all) that spread the load. If needed we can spot weld the tubes to the steel plate for 'winter with' and 'summer without' ski rack options. You're essentially creating x4 floating racks in space ( a bit like oil rigs) with the tailgate happening to exist in the space below them. No pressure on the tailgate. We're going for collar lengths 2mm smaller than the tailgate distance to allow for everything to crimp and knit together nicely. Will post some other piccies later. I'm in awe of your engineering here. too much for me with the engine work, but conversations like this are cool. Andy
  10. Hi Fabain (and all) Here's a link to a film talking through the rack mechanism. All stimulus for you, Fabain. Not instruction! password = SKIRACK Andy
  11. Hi Fabian. Haven't got any photos of the fixing plates. Sorry. If you look at the photo above, the foam board template I created is visible. The rough sketch is here. Essentially a long rectangle with material taken out along it's length to cut down on as much weight as possible. With a distance of 470mm between the inner walls of the bottom two cradles. They line up with the rear light cluster. I did this simply by eye off a photo of the car from the web. The thickness of the polycarb was 10mm which I took, again, from a light cluster wall. I wanted the rack to someone look 'at one' with the dimensions. The weight thing is a bit of a red herring. on there own, the plates probably don't add up to much. However, with both top racks and bottom cradles fitted, the additional weight is quite noticeable and it's extremely heavy to lift when you add four skis! My struts are new (Vauxhall Corsa). They won't keep the tailgate with skis up in position, but I'm confident stronger gas struts will. Not sure about the strain on the strut mounting, but if you're holding open the tailgate, the pressure is somewhat lifted... Usefully, you can open the tailgate fully when the skis are on, as the angles allow full movement. I think even with your longer skis too. The weight however is huge and I wouldn't want my fingers over the edge when that thing comes down! Regarding fixing, I went for rubber as it's 'simple, then add lightness'. Looking at all images I could of the car and the prop ski mounts from the film, all I see is people have literally screwed the skis in place at both top and bottom. the shot I attach even has what seems electrical tape for the final fix! Hardly practical. I experimented with a host of fixings, but settled on the rubber as it stretches around the skis, holds them down, prevents them 'chattering' around in a locking mechanism, are easy to replace and can be tucked under the skis. It also allows for different shape skis to be fitted too. let me take some photos tomorrow and post up. I'll see if I've a film of an old fixing experiment too. If too big to post i'll put on vimeo and share the link.
  12. Loving the look of the car, Fabian. A controversial alternative to the fibreglass ski racks are these I made up in ploy carbonate and stainless steel. skis held in place with rubber tree ties... Racks drilled into car and held in place by bolting onto a large steel plate running along the underside of the top and bottom of the tailgate. As tailgate shrinks when bolts are tightened, tube spacers are in place along the bolts to keep that gap a uniform size. fotos show finished rear cradle and first fit to the my S3. see you on the slopes...
  13. Hi Henry, Good to see you on the chat. Yes, that's the plan. My Brother-in-Law and I are lifetime skiiers and ticking off all the resorts. His father's favourite place was Cortina, so the trip planned is to honour that as he passed away last year. I was in 'shipmycar' mode and had lost hope car trains existed. what' the weblink and i'll take a look? Any skiiers reading this will know of the debauchery in the early 90's "Snow Train" from Calais to Bourg... Sorry to now turn this excellent rebuild story into a snow report. snow tyres - check. Heater. yes. Any suggestions on how to boost the power from that thing in the bonnet? Although I've seen heaters that run off cig sockets. @Fabain - the offer to drive over and talk racks still exists. For some reason I though you were in Surrey. I'm utterly inspired by the rebuild and to think they did this each time they made an Esprit...
  14. Ha ha - good point. It'll fail to start on a Jan morning in the alps and steam up, stall or spin off a hairpin. BUT any car looks much cooler with skis on it, and the Lotus does it the best We're off to Cortina in Jan/Feb 2020. Just need a final tweak to the racks than then (expensively) freight her down to GVA where we'll pick her up from a more reliable and relaxing plane journey. on the drive back I don't care...
  15. Hi Fabian. Ski Racks. Polycarbonate. It's super strong, cuts well, glues well, you can put threads into it and it holds a lustre paint finish. I've a set for my S3. I've a bunch of photos and drawings to send you as stimulus (will need an email) but for you and other Lotus owning skiiers (a niche group) who are interested then a full story is on my Instagram feed 'LotusAndy5' check it out. Lovely Max (who some will know from Max500) tells me the original was a balsa wood prop and the skis were never attached securely. Remember if this is going to work, you might need to tailor the way your skis are actually fixed to the racks. I've drilled holes into my tailgate and support the racks using a backplate and spacers in the tailgate cavity... Happy to discuss at length and drive over in person. (Shots below from production and prior to fixing in place, hence the gaps created came from the weight of the skis and the surface finish was mid sanding). Andy
  16. Hi. Great information. Thank you. I'm going for an open end at the lower racks (I call them cradles). This will allow draining of snow and rain etc. AND if longer skis need to be fitted and/or skis have those additional shock-absorber thingies on them that prevent the clamp securing down properly, i've got the ability to move the ski along back and forth to find a secure fit. I think a metal bracket within the rack will work well. It's all going to be offering up and 'seeing' what works best for you and your design. exciting stuff... so c'mon, what did you get in the gift shop?
  17. Fabian, Welcome back. Looks like you had an awesome trip and well worth the investment in going to collect all that info on the car. Ski racks: so from your photos and comments, I see the design like for like would look cool from a distance but up close reveal an unreliable/impractical way of securely holding the skis for travel. As suspected; but good to confirm. I see from the photos that the 'centre fin' in the top bracket doesn't touch the clamp. I'm also confused by the black metal bar that bends over the skis at the rear of the tailgate... maybe the racks were tested and went round the first bend at Hethel with skis only to have them fly off and hence a hidden black strap for security... ? who knows. With different ski profiles now (think your classic race profile and 'fat boy off piste' ski) such a design won't be practical. interesting to see the width is 200mm. Our prototype is 250mm. whats the length? can you confirm from 'front of tailgate top to back'? and how high does that rack and angle? once i've got these i can get cutting. I'll then share the drawings proper as stimulus for you and other readers. I'm going for 'skis secure first/aesthetics later' design... what did you buy in the gift shop?
  18. Enjoy the visit, Fabian. check your batteries and memory so you come back with all your need. sketch pad. and uplift the polite and hapless Englishman. the museum will got for that.... I understand you're a relative of Roger Moore too eh?
  19. Hi Fabian, Have an amazing trip. I think your investment in time, money and energy to go out and explore is inspirational. Make sure you enjoy the rest of the collection too. There must be a whole heap of kit there to enjoy and 'exit through the gift shop' also for a bond poster etc. It would be a shame for you to book in and then race through the exhibition to focus on the FYEO care and miss out on the other stuff... remember, this is your trip and not a mission for us. That said (ahem #clearsthroat)... ski racks. yours will be different as the skis were thinner in the 70's as we've all discussed. what will really help me (and perhaps other people as they build their racks) are 5 key measurements. can you confirm these measurements if possible: A. I've got the base of the bracket, by eye as 290mm. basically from back of tailgate to the hinge. B. the angle of the back of the bracket - i've worked as 65degrees (or 25 off from vertical). C. the height of the bracket i'm working to - 105mm the 'ski line' (where the ski sits on a shelf in the bracket) is 40mm up from the bottom D and E are the measurements from the CENTRE LINE of the brackets relative to a point on the car body. I lined this up before with part of the light clusters until it 'looked right'. Again, I'm an S3 n/a , and there might be the odd change in certain dimensions but not sure. The reason I only need the centre line measurements is my top bracket and base cradle are wider to accommodate today's modern ski's. I've allowed 90mm +3mm for each, so it's quite wide... which means my proportions will have to be different that the FYEO set. if i've got the centres, I can work the rest. Also, from your description of assembly, mine will be a bit like 'IKEA' slot together fabrication celebrating the construction of it and making the assembly part of the design. As readers will know, the MDF models looked really smart. Now we've the engineering CAD files ready to go, Fabain's final input will be invaluable. The poly carbonate is then off to get jet water cut. I will post the finals on here when done. IF possible, can you lift the talgate and work out the positions and fixing system they got it on the car. Max500 swears the original was balsa wood and just glued in place... Thanks again Fabian for being cool about me hijacking attention on your post to get into the rack discussion. I have a feeling they'll be a handful of brave souls who want to do this. I'm off skiing this Wednesday but will check-in online to see the photos as thy arrive. have a GREAT trip. Andy
  20. Hello all. Fabain, I'm looking forward to hearing about the visit. If work allows I might be in Florida end of Feb, but it's a long shot in the hands of others... . Max500 tells me that he put his hands on the original FYEO car back in the day and the ski racks were made of balsa wood and sprayed. Remember. It's a prop from nearly 30years ago. Not a functioning rack. For those still taking stimulus from creative endeavours, we're now on the CAD files. My cousin and I are cutting out bandsaw cut prototypes following templates made on a CAD package. Offering up the rack to the car and seeing how it looks. As a final decision I'm screwing these racks into the body. as long as the holes line up, they can be plugged neatly in the summer/not in use with plastic threaded fittings (like a number plate holder for example) or simple rubber plugs. It's may car after all.... didn't like the thought of taking a bend at 50mph to see x2 sets of skis, racks from suction pumps ripping off the paint and end in the verge or worse, someone else. So drilling and screwing is. final material is 12mm polycarbonate and then a bespoke ordered aerosol can of matching paint. should be good mid Jan...
  21. This is finally solved. It's nice to get to the end of a discussion and have 'the answer'. A recap - engine running roughly, a bit of misfire and lack of power. Just hadn't he usual oomph at pick up. Ran okay at speed, but getting there was an issue. Taking the lead off no.2 whilst running (using the nylon pliers!) no change to engine. plug was fowled. checks: compression test - all good cylinder leak - 99% (all good) spark on other plugs - yup HT leads okay (as above) - all good fuel - got that checked jets in carb for muck - all clear lifted cover of progression holes.... ....saw that the butterfly of 2 was not matching the position on 1. somehow that shaft had twisted (it's a mystery). looking down into the six holes i've got in the Delortto carb, I could see the brass top of the butterlfy brushing against the first 2 holes, but as that butterfly moved over (as throttle cable pulled), it was easy to see how no1 and no2 were doing so out of step. Thus no.2 wasn't getting enough fuel to ignite. hence lack of power and overtime the fowling of the plug. occasionally firing, occasionally not depending on throttle demand. it also explains why I could twist the air bi-pass screw nearly all the way out and nothing happen to the reading on the synchrometer. 10mins of twisting and checking with pliers and I've got 4 carbs, all reading the same on the sychrometer, fuel levels all set right and the pick up is smashing. thanks all.
  22. Hello Fabian (and hello all). Spent last night in a secret location making V2.0 MDF ski racks AND solving the issue of how to fix the skis don in the rack without them leaping off at your first bend. Here is a shot from the rear when we offered up the racks. one challenge is working out the distance between the cradles at the rear and the top. Any actual figures out there anyone? For now it's the middle of the 'inside ski' lines up with the inside of the rear light cluster. I could only fit one pair of skis in the boot en-route to the workshop one passer by mentioned he loved the Giugiaro design along with all his other work - well cultured passer by indeed! Today I put up both V1.0 and V2.0 racks to 'see' how it all looked. I'd be grateful for comments about the size and shape of the top bracket. I think I've nailed the rear 'cradle' as we call it. At one point four people were on this last night. the weight of the skis is causing the top of the bracket to lean back and not sit flush with the tailgate, so look past that. Does it 'look right' is my question and then I can cut and rehsape for the V3.0. below is an over shot to give you a sense of proportion. V1.0 is closest to my neighbours wall and V2.0 is what we cut last night. Many of you will be shocked that I rest mdf on my paint work, but my car lives on the driveway as no garage at my house. it's got all sorts of scratches. ignore the spirit level at the rear of the car. Again, that's keeping the cradle in place for the photo. I've noticed already the effect in aesthetics of the modern shorter ski. These are at least 300mm shorter than Mr Bond's. And if you pause the documentary FYEO, you'll see how proud those skis sit on the car... so I THINK that might have to be reflected in the shape of the rack. the mdf is 12mm. I could go to 10mm. Anything less I think will look flimsy. consider the thickness of that 'ear' next to the petrol cap, and the thickness of the petrol cap and lamp cluster on the rear; all factors that help the eye judge proportion. And so to the manufacture. We stuck CAD drawings on the MDF and cut by hand. Next time i'll be programmed straight into the machine. Precision. the locking mechanism is this: a 'stealth bomber' shape sits on top of the skis. It has foam on the underside (like your skis aren't going to get scratched in a queue...). the hole you see toward the nose lines up with a thread in the centre 'fin' of the rack below. A screw thread pushes the top piece onto the skis to stop them moving about. Finally to note, the sides of the 'bomber' have pegs that line up with square holes in the rack. The bomber then drops into position and locks in place most satisfactorily. Currently working out how to lock that bomber piece down differently to allow for different shape skis. then of course how to attach to the tailgate. Going with suction cups so far. There is enough cavity space within the cradle and top bracket to house suction cups. I total x8 places where they can live - that's a lot of surface sticking. V3.0 will yield answers. so in summary: Bond's skis were longer and thinner. if it's a FYEO replica, you can build a rack to fit those skis alone. the skis for Bond were a prop and I'm satisfied they were stuck down with tape, leather, glue and probably screwed into place. Or the mechanism was 'show only ' and had a locking pin, but didn't like mini roundabouts or alpine bends... this is a ski rack for a blue S3. it NEEDS to hold the skis for the long trip to the alps and then work practically for daily commute out and about in resort. I don't really want to screw into a tailgate - hence a strong temporary fix is needed. shorter skis affect the proportions and aesthetics. comments welcome. what an evening it was! Andy
  23. A ski rack update for you. Matt's moulds arrived the other day - thanks Matt. I'll be taking measurements off these and seeing if there is a halfway point between those sizes and the ones I made by eye. Next Thursday i'm in the firm making some prototypes. I'll raise the topic of "if we kept these CAD drawings and machine codes on file, they could be made to order, right..." and see how it goes. now, how many of you want some and who's got a tailgate I can have?
  24. Further ski rack stimulus. Hi all. Thanks Henry for your idea about strapping the skis and racks down using a strap and ratchet going around the tailgate. You're right that there is indeed a good set of gaps around the rear of the car that could be utilised. Another idea is having both racks screwed/bolted/glued and part of a large platform that is held on to the car using suction cups... sketch not to scale, but you get the idea. the racks are fixed to a rig, the rig is sucked onto the car. one of the rules we're all following is the racks have to go to the car. but they could go to another surface, that then goes to the car. ta da. If suction cups are used to lift huge panels of thick glass up cranes to skyscrapers - they're incredibly strong. The fibreglass body of the car will be a brilliant surface to suck to as the planes are flat, not curved and they'll give microscopically. The benefits are having something NOT permanent fixed to the car... very flexible. The rig could then be swapped from car to car as other lotus folk use it... I've got the original mould coming my way and that'll help ideas - thanks, Matt. I think it comes down to this: Commit to a rack for your car - it's permanent. - And ideal for a July drive in Orpington. Have a set of racks that come on/off your tailgate using suction cups / straps. - could always look a bit "is that going to fly off any second". Have a set of racks that you can bolt in and out of your tailgate. the holes you create are done tastefully and in line with each other, plugged in the summer and become part of your two season aesthetic. - personal choice. We all commit to having an additional tailgate made and commission a batch for our cars. Where is that mould? The racks are then made in a batch that we get fixed permanently to those tailgates. We can then get them all sprayed up to match each others' cars. the finish and strength is then top notch. The glass for your new tailgate could be acrylic as it'll cut the weight down (a bit). let's face it, the visability is poor anyway. You then simply swap when you want to go to the alps. I'll speak to my lovely contact to see how soon we can start prototyping. Fabain, I appreciate I've invited myself to your audience. I ask forgiveness, not permission. Your car looks FANTASTIC. The colour is gorgeous. it'll look epic. There was a scene from FYEO that was cut on the editing floor when bond leaves Ferrara in the car park and tells him not to play with the switches. He does of course and fires off all the gadgets. It would be good to see what that scene was and of course equip your car with those very additions keep you all posted.
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